Typhoon Ambo, international name Vongfong, has been moving across the Philippines for a couple of days. Making landfall on Samar and doing damage as it travels north and northwest across Luzon bringing rain to Manila also.


  1. The Philippines names its typhoons alphabetically. This year’s first one is Ambo (accent in the 2nd syllable). It is a local common nickname for a guy.

  2. Yep, i have been following the progress of Vongfong Rod on as we have family at Loon Bohol. They had some heavy rain
    on Bohol, i think they just got the edge of the typhoon, as far as we know there was no damage or flooding. I did see it making landfall at Samar. Our family at Sogod report no rain. We were at our home at Sogod during Yolanda 2013. We experienced very strong gale force winds, some rain, but no damage to our house and property. Thanks for your helpful report Sir Rod.

  3. Do you think some of what’s written in these rules could be because of lost in translation? So much of what I read seems very ridiculous even for the Philippines.

  4. Rod,
    I don’t mean to be “That Guy” , however, It’s “Typhoon” as opposed to “Typoon.” Is that the typical trajectory of storms in Phils; approach from the south Pacific and move north and easterly? (In general) There was a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake out near Tonopah ( West of Luke AFB) Coincidently (I think) , I opened my renter’s insurance renewal today and I noticed the deductible increased from $500 to $1250! Do they know something that I don’t ? Perhaps that prophesized “big one” will strike the San Andreas fault and slide that liberal commune of a state into the Pacific. Better yet, you’ll be able to purchase ocean front property in Arizona! At the risk of sounding uncaring and callous, perhaps this virus is natures way of enforcing natural selection. The life expectancy of people has been increasing for the better part of the 20th and 21st centuries and earth can’t sustain this population. A sort of thinning of the herd of the weak and infirm. – I’m just tired and my imagination running wild. Have a good weekend . Stay well.

  5. I’ve been through Hugo in Charleston SC, Ike in Galveston TX and Harvey in Texas, all on the coast. No evacuations. Intense times.

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