Bohol Earthquake: Baclayon Church Tower – Philippines

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  1. Great analogy about Mt. Rushmore coming down. As a predominantly Catholic people, many Filipinos poor or rich have only their Faith linked to these churches to hold on to. When they come crashing down from deus ex machina, it shakes more than earthen foundations. Grief as a stage of loss is purgatory for many. Not sure if Bohol will have the Php to totally restore many of these sites.

  2. Very true. Renovation is one thing but some of this damage destroyed the original structure. As for the PH people, they don’t see churches as we do in the West. I tried to calmly explain to my neighbor that the ‘church’ is not the buildings, but the people.. the souls that fill it. They momentarily agreed, but immediately clung to their disposition that the buildings are of great importance. So much is emotionally invested in the physical brick and mortar so these damages really hit home.

  3. Well enjoy this experience and the cheap hotel haha. I know you will. I am just with more Americans can see this and see that being orderly after a disaster isn’t so hard. No looting or shoot. wow thats great. …

  4. I wonder what if the chocolate hills went flat? The Boholians might party. But a church, no matter what religion. It hits hard to the soul. That’s how religious the Filipinos. It’s also considered a “bad omen”. It’s a sign that “God has forsaken the church”.

  5. Superstition and speculation is what fills the gap when there’s a lack of actual doctrine taught. With Christians, those who don’t read or study their bible turn to “looking for signs” just as well in their personal lives. Even turning to horoscopes. I tried explaining to my neighbor that the Church is the people, not the building.. but they refuse to accept that on a real level. Can’t really fix deeply entrenched practice like that.

  6. It’s the teaching of Spanish priest during the colonization. They did not allow “Indios” to read and comprehend the bible. Nor question. It’s sacriledge. It’s HERESY-meaning death. Bibles, the mass and prayer in Latin. So that only the priest can know. And it carried on through the centuries. Thus became a catholic way of life for Filipinos. READING THE BIBLE W/O A PRIEST APPROVAL IS SACRILEDGE. It’s good we have PROTESTANISM.

    1. @lowie lucero i was there to take video the morning of the earthquake.  the local cities had to petition the government for funds to rebuild (which took months) so only then did any rebuilding occur.  i have zero carpentry skills anyway.

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