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One of the more curious facts about Japanese society is that it is culturally and ethnically homogenous, with over 98% of Japanese citizens being considered ethnic Japanese. And comparatively speaking, there is only a very small proportion of citizens who are either non-Japanese or have mixed Japanese blood, known as “hafus.” This creates both unique challenges and unexpected advantages. To understand better what they actually face, today we’re going to meet three “hafu” Japanese to discuss their experiences of living in Japan.

Special thanks to our 3 guests.

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  1. It really touched and it’s very relatable because I’m blasian, people would continuously tease and say unnecessary things.
    (funny how there’s the term “Blasian” to describe an African Asian)

  2. I totally understand, what Saiyon said is true. As an islander myself (Trinidadian) he best described how we behave. Caribbean culture is that we’re more open and don’t sweat stuff like that. Yes, we may have small issues with race but it’s not our main focus.

  3. That asian black guy need to stop lying. He look 100% african!!!! I was shocked when he said he was asian, because he looks african. He’s living in denial. He said the people in the Bahamas call him asian black guy. Why would they call him that when he look just like them? His hair,skin color, mannerisms are characteristic of african men. Has he looked in the mirror????????

    1. Yo can find people who exclude strangers, people who look different, in every country or race or culture. It has to do with how we as humans are programmed to identify our own kind or our own tribe versus the others, the unknown, possibly dangerous tribes, human beings. It’s a mechanism to identify the dangerous people and take fast steps to protect yourself. But we took this protective mechanism to exclude, divide, abuse, etc.

    2. ​@Vladimir Cvetkovic 100% agree with you. I hate when people say “oh, they just don’t understand or they don’t know….” That argument just doesn’t hold any weight in the modern world we live in now no matter how you try to flip it. “Why did you bring this dirty person here?” is clearly racist — the very same kind of racism experienced all over the world. There’s nothing different or special about it.

    3. @Naomi Gary It’s retarded to pull ignorance card in 2020, asian people have contact with westerners for centuries and now we ain’t living in 1650s they have radios, tv-s and internet for decades now. What Japanese did to foreigners even other Asians around them like Chinese or Korean is awful. Imo there are waay worse examples of slavery than in the US(doesn’t mean i justify any form of slavery).

    4. More to do with the fact that they have no concept of racism. They’re not multicultural like the US, UK or France and are a monoculture so to them its completely foreign.

    5. The Big Bad Wolf it’s a different type of racism. in the west, especially the us, there is a long history of oppression and systemic racism. in the east, the racism is more rooted in ignorance and unfamiliarity with different races and ethnicities.

  4. Very touching stories. Good on your guys!!! I am half, too. My father is from Germany and my mum from England. My grandparents on both sides refused to accept the marriage until the day they died. Actually, it is so sad. I had to be as German as possible with my German family. I had to be as English as possible when with my English family. So annoying. You know, even the Queen married a German!!!

  5. You guys should make videos on asians Russians. It would be interesting to see their prospective. Although I feel they follow the same as European Russians

  6. That is very interesting because I have been told in the past that my Zimbabwean culture is similar to Japanese. Everyone thinks my last name is Japanese, then when I heard that Tanaka (spelling?) is a common Japanese name I was like no way!! That is a common first name in Zim! Very interesting

  7. White – everything every problem,… are still existing.
    🥰🥰Every kids of every ethnicity are freaking cute already, stop ✋ stereotyping every thing people!!!!

  8. Im 100% japanese and i moved to america when i was 5, so i can understand japanese but i cant speak it that well. When i worked in a japanese restaurant, i had a japanese man basically say im a disgrace because i cant speak japanese. Luckily he was with a coworker that defended me saying his kids only speak english and it’s normal when they grow up in america. Being japanese but not really japanese is very weird

  9. Shout out for Bahamians🎉. We really are open and more accepting of other cultures… but I admit we arent perfect. I hope there are strides to more unity and zen amongst all countries.

  10. To compare and contrast, I am 1/2 Italian (Naples) and 1/2 Sicilian (Palermo). When meeting other Italians who are of one region, especially if they are more Northern or from Naples, I am an abomination. I never receive that treatment from Sicilians.

  11. I’m not Asian but this was very insightful. As a person of Caribbean descent I identified with the ease of acceptance that the half Bahamian mentioned. I hope your able to bring awareness to your duality.

  12. its cool to see someone else that is also from two different countries of east Asia but half Japanese! I’m half Japanese and half Chinese and most of my friends that are half Japanese are mixed with a western country

  13. Japan is quite crazy in reality. It’s quite dangerous for women and has social issues behind the west. At the same time, they’re so much more technologically advanced and cooler than the west

  14. I haven’t even watched this and I know the answer : whites will be treated better then Jesus Christ and everyone else will be treated horribly

  15. I am a hafu also. White father with a bit taiwanese ancestry, hawaiian. Mother is Japanese Guam Hawaiian. But since I was a kid, I was given to my bio father’s cousin. I always thought I was taiwanese chinese, because my adopted families are taiwanese chinese. but things became heated, after my bio families tried to take me back to them, and without my consent and knowledge, the adopted families lie to them, and to lie to me.
    Until now, there have been paternal dispute, and I am seeking so hard to reunite with my bio families.
    My adopted mother almost sobbed when she knew I went to Japanese Cultural Centre and try to learn more the Japanese culture and values, etc, because she likes china, and hates japan and japanese. My adopted father was quite supportive but already passed away.
    It is like a shocking thing for me, but I knew why my schoolmates kept ignoring and rarely of them want to befriend me, because almost all of them are chinese.
    I was also named by my Japanese bio mother, after Emperor Hirohito, with named Hiro, and some Japanese students from their officers, mentioned about my baptism name, too similar with Emperor’s younger brother, Prince Mikasa.
    I found a lot of conflict between chinese, japanese, my bio families and adopted families, and a lot of unexpected bad things, and unwanted bad things. Those all make me really want to go back to my bio families. But I am already 40 years old now, and have been in a lot of persecutions etc, I am not sure whether my bio families too can adjust with me.
    Hopefully fingers crossed yes, they can accept me and adjust with me unconditionally.
    I am always denied by my adopted mother about my Japanese bio mother, and she and her chinese families, prefer for me being falsely claimed as daughter of other ethnics. Until I took dna test, and found my MTDNA Haplogroup is Japanese Okinawa.

    I feel so so offended and tormented because chinese community with my adopted mother, keep trying to absorb me to be chinese.
    While I don’t like. I used to like the chinese culture, but not the current modern trend in china, which are more communism values.
    But later.. I feel uncomfortable with the chinese values, norms, etc, because i found I am only wanted for torturing me as a japanese, not because those chinese like me. They just want to control me, with false claim that I am their bio daughter.. try to force me with covert as if they were my bio families..

    So it is very disturbing actually….

  16. I’m half Japanese and Filipino living in the US. Raised in Japan til I was 11. So growing up a bit more here I had to experience so many people saying “oh so you’re from China and you eat dogs,” which is insensitive but it could also mean they didn’t know anything. It’s really complicated for me because so many people think I’m Mexican for some reason, too.

  17. When they start calling the Korean Hafu it’s a bit weird because they’re the same race as Japanese (East Asian) because it’s really a question of two different ethnicity. Now the Black one is clearly a different race and so is the other one being Half European.

  18. This is awesome. I would like to see how older generation Japanese find the changing face of Japan, and is it better or worse, if they think Japan is changing.

    1. That story was so good; it was the perfect thing to say to both acknowledge the foolishness of racism and also let it be known that he’s not going to do the same thing back. Such a powerful little quote.

  19. Sometimes I have the same issues. I am half Japanese half Turkish and on top I was born and raised in Germany… In Germany sometimes I still get faced with racism mostly for being turkish… but I also often get to hear “ah you can speak Japanese, are you a weeaboo” or they also do the same stuff with their eyes… I am proud of what I am but sometimes I am just tired of telling people what I am. So yeah I also have identity crisises (sometimes). I have German and Turkish friends and we can have fun together… there isn’t any problem but when I meet new people like in new schools or sth then I have to face with racism again. I think that people especially in Germany feel different when they see such a special mixture… all the starts are difficult but they vanish with the time. 🇯🇵❤🇹🇷 And please do more videos like this. This gives me the feeling of not being alone with this topic 😀

  20. Bahamas are not that dark u look very black very black Bahamas like an African , we lots of people your color especially in South Africa. You just want to sound like the people you are with …

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  25. I’m fully Thai but I’m sometimes not viewed as a national of where I was born. Some Thais would discriminate me because I am a darker variation (while some of these discriminators are mixed or have ancestors from somewhere else like China). People outside of my countries would say ‘but you don’t look like a Thai I know’. I did an ethnicity estimation test and I really look stereotypically Thai.

    1. @Hermann Cherusker She was much more tanned when she was younger if you look up her ‘before fame’ pics. As I said, living in a colder climate and being indoors a lot can make someone appear paler, but that doesn’t mean your natural skin tone can change in one lifetime without some ‘beauty magic’ (aka. surgeons and doctors).

    2. @Hermann Cherusker She was also much more tanned than now when she was younger. I don’t know if it’s some entertainment industry magic or primarily living in South Korea she’s much paler now — like a totally different person. It might be the weather and not being exposed to the sun too much because I was paler after spending a decade living in Europe and mostly indoors — but my natural skin tone is not pale — it’s more mixed in tones and a bit heavy on the tan.

    3. @Hermann Cherusker I don’t give out pictures to strangers, but trust me when I say this. Lisa Manoban (the Thai girl from Blackpink) looked stereotypically Thai before she became super famous. She still has some very Thai features like her eyes and her lips.

  26. How is his last name Tanaka if his dad is from Bahamas and his mother is the Japanese one.He said his parents were married before they had him….

  27. That half korean is so funny 😂 he’s cute ..

    The story about his grandpa and his dad wow future goals I.ll try to get along with my future father in law I just elderly ppl are just so sweet ..

    God lol it took you two years god bless ya lol sorry can’t help it

  28. Hi! Just a sugestion. I think there is a significant Brazilian community in Japan now a days. And Japanese community in Brazil is huge. What about a video?

  29. I’m half white half Peruvian and relate. It’s nice to hear other people’s experience with this even though I have no Japanese in me. Love this video, thanks for posting

  30. I really enjoyed this conversation even though I’m not mixed! What the girl said about Italians not accepting half Italians is very true! A couple of years ago a half Egyptian half Italian guy won the Sanremo music festival and italians were outraged because to them he is not Italian! Even though he was born and raised here and grew up with his Italian mom’s family! That’s why I would never marry or have kids with an Italian! When I was in s relationship they would always say to my boyfriend things like “you will have black kids,” “your little black kids will be so cute”, “you don’t mind having black kids”

  31. I’m half Slovak and Persian
    Born in Spain
    Moved to uk
    Then to Slovakia
    Then back to uk
    In school my friend : “where are you from?”
    Me : “ummmmm……I don’t know?”

  32. Half-Japanese and Half-Korea… the same country that bans all depictions of samurai and even had Mitsurugi removed from Soul Calibur for the Korea version.. He isn’t allowed to play as Mitsurugi(or any samurai in any game) but then again they share the same race. That’s rough.

  33. If you feel being discriminated as a half person then just go to the Philippines. There, you won’t be able to feel different because Philippines is a racially mixed country, you can see every faces in the world.

  34. It actually sucks that half casts are made to feel like they’re not welcome on both parts of their ethnicities. Why can’t they be welcome on both sides? Like two for one? Twice-as-nice? Being mixed race is dope tf

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