Belgian National Slain in Bacolod City, The Philippines

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A Belgian national was slain during in Bacolod City yesterday. And the island of Negros has seen 10 such incidents in the past six days. Stay alert.
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at

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  1. Yeah I’ve read about some roadside shootings as well in Bacolod in the last 2-3 weeks or so- The lockdown over there has to be a contributing factor…People are starving- even the crooks are starving apparently

  2. That’s why the idea of gun control never sits well with me. Bad guys will always get them if they want. Any innocent person not allowed to have a gun is doomed to curtain death in this situation. Just the ability to have a fire arm might have prevent them from attempting this. Which is home invasions in gun control countries happens way more often. In the states it’s rare because they know the chances of the owner shooting them is high. So they are very careful which homes they target and often stick to their own bad communities and people they know. Rather than having ability to go anywhere and target anyone and be safe. Sad situation.

    I have been thinking of moving to Philippines. And I constantly wonder what I could do to protect myself in situations like this. One on one or even 2 on one I wouldn’t care. Get more people or weapons then it’s gets scary.

  3. Philippines government really need to take this seriously…. no matter how beautiful the people and country is, if there is no safety for foreigners than not many will want to retire and invest here.

  4. That is such a shame.
    It’s impossible to workout these scum bag criminals mind set.
    I’m just really pray that his wife had nothing to do with this.
    Sorry maybe I’m pessimist but it ain’t the f irst time.

  5. British guy died waiting in the line for covid admission in Cebu city heart attack in the ambulance after eight hour wait .

  6. You state if you live in the Philippines you need bars on the windows, steel gates, CCTV, dogs, and no trees near the house. Are you listening to yourself?!

  7. Ned, I know you are afraid to be straight up, but having said that…PLEASE be frank here and help people by saying the flat out truth…The PI is super dangerous and packed up to the gills with crime and criminals and most people do steal here….lie….and will do anything on earth for money…..and to “off” someone…the price is often very very very cheap….and many are willing to murder here for a few bucks..only. Please help people that are not here and state the flat out truth….but thanks already for putting the video here out…at least some will get your drift…im not into drifts or that way…I am most others…wish or want to know the TRUTH as it is…not you dancing around it….stop being a dancer Ned….Salamat…ingat….PI is a country of thieves and more..say it…bec. its a “fact”….nothing more.

  8. Us foreigners living here in a poor country are natural targets. Kinda makes u wonder if these guys were so well armed that they aren’t associated with law enforcement? Remember law enforcement are not paid that much and are some of the biggest crooks here in the Philippines. Having a badge is like having a license to steal.

  9. Philippines should really eradicate those kinds of criminals and not just drug addicts. Duterte promised that he’s going to make sure women can walk at night etc. but if people can’t even be safe in their own home, how the heck he will do that. Police investigations are also not thorough in the Philippines and many crimes remains unsolved. Can you imagine, life is only $400 and a cell phone in the Philippines. I really hope they get caught and be hanged.

  10. Thanks for keeping us informed of these things Ned. Its important work you do.
    RIP to the poor Belgian. I can’t imagine the pain and terror he will have felt.

  11. Wow, as a retired US Air Force Security Police and Department of Defense (DOD) civilian police. Having lived in the Philippines long time ago at Clark Air Base. This new type of crime wave is due to the Corona Virus as so may have lost incomes there in the Philippines. Even in the states too. Now you have to be more alert and limit your activities to daytime only for a while there in the Philippines. Let just hope this does not escalate and last for a long time too. GOD speed to the affected family there.

  12. So the same gang has been committing these robberies and murders with impunity 10 times in 6 days. Either the police are complicit or derelict in their duty – or both.

  13. I like it when you give us some news. How about some updates as the country opens up the travel from other countries. I am waiting for travel to open up without quarantine

  14. Are you sure about security? Because many reports say there is VERY strict security. Saw the wife on TV saying when she jumped out the window she hurt herself asked for help and the masked lookout guy came over to help her sit and gather herself. Wtf? Smh Philippines you really can’t believe any if the shit you hear. Everything walks here lies. But wife story is almost laughable! Go find it and read, but wait, be ready to be utterly confused and full of logical questions!!!

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