Being A Transgender Model In Indonesia | EVERYDAY BOSSES #51

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  1. Okay so there are so many ignorant people spamming the comments, let me clarify somethings:

    There’s not just male and female, intersex people are born naturally as well.
    There’s a difference between Gender and Sex.
    A transgender women is supposed to be addressed as a “she”.
    If you have transphobia then why tf are you wasting your time here.

  2. Christianity has been a negative force for many hundreds of years in most British colonies over against natural human sexuality, gender expression, and even biological diversity.

  3. Di indo memang ga ada aturan/undang2 yg ngelarang jd transgender, tp susah kalo cara pandang org di indo aja dah ga suka transgender, ga cuman keluarga muslim yg byk anti-trans, mau agamanya kristen, katolik, hindu, dll pasti juga rata2 konservatif dan ga suka transgender. Intinya yg bau lgbtq di indo tuh masih tabu.

  4. Not so surprised if there are any indonesians that are against trans people. Indonesia is a pretty conservative country. If you’re saying because most Indonesians are muslims, it might be the case but not just because of religion. To actually understanding why there’s such a perspective in Indonesia, its really complicated to explain. Even fun fact that there are transgender entertainers in Indonesia, you dont believe me? Well, they are Bunda Dorce, Lucinta Luna, Millen, and more. They were men and they are muslims. For me personally, i’m not really against trans people, i just respect their decision but if you asked if i support people here to be trans? My answer is i dont feel like i have the right to judge. You do you, and i’m not the person who’ll judge your sexuality/gender if you’re a nice/ bad person. If you’re nice to me, then you’re nice. If you’re bad to me, then you’re bad. And thats it.

  5. One thing that transgender people cannot deny is that they cannot continue to descend from their own family. They cannot have children or descendants from their families.
    That is the fundamental thing why transgender people rarely receive good treatment from their own families in Indonesia.
    if he is an only child, then what is left for his family??

  6. I don’t like how it is mentioned in the d’inscription box , because most of the population are Muslim, and also when the reporter asked the model about what she wants to say to haters, specially religious people, and I respect model for her answer , that she should not generalize.

  7. there are many transgender people in Indonesia. people on like. but the conservatives are too noisy & loud. I hate. conservatives are not limited to Muslims. Some of my Christian friends are also conservative

  8. She is so sweet 🥺🥺🥺 I hope everything good happens to her and I hope she stops getting so much hate she doesn’t deserve that 😭
    And she has a Tata cushion on her couch🥺

  9. She’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s sad that the LGBTQ+ community is so looked down upon here, she’s very lucky to have accepting parents. I’m pretty sure that I’m bi but I’ve never told anyone. I’m too scared to even reveal it to my current boyfriend :’D

  10. wow, all of the dislikes on this video proves we have so much more work to do as a global society to be more accepting and inclusive of one another. Breaks my heart but at the same time, I am not surprised.

  11. I’m indonesian and i can tell u guys that LGBTQ+ community does face lots of hardship here ☹ but i’m so glad that the younger generations are much more accepting and tolerating the LGBTQ+ community

  12. Well that person should not be tagged as an outcast in Indonesian society. After all, their national motto is Unity In Diversity; and recognizing their differences is one of the ways of embracing the motto; unless Indonesia is not a secular country anymore but an Islamic republic.

  13. She’s such a strong, great person and I’m happy I came across this video. Radiating such wonderful energy inside and out when facing so many challenges is really admirable

  14. This is the first time I watched an episode of this channel in Indonesia. I’m quite surprised that when I listen, it sounds like their accent in English is similar to Filipino accent when speaking in English. Actually when they speak Indonesian, it feels like listening to Filipino but I just don’t understand the words.

  15. This was a lovely interview. I found the comments from the fans really heartwarming and Ian is so beautiful, smart and talented! Really great work Rana ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I love her! I’m so glad she was able to embrace who she is and even maintained her faith in spite of seeing the ugliness of religion. What an incredible woman. Bless her 💕

  17. 16:27-16:40 this is really true .Muslims are taught to be respectful and good to everyone.We are taught to be peaceful . In Islam we are taught to not fight or do anything wrong with other peoples or with the different ones . Yes there are some peoples for whom many peoples are thinking that we are bad . But everyone is not same and even Islam didn’t taught us to do anything wrong.

  18. As a fellow Indonesian, I think Indonesians have to re-learn to value different views and perspectives. Stop pushing values and point of views to people. Let people be themselves and contribute their talents in their own ways..

  19. At 16:17
    The problem is she said that because of being a muslim or just because the majority religion in Indonesia is muslim so people are still unaccepting (still close-minded) Whatt??. My exactly point is if you’re being a Muslim doesn’t mean you are being close minded. So she thinks every single person who denies LQBT is close-minded?? Wtf Concept Thinking. Being a Muslim (or people who believe other religions) has nothing to do with Close Minded Concept. Being a muslim isn’t again talking about tend little accept or not. In Islam or some religions is absolutely WRONG (HARAM) so that’s close-minded concept ain’t applicable to apply. I think nowadays many people use the word “close minded” just because other people don’t accept their thinking. It’s a weird phenomenon today in whatever topic it is. She’s a muslim, so if she doesn’t know a lot about Islam itself. she should watch her mouth.

  20. I kinda don’t like it when the interviewer was framing the question if the people who demonize her are religious but wow Ian handled that question gracefully! Props to her!

  21. I’m glad asian boss is making video about this issue in Indonesia country (and other strong religious country) that denied lgbt people. 😆 🙌🏻 Keep on fighting Ian! You’re such an inspiration to many people! Making them open, see and accept different people.

  22. Kinda sad to see some of the ignorant, negative comments in the comments section. Do some people just not have a life and hate on others for no reason :’) ? Nonetheless, I think Ian and her messages are beautiful.

  23. At least she is fulfilling the dream of being a model. But much love to her and support because my friend that i always hung out with i did not know she was transgender until we had a meeting in our school that we always have once a month to tell things that people don’t know about you and she went up and told confidently she was transgender she cried and after everyone was done telling there things i walked up to her and i told her just because your trans does not mean i wont stop being your friend. so much love to transgender people and support.

  24. ❝You don’t need to support things you don’t believe in, but if you at least don’t hate it, that’s more than enough.❞ ~ Ian Hugen

    Couldn’t agree more on this. Thank you, Ian for being an inspiration to so many people. 🤗✨

  25. Dear Ian,

    Terima kasih karena sudah berani untuk menggunakan platform dan privilege yang kamu miliki dengan cara-cara yang positif—the community thank you for that. Semoga kebahagiaan selalu menyertaimu, keluargamu dan orang-orang yang kamu cintai, ya.


  26. I heard lots of English words peppering her speeches, much more than other Asians. I’ve noticed such trend in Indonesians before…. Tbh, I think if you want to speak more english, you should try to speak in English fully. It’s a headache listening to the flip-flop between Indonesian and English.
    For this girl, I think she should attempt for international modelling, her country is too conservative for LGBTQ+ people to stay safe for long. Especially the trans people, I think.

    For people who discriminate LGBTQ+… I got it where you come from- there are a lot of religious beliefs in this world with believers who discriminate LGBTQ+ people to the point of abusing them: verbally, emotionally or physically and feel they can use their beliefs as reasons why they’re doing something “right”. But that kind of actions imo is very wrong, because I believe if you can’t accept and love someone in LGBTQ+ community because of your religious belief, then you should look at your belief’s tenets about showing mercy to others. If you think they’re sinful or “have a defect”, remember that you should show mercy instead of scorns. Remember that you have sins&defects too, no one is perfect, so just because what you assumes as their “sins/defects” look easily noticeable to you- doesn’t mean you can exploit theirs. Would you like it if someone think they can see your sins/defects(maybe in characters, or your habits) and use it to mock you? To tease, bully, hate you about what they think as your imperfections? Worse, to abuse you physically to the point of killing you, just because they see something they perceived as wrong in you?
    I think if you can’t accept or love them for their imperfections, the next best thing you can do to show your quality as human being is to show them mercy. Don’t become a monster that abuses them, or hurting them. Be a better human being- and don’t use your religious belief as justification for your own hatred.

  27. I think a lot of us don’t realize how blessed we are to have open minded parents who teach us not hate someone based on sexual orientation, race, class etc. I honestly don’t know how my life would look if my mother taught me otherwise, it’s truly a blessing.

  28. In a country that most of the people are conservative, you got a world class stage to speak up and freely express your believe. And yet, you said you get criticism? What? Do you expect all people will smile here? What about those straight people, who also face other kind criticism? Don’t you now life is hard everywhere, specially being LGBT here? Face it bro, sorry, is it sis?

  29. Another great job of Asian boss !!! It such never spoken through public especially Indonesian like us ❤️ and i also feel big gratitude to Ian and her fans❤️ keren banget fans ka ian mau speak up !!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Dan tetep pede dgn agamanya dan apa yg dia yakini❤️❤️ sumpah keren banget !!

  30. To the people trying to tell people to say “he” or “him” not “she”, I’m sorry but grow up. If that’s how this individual wants to be identified then let HER. Its understandable if you’re not used to talking about lgbtq+ or if you feel weird about it. You’re totally entitled to your own opinion. But being entitled to your own opinion doesn’t mean forcing it on anyone. And no I’m not forcing my own opinion on anyone either. I’m pushing facts. The fact is she wants to be identified as a woman. If you don’t like that or think its weird, your entitled to your own opinion… now mind your own business and leave. ♡

  31. Whatever makes you happy!
    You only get one, very short period of time on this planet… what others think is of no importance! Love/Live every minute on “your terms”!!!

  32. If I call you a moose, are you suddenly a moose? If I redefine our terms… no it’s a … yes that’s right. Men and women are a completely different thing. This is true. Have you ever met a man or a woman? They are completely different.

  33. LGBTQ sebenarnya secara hukum yang berlaku di Indonesia itu sama sekali tidak dilarang ataupun dilindungi, namun secara hukum adat dan agama itu sangat dilarang, karena dari itu banyak yg menganut LGBTQ berada di kota kota besar saja seperti di Jakarta dan kota besar lainnya di Indonesia yang di kota kota besar itu sudah agak lepas dari hukum adat yang ada di Indonesia.

    Alasan kenapa muslim sangat membenci LGBTQ karena LGBTG itu bakal kena Azab “Hukuman dari tuhan” entah itu berupa bencana alam ataupun musibah lainnya, bukan hanya membenci secara keyakinan tapi karena orang muslim juga takut mereka juga kena Azab dari perilaku para LGBTQ ataupun kaum yang dibenci oleh umat Islam lainnya.


  34. The model should be wearing a mask. The interviewer wearing a mask isn’t enough. She could still catch Coronavirus if the model unknowingly has it. Show photos if you want to know what the model looks like.😷

  35. So the main problem of the LGBT community in Indonesia is not from the society but from their own personal, they are too afraid to show themselves, Ian is a successful example of fighting stigma and living a happy life

  36. She’s got the ideal Asian figure! I lived in Korea for two years and she would be admired for her body. She’s very pretty. She seems very comfortable in her body and she’s happy. Isn’t that what everyone deserves?

  37. The host has unusually broad shoulders. Not everyone is accepting of the LGBTQ community. Why would someone give up normalcy and safety just to be themselves. I don’t understand it too.

  38. Many higher ups in Ian’s middle/high school institution are very very VERY conservative christians too. Witnessed it first hand. I don’t think there’s any other school more hardcore christian than her in the whole nation. Not that it’s bad, they’re just not inclusive to LGBTQ just like any other conservative institutions.

    (If you know, please don’t call out the name of the institution / the people involved. Don’t wanna get into trouble)

  39. As a nation we have two options:

    1) Abiding by our own consistent social principles, which are predicated on an objective moral standard –> we are labeled as “close minded”… and there are four possible consequences:
    a) we are directly invaded
    b) we are destabalized by proxy wars
    c) our government has a coup backed by the tyrannous global hedgemonic powers
    d) if wer are somewhat powerful enough to defend ourselves, sanctions are placed on us, effectively starving our civilian populations to death.

    2) Accepting our colonizer’s inconsistent social principles, which are predicated on a foundationally unstable subjective moral standard, and which were also forced on us WITHOUT OUR CONSENT via imperialism, colonialism or slavery –> we are championed as “liberated” and “progressive” for submitting to the hedgemonic powers’ ideology

    LMAOOO How backwards. The same people who claim to be accepting, are the ones take the most savage measures to ensure any system other than their own is brought to its knees.

  40. Regardless of your beliefs as it related to LGBTQ, heterosexual, etc… You shouldn’t feel like you need to conform to what is considered ‘normal’. People have differences in opinions so why would it be different for how you choose to live your life? You shouldn’t worry about what others might feel about you being a certain way; even if it’s your parents or siblings. Just do what you feel is right and what you enjoy doing. Life is tough as it is. There’s no need for mental stress to keep you worried.

  41. Good for her getting this exposure, but she comes from a privileged wealthy family who probably has access to tons of things compared to other transwomen.

    Her life might be rough but it isn’t comparable with transwomen who live on the streets or kicked out of their family.

    Having privileged people as example for young audience isn’t right. IJS

  42. You should interview LGBT artists in Vietnam. There are actually a growing number of them such as Lynk Lee – a singer who just recently came out as transgender, Hương Giang – a transgender singer and the winner of Miss International Queen 2018, BB Trần – an actor who is in relationship with a man, vv..vv.. I find it very interesting how “accepted” they seemed nowadays. We even have a few same-sex couple on dating shows.

  43. In the Philippines, LGBTQ are usually have a good position here because majority of them are more smart than men or women. Some of them are famous comedian or a teacher. They are good in arts or mathematics. The struggle that they face here are homophobics, no same sex marriage and no public toilets that specify from them. Although, majority of LGBTQ said that they don’t need same sex marriage because some of them are still religious even they are still part of LGBTQ. The important for them are acceptance. I have friend who are transgender too. Some of our beauty queens like Miss Universe candidates support LGBTQ. Some of my teachers on Catholic School are also gay or lesbian.

    Anyway, I followed Ian now. She has good wisdom and arts.

  44. Aku bisa bhs inggris pasih bgt,tp aku ga suka ngobrol sm orang di silipkan bhs inggris,aku lbh suka pk bahasa indonesia murni klw ngobrol masih sama2 indonesia,wlwpun di luar negri ketemu orang 62,sllu pk bhs indonsia,,bhs cina aku jg bisA ,,

  45. Even though you shouldn’t have to, keep fighting for what makes you YOU. You shouldn’t have to say sorry for being you. You are amazing. Stay strong 😘😁

  46. As a straight Indonesian Muslim myself, seeing the negative comments on Ian, the video, and the lgbtq+ community itself is disgusting. Honestly, just let them live their life however they want. As long as they don’t affect you

  47. I am Indonesian, majority of the peoples here doesn’t really care about the LGBTQ, they are everywhere openly and people seems have no problem, but the Conservatives here are really loudly condemning them..

  48. Honestly Ian is very pretty and from the way the girls were really admiring her, she has a nice personnality as well. I hope she can achieve her dreams and really represent the trans community, especially somewhere in Indonesia

  49. Being a transgender is very tough, i myself as a trans experience discrimination as well. But those discrimination and bullying made us lgbtq+ comm. stronger, we might get a lot of judgement but still we survive and continue to live for our dreams. Being a transgender is not a choice but its a feelings. I hope people now in our generation be more open minded about it and stop the hate towards lgbtq+ bec i believe we are still human being who strive to get our dreams. Respect every people decision in life no matter what gender it is. Our lives matter! ❤

  50. Thank you for sharing your story and I’m sending love from NZ.

    Theres no room for hate and you are always welcome to my contry and our NZ prime minister will say the same thing.

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