Bohol Earthquake: ICM Mall, Quake Morning – Philippines

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  1. It’s good to see that you’re ok, Henry. I’ve been watching the news from the Philippines, so far there are 173 deaths very tragic and sad, my heart goes out for
    the families of the victims . And to see all the old historic buildings destroyed. All that history gone.

    Well,keep up the good work.

  2. I was sleeping at the time, but it was so incredibly strong it woke me up immediately. It was like the bed was on the back of a flatbed truck rolling down a rocky road. Pretty intense. I’m from CA and I’d say this is in the top 2 quakes I’ve ever experienced.

  3. they make it sound worst in the news…I know lives was lost and that’s sad…but the news media made it sound so traumatic….good job are hired as a news correspondent for youtube

  4. Yah, yesterday I went to 2 net cafes and both were slower than my signal in the province. Normally (at ICM, ironically).. I can upload in about 90 minutes. Now it’s more like 3-4 hours each from my home.

  5. Oh wow that’s a heck of a way to wake up!! I bet you thought that you would not have to ever worry about eathquakes again leaving SoCal….Ha!!
    I live in san jose ca I remember the 1989 world series quake I’m still traumatized by that!!! Good to watch your vids again dude parde ko! Lol

  6. Your like an investigative journalism. First hand experience of a stranger living in a strange land. Eartquakes, brownouts, robbery? What’s next on the bucket list? Tsunami is a long shot. Stay away from NPAs “Bandidos”. You’ve got a lot of stories to tell your folksin CA.

  7. Its realy big earthquake in Bohol(in IC
    M Mall)This is wierd.We pray for Lord. If you don’t pray, the Lord will be continued. So we will pray.

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