Beware of Identity Theft

Identity theft is stealing someones identity to purchase goods and conduct business in your name. Don’t let it happen to you… Identity thieves can steal money from bank accounts and use your credit cars or those they open in your name. Identity theft is a real threat here in the Philippines as it is everywhere. There are already reports in the Philippine News papers of unsuspecting citizens becoming victims.  Because we spend so much time on our computers it is easy to pick up a virus that collects keystrokes and uses them to gain access to your accounts and personal information such as passwords, your name, social security numbers and mailing address.  Be careful when choosing passwords, try not to include your birth date or address as part of your password. Criminals can pick up on this and begin a file of collected information on you, once they have enough info they can open their own accounts using your identity. I also suggest getting a good antivirus program such as “Avast” which has a free software option then scan your computer often. There are companies that can assist you and help prevent identity theft from ruining your life one such company “IdentityHawk ” of which I highly suggest checking out as they offer a comprehensive identity theft solution that includes such features as social security number protection, identity health score identity theft insurance and others. If your are looking for a comprehensive identity theft protection solution I suggest them.

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