Bohol Earthquake: My First-Hand Account, Part 1of4 – Philippines, 2013

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  1. Being a socal guy, I knew you’d be ok. My people are in Loon, the barangay of Tangnan just south of Loon. Funny thing is my friend is here in norcal visiting family, he has been here for 2 weeks now and was planning on staying for 2 months. His housekeeper is watching over the house and it is not good there. The 270 year old Catholic Church in Loon is completely wiped out, just a pile of rubble. Like you said, bridges are out and it is hard to get in or out of Loon. Amping there.

  2. Learning experience. Stock canned foods and water that will last a week. Candles, candelabras and kerosene. Like mothers in the US and the Philippines do during the depression. In my home in the Philippines, thats the time considering butchering livestock. “Dog meat and Cat-sup”. LOL.

    My fishing rods, strings, lures and nets are always ready. This is the time when we become boyscouts again. Bring out the survival book and exotic cook book. LOL.

  3. Time to get some emergency food stuffs in the cupboard. Some tins of this and that; rice, spaghetti, tuna, sardines, etc, non-perishable stuff to see you through these kinds of events.

  4. haha! For the first 2 hours AFTER the quake.. those roosters and dogs would not shut up. I was thinking, “Aren’t you idiots supposed to warn us humans BEFORE the earthquake?” ha!

  5. So happy that your okay. Tanks for all your videos. I love the relaxed and comprehensive way you do the videos. Your really helping me in my plans for the future

  6. How fortunate for you that ice cream and cake were available after this terrible event. Nothing like comfort food after a temblor. Word is, you shared what was in your freezer with neighbors, too. Way to go!

  7. Yah, I figured I’d be out in the streets for 2 days so it would only go to waste until the power came back, so the neighbors scored. 🙂 But I got cake and ice-cream so, it all evened out.

  8. More man-on-the-street reporting vids are on the way. I went to some of the collapsed churches in the area here. I think at least eight of them were affected that I know of right now from here to Cebu. Also heard Magellan’s Cross is not available for visitors right now.

  9. Doesn’t bother me.. Still want to live there! But I am glad you made it through!! Would you recommend a generator for incidents like this?  

    1. A generator is a ‘good’ idea.  Especially if you have a family.  For a single guy like me, it’s just dead weight.  I travel light.  If the power goes out, I get my flashlight and read a book until I’m sleepy.  Or I ride my scooter to the beach or the mall until the power comes back.  🙂

  10. Wow!  sounded like, your house is earthquake proof for 7.2 magnitude and not a single cracks on the walls?  That was powerfull and how long did it last ?  From now on you should hide or buried emergency money somewhere close to your house and stock up on can goods with can opener handy and drinking waters just incase the town doesn’t get back to normal for weeks.. What a natural disaster.

  11. hello rekay, I have been watching your video, I am glad that you like the Philippines. please stay safe. this is my first time leaving you a message. sorry, I could not remember spelling your name, better next time.

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