Best Hookah (물담배) in Korea: Boba Bear

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547-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
#bobabear #보바베어 #물담배

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  1. My ass just noticed I’ve been taught wrongly on which side of the plastic mouthpiece is placed in the smoking pipe. No wonder I can’t get that much vapour no matter how deep of a drag I take…
    (Been taught to put the wide side in and smoke out the thinner end 😂)
    Gonna try the other way around next time!

  2. This is what i hate about being arab. Every time i go to arab restaurant abroad there has to be shisha involved. We are now recognized with it which is annoying is none smoker Arab family

  3. The strawberry soju slushy has my undivided attention. I need to try it!!!! I love that you guys are posting so many videos. I can just imagine how much work goes into it; thank you!!!

    1. E cigarette is glycerin, nicotine, flavourings heated to evaporation using electrical coils
      Shisha is glycerin, tobacco leaves, molasses or honey, flavourings heated using charcoals

  4. Everything sounds so good there drinks and all. I’m so hungry now 😂😂

    Edit: Merry Christmas
    What is the age limit to go there? Since there is Soju there and I seen a Patron bottle.

  5. I went to this place after seeing this video. The pipes were amazing- hands down the cleanest shisha I’ve ever smoked. Super chill vibes and good music, they were playing Pink Sweats and Daniel Caesar a lot. Also tried a soju slushie and couldn’t taste the soju like Haeppy and Xander said. You can choose two of five fruits to mix it with: strawberry, blueberry, mango, pineapple, or banana. For one pipe it was 29,000원 and 4,000원 for the ice base if you want, drinks start at 8000원. I’m so happy you guys made a video about this place because I’ll definitely be going there alot in 2020~

  6. Soju slushies are miiiiiiiighty dangerous. I live in Houston but they’re sold at a spot called The Soju Bar and they are soooooo goooooood. I have a high alcohol-tolerance, so I just get buzzed while I watch my friends get incredibly drunk. Lol Thanks for showing this spot. I’ll definitely check it out. 😉

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