Bohol Bureau of Immigration, How to Get There

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  1. All the streets around the ICM mall are being paved, and several of the streets near BQ and leading to the Pier are also being newly paved. New sewage pipes are going in near the marketplace as well and there are at least 3 new multi-stories going up right now. Bohol is growing, but in a good way. It still has that smaller-town feel to it.. not big-city like Cebu or Manila. I really enjoy it here. When you get here, drop me a line and we’ll tip a few SMLites. 🙂

  2. I was there in 2009 and really enjoyed my stay. Saw all the sites and can’t wait to take my wife there. I use to hate getting renewal.. they always seemed to come due so soon…

  3. I’m set now for the next 6 weeks or so. Now that I know I can do it all at Bohol, not sweating it like I used to, taking the trip to Cebu for the 2-hour processing. Although now they have a new satellite office for BI on Mactan, at the Island Mall.

  4. Hi Henry,

    How are you doing buddy? I was just searching for some decent videos on Bohol and I found yours. We met up in Mactan a few times, can you remember?
    I’m coming back to Cebu next month, we are going to Malapascua Island!

  5. Yes, over at Cafe Malmo. I’m living on Bohol now, much greener here than Mactan. I hear Malapascua is very nice, gotta get myself there too.

  6. I, myself, live in the province area but it’s hard to find a place to rent here unless you know some locals, and even then could take a while. There’s a nice hotel that is pretty affordable with some nice amenities (pool, resto, location) called the ‘Mellow Apartelle’ (google it for their website). I like the place, clean and close to the ICM mall and only ten minutes from the BI office, yet set in a quiet province area.

  7. instead of paying for extension on your visa why didnt you just apply for retirement visa? that only requires a $10k time deposit that will pay you interest.

  8. hey henry, i have a question

    I’m a filipino born in the philippines and a green card holder in the USA. I have read this in the philippine government website

    – It is hereby declared the policy of the State that all Philippine citizens who become citizens of another country shall be deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship under the conditions of this Act.

    So if i apply for a citizenship here in the USA? does it mean that i won’t loose my Filipino citizenship?

    So if i live there in the Philippines i won’t have to worry about all those visa stuff? right

    1. If you are a natural born FIlipino, and acquired citizenship in another country. you can always reapply for your filipino citizenship. You can become a Dual Citizen. If even you dont want to apply for dual citizenship. Then you can always take advantage of balikbayan VISA. which is good for 1 year.

  9. i came in on a 59 day visa  ,i renewed/extended  for 2 mos yester day ,it was 8000php  i never got a good answer why it was so higt ,i had to buy the aic/card i get that next week but had to pay express fees i was told that that is charged automatic ,lol scam ,but he told me next ext would be 2000,for 2 mos ,wait an see

    1. The extension would cost the same in Manila. That’s how it is here. There has always been a difference in price in visa extensions, depending on whether it’s the 1st extension or the subsequent ones. The fee has increased but the same silly staggered pricing was always there.

    2. he said it would be about 2000 next time ,he said the 6mo was cheaper ,an if gthey toll me the price of the 2 mo ext i would have went to manila an got it lol  here my nu 09 275 250 985 ,i think u have two chris as friends ,,me from tenn an the other have a good day an sun shine be on your rides ,i got a bike here a kaw 180 its small not like my 900 ,but its fun ,be safe

    3. After 59 days you have to get an ACR card, which is what boosts up the cost.  3,000p of that is the normal renewal fees, the other 5,000p is for the ACR card issuance.  The physical card may not show up for another 3-7 months, and it has to be renewed every year if you are remaining in the PH.

    did they ever “overcharge” your visa when getting an extension(i don’t know if that happens in bohol for example)? 200 pesos more or 500 pesos more if you get ÀCR card.? it happened to me. first time i didn’t notice until i had the receipt. second time they found an excuse to charge me more(like” you will have to travel to manila to pick your acr card if you dont pay 500 extra….it s not worth it …he said…i know it was BS…. i didn’t want to start a fight or having trouble with immigration for that amount of money but still it bugged me a lot….mine was an immigration office in the province(not manila or big city). anyway i love the philippines

    1. yes but that was not true. all BI offices receive the ACR cards in the office or province where you applied… you never have to travel to manila for that LOL
      things might have changed now. and i repeat it happened to me only in one province so far

    2. @Luca Toscani i’ve had times where the total just did not make sense, even after reviewing the bill at the BI.  i finally just gave up as they will charge whatever and we either pay it or leave for thailand or malaysia or elsewhere.

    1. come to think of it.. the Dumaguete office is also a satellite office and they do NOT do ECC certs. so it’s unlikely the Bohol office does either. best is to plan on going to the Mandaue office at J-Mall.

    2. i cannot say for sure if the Bohol office does this, since it is a satellite office. however, for sure the BI Office in Manadue, at the J-Center mall (2nd floor) does do the ECC. i got my last one there. no dress code required. it’s about a 90 minute, 500P ride on the ferry from Bohol to Mandaue.

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