1. 1930’s Germany the saying from the government was, “This is for your safety” It’s Anti HCG is what in vaccines to stop fertility, it’s been used in vaccines in the Philippines before.

  2. Very thought provoking, at least. Both Nostradamus and George Orwell were able to look into the future, and to consider what changes the world might experience. I don’t know if such people exist today in many places; but, certainly they will not be found in governments. The world needs people who are visionaries and humanitarian. The world needs people whose futures and present identities are not welded to their bank accounts, or those of others. The world needs people whose desire is to cure the evils of mankind, and replace them with the virtues of God. The world does not need any more God-slavers, environmental terrorists, human exploiters, or dullards. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our future.

  3. Maybe we looking a little less YouTube will help so bad rumers will not stick to hard in our emagenation. There’s no conspiracy on going. I really like ur doing in Philippines. Am living in Denmark, we also have the virus. I fill we are advice very well, and never fill trapped. I ges not all places is that lucky.

  4. wow…comments are are back….I definitely get your point of view…..I fear that some of our freedoms will be at risk…in the future….As for Vietnam…they were very aggressive in the early outbreak of the Virus….From what I’m reading……

  5. It seems that the truth is very tricky. Money is being withdrawn from the emerging markets and the FED is pumping billions into Wall Street to keep the market from collapsing. I have the impression that it’s about obedience to power and about interests and not about health or human rights. Look what’s happening in Berlin.

  6. Oh Terrence. I don’t know where this has appeared or where u have heard it. Many Republicans in the US have been spreading this about on Social Media, I know. Which I find absolutely shocking. But where, is the proof. In my country, we have no Covid-19 now. We are still very aware and being careful, but in no way has this talk been circulating here. I worry about people taking this in on your site and being fearful and anxious, for no reason

  7. Hi from Spokane Washington usa. We have never had to have some kind of pass to go out really not much change except for some businesses closed. We open up now except Seattle area. Be safe.

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