Birthday Lunch At Scott And Gerties Rental

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  1. Very nice house, and for only roughly $2,400 dollars per year in rent. That is nearly what lots of people pay every month in the U.S. Gotta love the Philippines. Dobermans are a lot of fun. highly intelligent. Require lots and lots of attention, and are really, really loyal pets. They will often lean their body weight against their owner as a show of affection and trust, and also to release built up anxiety of loneliness from having been placed away from family members, even for just a couple of hours. Happy belated birthday Scott.

  2. Question for Scott? I saw your vape–I use one similar. Didnt the Manila Dictator outlaw them? So, I am wondering, where do you get any juice and replacement coils if that is true he banned them?Plus , where did you get your Dog? That is the first Doberman I have seen in the PI in 32 years ! And it appeals to my sense of humour you gave a French name to a German dog lol.

  3. Those old man testicles are what we call choko, you can add to apples to bulk out apple pies. Grows on a vine that would suit growing over the azzola, we feed them to chickens and pigs as well.

  4. 2:38. They’re called Philippine chayote squash.. in the USA melatonin squash in Cajun County……
    Lol 😆 Brian your going to pay for that ending

  5. I’ve had 4 Dobies, two at a time. All are exceptionally smart and fast learners to do most anything, except swim. They sink and walk along the bottom pretty good. One morning we let them out to do their business, had a woodsy 990×660 fenced city lot. They kept wanting to be let back into the house and instantly wanting right back out. They apparently killed an opossum who had maybe 9 pink fresh born babies. They were carrying one baby at a time gently in their mouths into the house and putting them into one of their food bowls.

  6. Louie does the dobie lean just like most dobermans. When they really like and trust you they will lean against your leg. Sometimes they do this to old people and accidentally knock them down. hehe Thanks for the days festivities

  7. I agree Lester’s dobie would of been perfect,I thought he still had her but not the other one,I’d check to see where they went Scott might be interested in her

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