Bohol Earthquake: Examining Fallen Wall Construction – Philippines

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  1. its amazing to me that the people of the town are just climbing all over the cracked sidewalks and crumbling buildings. it amazes me cuz here in the USA the cops would be arresting and fining people just for walking around looking. i have to ask and i know the answer because i was in the philippins in march. but here it goes in what country do you feel more free? the USA or the Philippine’s?

  2. Yep.. par for the course here. Skim a bit here, skim a bit there.. leave the problem for someone else. Also known as ‘Crab Mentality’. Or as we say in America, “Me first, you second.”

  3. Henry, Good Eye for a computer guy haha. Also I don’t see much aggregate in the mix… Its cheaper to do it this way. I guess the question is … How is that working for you… My wife always tells me I am to strict. My response of course is no I am not, To many Filipinos are too willing to take the easy path. Both ways have a cost associated with it.

  4. i would say…almost just the same. Cops in US would arrest you in line of their duty. By the book, per say. In the Phils? Hm..they’ll do the same, but much forgiving. Meaning.. they can be the judge or executioner – ora mismo!

  5. United States has a large tax base to work with. They can afford to enforce regulations. That same tax base pays the enforcers enough they are ‘less’ apt to pass a construction project under-code. In fact those that defy the codes are fined, bringing more money into the governing system they tried to get by. Perfect ? NO More effective ? YES

  6. The rebar is indersized and not so many. That’s what happen when their is no strict supervision and auditing.
    1. The engineer will buy cheap or less materials that is still up to standard/code. Extra money is his.
    2. The foreman will use half of the materials and the other half goes to his house project.
    3. The workers wants their share too. So they steal a quarter of the materials to sell.

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