Bohol Earthquake: Locals Stay Positive Despite Calamity, (Interview) – Philippines, October 15

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  1. Beautiful Ladies. Glad to see U R okay.I was living in Balibago Angeles City when the Volcano exploded and the power took a long time to come back on.It’s amazing how filipino’s stay so positive when stuff like this happens.

  2. They are so cute! In great spirits! Thank you Henry for your update(s) Great to see you are well and safe! Mmmmmm Piegon Adobo! So Yummy Kaya!

  3. Good video bohol pride and philippine pride I was born in bohol guindalman area but moved to the states when I was 5 so bohol pride and pinoy pride

  4. They’re a great bunch of girls, very upbeat and friendly. The one in center/front is May. Later that day I ran into them again and Juvie (sitting in back) as well as another, are quite the flirty jokers. ha! We had a little picnic the six of us before I went to explore how the quake affected Baclayon and Alona. More vids on the way, just slow upload speeds right now. Uploaded this one overnight.

  5. Yes, as an overall culture they stay pretty up-beat and locally are united with some sense of community. I kept relating it to the Rodney King riots years ago, or power outages in L.A. People just running amok, looting and vandalizing. None of that here.

  6. A lot of your online followers were worried about you bro, glad to see you’re okay. I feel so bad about the sufferings these people go through just about every year during the typhoon season and now an earthquake of this magnitude. They are truly breed of survivors.

  7. Henry were glad that you are okey. You have been out camera for a week. I thought that the one who’s talking on youtube was a ghost, hi-hi-hi!! But when i saw you talking to the girls then, I’m convinced that are alive,awake and enthusiastic! Long Live Henry!!! Stay Safe!

  8. I love Pinay. They are so awesome. I would love to pull a Filipina out of the jungle* and show her NYC and my heart, but theres way too many hurdles and I am way too scared about so many things. We need more Pinays in CA. LOL.
    *A pinay gave me that terminology.

  9. i hope you are actually able to capture the the gravity of this situation…us you-tubers where really worried about you.
    When i finally heard from friends on Bohol they told us they had lost 5 friends.
    Stay safe.

  10. Glad see all is well and especially those young ladies….. I’ll be in Manila in November for my second visit to visit my love…. Love the Philippines awesome people there……

  11. For those who have never been to the PI, the girls in this video are very typical. You don’t have to be young and good looking like Henry to have a good talk with a group of girls. Most girls in the PI will engage a foreigner in good conversation. The PI is very enjoyable because of the great attitude most Filipinos have. Most love to laugh.

  12. It’s been 4 days and still some aftershocks. But power, water and grocery stores are available again so all that’s left is clean-up in the cities and reconstruction. Right now most debris is still just laying out in the street.

  13. Wow… I know it’s hard to tell from the small size, but the girl in your profile pic looks exactly like a girl I met in the Philippines a couple of years ago, named Lorenza… Same facial structure, nose and smile 😮

  14. Henry, Your easy to talk to and enjoy chatting too. Keep on … Hope you can find some food … Good time to lose a few pounds. No Load for the phone and only 20 p haha… I think they were giving you a hint …

  15. After the video, for being such good sports I gave them some cash to buy some lunch. They were all excited and taking the quake in stride.

  16. Her name is May, she’s a sweet gal. One of other ones in back is a real joker. And another, Juvie, is just bursting with personality.  A very fun group, it was nice to run into them.

  17. She’s a sweetie, her name is May. She gave me her number but I’m already seeing a girl locally. Here, if you are seeing more than one girl in a small town.. they will each find out, guaranteed. It’s amazing how networked socially everyone is here. It’s mind-boggling.

  18. thats the best thing about the philippines, alopt of ladies to choose from. here in canada its the opposite. and the ladies there have good values, loyal, and beautiful :0

    1. I want to learn Visayan.. but still slow to learn.  🙁  I am learning words but sentences are still difficult.  But I know how to say, ‘Gwapa!’.  🙂

  19. Dear Lord I can’t wait to get out of here and to the Philippines.American woman are nothing like these wonderful ladies.Man how quick every head turned there turned when you stated you were from Cali. USA.

    1. @lowie lucero i’m fairly sure i still have 2 of their numbers they gave me before i left.  but i was dating a filipina at the time so i never did call them, then i left bohol for dumaguete.

  20. That was hilarious, they all seemed slightly busy until you said  – “I am from California”   
    The look on the one girls face was priceless !(on the left)   Then she started to nervously trim her nails!   They never took their eyes off you after that.

    1. @Wanderinghealerx too bad i was already involved with a g/f at the time.  two of them gave me their numbers but i never did call or text them.  oh well.  🙂

  21. you think you can get a bunch of women back in the west to talk to you like this, smiling, joking around? let alone after an earthquake..they.d be crying about broken nails and missing jewlery.Love asia man,thx for sharing your videos with us, cheers !!

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