1. wow nice place there’s a K-9 trainer in your place, I thought they only exists in the military training dogs. I hope we could watch your videos when Tucker starts the training. It’s so much interesting to me how’d the trainer teaches pet dogs. Am a dog lover but still working and stays here in France. You could ask him also the price for the full training so that we have the ideas how much we’ll spent for the sessions.

  2. Bro I feel guilty. I have one too prob like 2 months older than him and I did teach him to sit, down, up, speak, left paw, right paw, and wait, but that was like 2 months ago…… I haven’t been consistent with my dogs training. Make sure you stay consistent with his training as a heads up. I will try as well

  3. Ask fishy she will tell you

    In the provinces it is tradition to eat a street dog to celebrate the man’s birthday

    Is that your intentions Mr converter?

  4. I’m glad you’re taking the responsible step to getting Tucker some basic training….way to go…I hope a lot of people will do the same.

  5. Hopefully you found the man to do the job. I see a very timid boy who needs lots of love and praise rewarded with treats for good behaviour but it must be done on a daily basis. He needs the love for that tail to swing high. He is going to be a gentle boy with a little work

  6. Beautiful dogs. My Malinois was over 12 years old, haven’t had it in me to find another one, in time. Well worth the proper training, can’t wait to see how it goes.. =]

  7. Tim you have to interact with tucker just as much as Chrissy. Otherwise it is worthless… He was station there the same time as a good friend of mine was… He was law enforcement k9 my friend was security… They are different… That’s so amazing I watched that… Thanks for sharing… Tucker will be amazing when you get him back…. Much love… Stay healthy and safe….

  8. Bells tail is up with confidence. Little Tucker needs praise and to be reinforced with treats. Tucker needs more confidence I noticed his tail is often between his legs. He really needs praise and treats when he is good every time and tons and tons of love and constant interaction. He is totally adorable

  9. after watching this video I miss my dog American blue nose Pitbull I miss his smile. Its funny about pitbulls very protective of kids very strong dogs but when it comes to family they guard you with their lives , if they run in to you it feels like you are getting hit from linebacker, when see pit you see four legged bodybuilder walking around.

  10. Calling your dog a possible Girlie boy! Jumping on Lala or Yola?? Hope you got some good references before going to this guy, but he does look like what he knows what’s he is doing

  11. Hi Tim and Chrissy. Just a suggestion but a haulty is great to use to nicely control your dog. We had a massive shepherd I could not walk without using it. I am Chrissys size. They are not expensive. If you can’t find one let me know and I will send one. They really work. He won’t be able to pull. Ticker is very timid and could pull out of fear to get away. Lots of praise when he is good with a reinforcement treat every time. Sit = treat stay = treat. It can be a cheap different bag of dog food you use as a treat. Never reinforce bad behaviour ignore it or push him away.

  12. Tim, Tucker is a nice young dog but like all young dogs until they mature, they can be a bit scatterbrain. You need to teach him to obey you and Chrissy, obedience is the key to owning a dog. Running away is a sure fire indication of disobedience.
    You also might want to invest in a choker chain instead of a leather collar, a choker chain cannot be slipped off by the dog, for example, the more the dog pulls to try and get away, the tighter the choker becomes. There are two types you can purchase, one has smaller links and the other (which i always used with my German Shepherd) has larger links. The small link Choker tends to pull the hair from the dogs neck, whereas the other does not. As well Tim, they come in different lengths so if you are thinking about trying to find one, you need to measure Tuckers neck with a string or likewise, to get the appropriate size. I hope this helps, leather collars are no good. Belgian Malinois were originally bred as a protector dog, like GS, Rottweiler and Doberman. As Tucker grows up, he will become super protective of you guys and your son. You should bear this in mind when out walking the dog, it will pay to have him on a secure lead to avoid any action towards other people or other dogs. Cheers Tim and Chrissy. Bob, NZ.

  13. I am a professional dog trainer and seeing you guys handling your Belgian Malinois I find no problems. Just treat your pet like a family member and not like a canine specie and your relationship with your dog will change dramatically. Best of luck because you have a very “highly active” breed who will want a lot of exercising and outdoors. Indoors they tend to be destructive after becoming 2 years of age. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

  14. It seems that dogs are under control in the Philippines. In Sicily, dogs are starting to be more of a problem than anything else. The stray dogs have attacked people, and they’re big, the strays are the fattest dogs in the country.

  15. Dude you have one of the most trainable breeds of dogs that are so intelligent also but you have also got to stimulate them every day so you can’t expect Tucker to get that from your yard. He is a working dog and they need to work. I am training my Dutch Herder to be a T1 diabetic assistant dog.

  16. Obeying is wearing a muzzle on your face, I do not comply, I have a pure German shepherd from Germany, can’t get more pure then that, and yes she was in puppy school, she is 4 now a wonder beautiful dog.

  17. I was watching a program a while back about dogs and their bite force. The Malinois have one of the strongest at 195 PSI. They are very family orientated.

  18. i never would have thought i would have learned so much about training dogs as i have from watching youtube videos. its tough but whatever this guy tells you to do you both need to do it and make sure your on the same page. after a year your dog will be a champ but you guys need to realize if you both send it different signals its going to be tougher with such an athletic active dog. Malinois are a tough breed because they are working dogs.

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