Bohol Earthquake: 3rd Day, Finally Grocery Stores Open – Philippines

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  1. I am astounded at the damage that was done. And even more astounded at the spirits maintained by the people. I wish the best recovery possible for everyone there. Take care, you have done a great video log of what has happened.

  2. You can renew every 2 months, for up to 18 months. Longer if you make a petition through Immigration to the Manila office. But normally at that point you need to exit the PH for 24 hours, then you can repeat the process.

  3. With no power to the merkado, those were shut down for a few days. But the small fruit vendors along the roads were about the only ones selling any kind of food. Those who did have bbq-meat, etc. were keeping it at home since nobody knew how long the grocery stores would be shut down.

  4. My girlfriend keeps telling me I buy too much food. But I have gone hungry before and like to have a months worth of non perishables at the house… If our grocery store closes for 3 or 4 days she will see it is a good idea ha ha

  5. Watch out for “PANICK BUYING”. It’s common to Filipinos. They wait till disaster strikes and rush buying everything they can think off surviving a few days. It’s good your in Bohol. In metro cities like Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao? The worse happens. Great video.

  6. It’s getting there, day by day. I’d say another 2 weeks and things will be close to 90% functional. The rest will be cosmetic fixing and reinforcement of weak buildings. But stores are opening more and more each day.. roads are being cleared as well. A few bridges in Loon need major work though.

    1. Grocery lines move very slowly, whether or not there’s an earthquake.  ha!  Most people here shop on a daily basis in small amounts either due to shortage of funds or no refrigerator to store meats.  Every day it’s busy at the grocery store.  If you want to get in/out quickly, shop before 11am.  🙂

    1. after the 7.1 earthquake on bohol, nothing was working for about 3 days. but that was a very big quake. most small quakes don’t interrupt ATM or electrical.

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