Best Airport for a Layover, Incheon – South Korea

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  1. cool airport, so your coming in at lax ?? how long ya going to be in la ??, love your videos, and would love to hear any stories ya got while here, email me if you have an open time or time, I can pick ya up anywhere, I’m over here in hacienda heights

    1. Thanks!, I came in to LAX and then my son picked me up for a ride to Riverside where I have family.  But you can reach me on Facebook searching ‘Reekay’.  (same icon foto as here).  More vids on the way!

  2. Inchon airport so far for me is a mall. Way way better than the malls here in the California and Texas. LAX and DFW airports may be renowned old airports in the US. They are still way far behind in services. I wonder if they still have the Victorias secret and the KIA sports car display? Have a great flight.

  3. Hi Henry, glad you survived the typhoons. I agree with you 100% about that airport, best ever, during my layover I took some free tours of the Korean area. I also got the free shower, did not find the lounging area, next time.

  4. Best airline ever, I always use Korean Air to go back and forth to Vancouver. The lay over going to Vancouver is always 8hrs…but get this, during low season they put me up in the Hyatt Hotel, an amazing free breakfast and lunch buffet. I sleep most of the time since it is a red eye flight from Cebu.
    Also that lounge you walked by is great…all you can eat buffet and drinks, beer, scotch, wine!

    1. considering the price of food in the main terminal, the $35 for that lounge is a great deal on long layovers, and no waiting for internet.  🙂

  5. Nice vid! As the KLM doesn’t fly to he Philippines direct anymore, is Inchon something to think about. Enjoy your vacation at “home”! Happy Holidays!

  6. my last flight to Cebu left me at 22 hours in Japan airport Tokyo.  Never again save money that way….will go your route next time Henry.  Thanks for the tip.

  7. Hello Henry.  Thanks for the great info on Ichon Airport and all of your previous videos on your time in the Philippines.  Your information is interesting and helpful.  Just last weekend I booked a trip on Asiana Airlines from JFK through ICN to Cebu.  My layover is only a couple of hours at ICN, but looks like I’ll enjoy the time there.  I love the Philippines, and Bohol especially.  Some of my dearest friends live in Tag and Anda.  When will you return to Bohol?  I’ll be there for a few days to help rebuild homes.  I look forward to working with the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the last week of January.  I’ve followed your adventures since you moved from California.  It would be nice to have a face to face get together with you.  -Bruce Wyatt in Charleston, SC

  8. Been there maybe 6 times in the past three years.  A longer layover at Inchon is so great I basically look forward to it.  I very much agree.  Inchon is #1.

  9. Oh thank you for this one. My Fiancee will be going through Inchon as well and been trying to explain everything to her. Now I’ve got a great video! When the heck did you show up there? When I went through nothing was ever empty!

  10. i was stuck here for over 9 hours on a layover, unexpected at that.. had only 10-15$ on me. and it was not even an issue. this is by FAR the best airport  i have ever been to. almost worth rerouting your trip through korea just to visit this bad ass airport!

  11. Good to hear you are staying. I love your videos. I have great love for the Filipino people. I am from Boston and I remember when Aquino was living here in  Cambridge and went back to confront Marcos and was shot by the military on the plane in Manila.

    1. I haven’t done any videos in Riverside but I am in Calif for the holidays.  Perhaps we can meet up soon.  I am on Facebook under “henry.velez”.. send me a PM there so we can set a time.

  12. I’m going through there again in a couple of weeks. I had no idea about the shower the last 2 times I have been there. Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely take advantage of it next time.

    1. You are in luck!  Direct from the Incheon airport terminal they provide free shuttles that take you sight-seeing to places close to the airport.  Depending on how long your layover is, you can choose a local tour of museums, tourist spots, etc. and they will shuttle you back.  You only pay admission for each museum or spot they stop at.

  13. WoW!  That’s cool.. the airport really cared about people in general…  Here in America, If you missed your flight you really look stranded.. 

  14. I complete agree,  hat off ! I flew  by Asiana Airlines which is another Korean airlines for two occasions which  has stop over at Incheon Airport. I find this airport well layed out , not clattered and is very clean. I have seen many Defibrillators around  this airport which amazed me. Their Transfer lounge is fantastic, with free clean showers which is a must do before I board on the next plane.They even give free shower cream and shampoo on the counter, which I find no airport will give away  those bits for free. Can’t complain with those long lounge seats to sleep/ relax , a good wifi /  free to use tablets or computers. But I normally bring my Laptop. The massage chairs is another add on. Your videos are really helpful, another good find in YT. Keep it up. God bless 🙂

    1. @Claire Adem those free showers make you feel like you just started your flight.  oh, for a cheap meal, go to the Subway sandwich kiosk.  Decent meal, decent price.  Everything else is fairly pricey.

    1. @Guss Mileson i don’t know how a ‘transit’ visa is different from a standard Visa, but all I needed was a standard Visa which I got at the local post office prior to travel.  One other thing to note, even if you already have a Visa, it needs to have a minimum of 6 months of validity still remaining to enter the PH.

    1. @jonathan brock i only had my carry-on stuff and, while i slept, kept it tucked under me so i’d notice if anyone touched it.

  15. Staying in Seoul Korea for 2 17 days next month. Very excited about the city and the airport! Heard very good things about this airport might explore it a little when I get there 😊

  16.  thanks for that very informative video. i will be traveling next week to philippines and have a 2 hours layover at the incheon airport and returning with 12 hours layover going back sf. big help not to get bored for a long waiting for the flight.

    1. @anthony goma i will be flying and have an 8 hour layover at incheon.. i’m actually looking forward to it. it’s a great place to re-charge for the remainder of my flight.

  17. If I travel with 2 other people and 2 of them has US passports, and one if them has a Vietnam Green Card, can all of us go out of the airport during the layover?

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Yea, that sounds about right and I completely agree. I’m kind of excited about the few hours I get to be there since it’s my first time ever in that country. As the old adage goes, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Have a nice day!

    2. +HeWhoChills for me, layovers pass quickly there. a shower, meal, some net-time and a nap and i’m ready to fly again. 🙂

  18. Thank you for sharing. I have a 12 hour layover at that airport in June for my trip coming from Vietnam back to San Francisco. I just reserved a free transit tour and it’s great to know there are so many awesome amenities at the airport to take advantage of. I’m looking forward to it.

    1. how do u reserve a free transit tour? I’m having a 22hr layover here and even though I’ve been to Incheon Airport for 4 times, this will be my first time actually trying to go out and visit Seoul. Thank you so much!

  19. Hi, I have my flight from Philippines to INC Korea but I only have 1 hr and 20mins layover. would that be enough? Can you share your experience on the transfer process? Where should I go, etc.. thanks!

    1. when you arrive at incheon, the escalator will lead to an information desk about 100 from it. just ask for directions to your connecting gate and you’ll be fine. you luggage should already be ticketed for your final destination, so you can just go straight to your connecting gate.

  20. Hi. People I carry in a secret room when they deny you entry in South Korea for no reason.. Especially the Russians and African..people sleep on a very hard chair.and treat them like here too. if you want proof this is my email and I will sent you video..if you want to apply for refugee status they refuse.some one help us

    1. lots of the mexican/latin music is popular here. i hear it at the public Zumba classes and sometimes at the live music locations.

  21. I have been in Incheon Airport before, but I didn’t see that part of the airport. Where is area? I will check it out for sure, I have have a 6 hour and an eight layover there. Beautiful airport!

    1. Great, thanks. I will look for it on my next trip to the islands. Giving some serious thought to moving there after I retire. I have been in western China for the past 4 years as an English teacher.

  22. I had a massive layover myself 12 hours, dunno how that happened, but was made better by the fact that they had free showers, I felt compelled to do a video on it just to help other travelers enjoy Incheon Airports free awesome facilities to refresh yourself

  23. I been travelling next April 2018 I have a few questions? My question is how I know my terminal to get to my plane? I’m from Chicago to Korea and Korea to Clark Pampanga? Thanks and God bless

    1. it will be on your boarding pass (the gate number) and you can ask any help desk at the terminal where it is. they are usually numbered for easy reference.

  24. we got mixed up at incheon we were supposed to transfer to our next flight we were in the airport but we ended up going thru the security check immigration then the visitor card area. Finally we ended up in the terminal I was looking for the showers but didn’t realise you had to go to the boarding gate area the other forth floor. Many restaurants on the Public side twice as many on the boarding side. Pharmacies and everything else. I slept on a hard bench by the stage area. WOW

  25. Looking forward to my 8 hour layover, I have a question you might be able to answer, I will be coming from Bali and my final destination is Canada, do I have to pick up my luggage and go through customs or do my bags go to my final destination

    1. look on your bagage claim ticket. usually (‘usually’)… they send it to your final destination. if it has the name of the city on the claim ticket for your layover city.. only then would you have to claim and re-check it in again. but usually they automate that for your final destination. just check your baggage-claim ticket.

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