Being an Ex-Gang Drug Dealer in Indonesia | EVERYDAY BOSSES #48

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  1. Everyone who joins a gang does so bc he/she is missing something at home. Most girls join bc they feel the need for male role models, to be liked, protected, etc. Guys join for the “fame”, the money, cars and girls. Gangs are family until you get busted or in his case deported. Out of sight out of mind. US gangs are blood in and blood out unless your allowed to walk away. This is something I know bc I lived it.

  2. I used to have a friend who’s drug addict and dealer, which is back in uni life he sold us cocaine, weed, heroin, ecstasy, meth and I forgot one of drugs names, at first beginning he called to his room and show us the stuff that he told us to try for free, which is all of us did, we were all happy and having fun, and he keep gift us a free drugs everytime we come to his room and one day he told us he already run out of it and he charged us to pay for the drugs which is we were all shocked and me and one my friend didn’t want to buy cuz we had bad feeling if we are using and burn our money for using drugs, then one of my friend ran out money to buy drugs and sneak inside our room while we are sleep stole our stuff to buy more drugs, he was caught and kick out from the kost, one day cops came by midnight while we were hanging out and they told us to point the drug seller, all of us were scared and point to the room and the cop took him and some of my friends who are using drugs and I was really afraid of it and believe or not the cops didn’t take me away and I was glad I could escape, that time I promise that I won’t use drugs again anymore

  3. I really like his idea for a cafe, and how it can become a social support system. For a project, I interviewed people in a Rehab center, one person in recovery said that it was the group sessions that really helped, being able to share your story and hear other stories, because it gave him a sense of hope and created this circle of light. it kind of reminded me of what he said.

  4. He mentioned that you need a strong will, but I also think, addiction, is a disease, it’s a serious medical problem. Considering he started in his teens, his chance of relapse is much higher than someone who started drugs in their twenties. since he took the drugs while his brain was not fully developed, your brain becomes more dependent on those drugs. Like marijuana isn’t usually considered addictive, but it is considered if you consume it in your teens. I wish there was greater medical and social support for addiction, especially, in the U.S. which is severely lacking in that regard, but also everywhere.

  5. Hello asianboss exellent notice,,, thes people’s pueden cambiar, Dios nos da siempre la salida a los problemas… Saluditos cordiales desde i’m from 🇦🇷 Argentina

  6. Yang biasanya suka nonton video dari negara lain pake subtitle inggris, skrg tanpa subtitle udh ngerti duluan🤣 tapi walau gitu tetep aja pantengin subtitlenya

  7. “ It’s not about how many times or how bad you fall, it’s about how many time you get back up.” This man is the living embodiment of that saying. Such an inspiring story.

  8. I like the way he changed his life to be a better person. It took a lot of time and only Michael and God knows the process. Keep it up man, do the best, share your experience, and never forget the PROCESS :D. Shout out from Indonesia🙏

  9. this man inspiring us so much , no matter how bad your story in the past, there will a ways to make you to be a better person if you have a strong will. Thank you Asian Boss, ur contents aways great!

  10. You inspire all people if they have bad track record in past time. Drugs is difficult for recovery I know it. But he never give up. He always give positive vibe and never judgement people from outside.

  11. He finds comfort from bitter coffee because it may have been what he’s familiar with. Judging from what he said abt his bitter and challenging life journey.
    It reflects the changes and raw emotions he experienced throughout the years.

  12. I had to laugh at him relating how he flipped his car while drunk driving directly in front of the police station. I am glad he has turned his life again and is working on teaching others the dangers of drugs. I look forward to discussing this video on the Mogao app with the community.

  13. Talking about the drug in South East Asia, there is a region called the “Golden Triangle”. It includes Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. It’s very infamous in South East Asia. Unfortunately, my country, Vietnam, becomes the export door for the drug to the other South East Asian countries as well as the countries in other regions from this triangle.

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