1. Health is important if you’re young especially if you’re under 16. Don’t do anything stupid that’ll destroy your health. For example staying up all night to study or to play game and drink lots of coffee. You can die from it or permanently damage your body.

  2. I am a little disappointed that Asian Boss hardly included the opinions of the three nursing students. I get it that nursing is a stable profession with consistently high demand for manpower such that the students may not be terribly concerned on securing jobs. However, in the light of Covid-19 outbreak, I believe the thoughts and concerns of soon-to-be healthcare workers on their future employment prospect should be highlighted even more so.

  3. Now I’m kinda scared to take Liberal Arts, but even if I struggle in future, I’ll atleast be happy I took what I liked, I guess. My Heat, plz prepare❤️

  4. In India it’s even tougher. If you consider a pot filled with water as the number of students then a drop would be the amount to study in IITs and trust me neither SK education nor Indian is creating a healthy environment for students to grow especially for high schoolers who believe that their life solely depends on the entrance exam it’s very tough to make exceptional and unique career choices.

  5. I got 75/100 from a test, and I jumped like anything… but my Korean friend got 97/100, and he got upset saying “I’ve messed up my life”.

  6. Definitely a different school culture in South Korea than where I’m from. In Canada, no one really cares where you went to school after graduation. That includes employers not caring, unless you’re going into certain specialized fields like computer science and want to get hired at a top employer like Google.

  7. when I have a kid, I’ll tell them to enjoy life a bit more. Studying and academics are obviously important, but being an A- student while enjoying other things is fine. Once you’re an adult it’s all down hill from there

  8. The education system is quite literally the hunger games high school edition. You fight with your peers and give all u’ve got to be at the top. Either it’s SNU or nothing.

  9. I know it’s hard to survive in country like Korea or Singapore if you wanna step the ladder in corp/big company. But it’s so sad to see them, sacrifice everything & no sleeps. I mean if in the end they end up with diseases a-z because of over-forcing their body since highschool days just for studies & in the end need to pay for the health treatment. What a wasted youth life 🙁

  10. Very interesting content. You should do this series interviewing students from top school in other countries (eg Todai in JP, NSU in SG, Chula in Thailand) as they are surely gonna be the driving force behind many changes in the near future.

  11. It’s really interesting for me to watch this being from a country where university (and all other levels of education) is free and you can join any career you want as long as you finish high school. I don’t think I could survive being a student in South Korea.

  12. There are a lot of reasons why South Korea has one of the world’s highest suicide rates. The pressure to study and be in one of these top schools is one of them. Being in Canada, some of my Korean friends came when they didn’t score good in the entrance or just skipped the test altogether. Harsh reality over there.

  13. What is top 1 percent
    Imagine a competition with 25 lakhs students and only 10k will be selcted. I am talking about iit in india . The exam with succes ratio less than 0.01 percent. Everyear the no of students appearing for the exam are increasing but the seats remain majorly the same.

  14. 15:09 I’m glad she called out the reality of not getting a college degree in a country that emphasizes education and studying as much as Korea, like yea the other students weren’t wrong about being able to make it without a college degree but they were just talking about being worried about finding jobs and they go to SNU, imagine trying to find a job without a degree and on top of that the social stigma

  15. I recently graduated in medicine. Even after clearing my PG entrance test, I’m not ready for masters. I’m not afraid of studies, but those times during exams are most stressful situations, I’m afraid to face them again. MOST STRESSFUL.

  16. While getting into SNU or top Korean companies are admirable goals, wish Koreans gave more focus on entrepreneurship and finding their individual passion. So many people I know aim to get hired by a certain company and think everything will be perfect but then find they are working for a title that makes others go wow but can make themselves feel like, I’m exactly where I wanted to be after so many years…but now what?

  17. Granted they are the very elite of intellectual capacity, but are they wise enough to change an increasingly divided class system that devalues physical labor and replace people with automation? Not from this clip. They should interview the same people 25 years from now and see how they are.

  18. My dad : top uni never guarantee a job to you, it jzt boost you and uni brand helps you but whatever happens,your skill is more important than all😇

    Also my dad : if you don’t get into IIT you don’t have any future…. 😡😬

  19. My general average was like 94% i bet i can’t last for like 3 days in korea if i was a student there💀 (that 94% gen ave was back when I was in 8th grade lol) im in 9th grade now

  20. I always think AsianBoss videos aren’t getting many views when I watch the videos. Turns out the target demographic is not often as early and the first lot of views are often much less than what it adds up to later.
    I’m glad AsianBoss is doing well!

  21. Sneak into bathroom to study 😅😅
    Well even we have IIT”s in India where there is similar selection criteria, but I don’t there are struggle stories these intense😐

  22. I’m from a asian country as well…From Kerala,India….My parents expect me to do well in my studies and I would say im doing well….However, sometimes the pressure is just too much to handle….I get stressed out because of that…..My parents always tells me that only if you suceed u can have a good job….and sometimes it comes to a point where it’s just too overwhelming…..It really does…..

  23. They’re clearly all pretty smart and extremely hardworking, they could probably get into an Ivy full ride. Don’t see why they wouldn’t try.

  24. The guys in 3:24 is my guy😢 Lol! Where were you my whole life? 🥺 You’re my inspiration 🤣 Last minute cramming hahaha…….thankfully I am not the only one.🤣

  25. I just studied earlier and now i’m taking a break while watching YouTube. and when I watch this, I want to be more diligent in studying again. I’m too ambitious haha

  26. I am planning to go to SNU summer program just to see this prestige college. I believe studying with those top students can make work harder 🙂 Wish me luck!

  27. Did…did she say she would study using a brand new book and wouldnt sleep until she finish it? Goddang I could hardly finish a chapter in single day let alone a whole fricking book!

  28. The second you are born in those Asia countries like China, South Korea, Japan, you are in such a big pool full of competitions. It is just crazy! Especially when the parents put a lot of pressure on. In my hometown, only 50% of students are able to attend high school! And going to a college is even harder! I have some friends who worked so hard but they just can’t be in the top 50% to get into a high school. It’s just sad that everything is depending on the score. I am glad my parents gave me good brain so that I am not falling off just because that.

  29. I like how there are actual females studying engineering. People always tell me that engineering is a male major. Now I can show them this video.

  30. Can we also have interviews on students looking for jobs currently who are not part of the 1% or students that might have to retake exams? Or are there interviews like that that exists?

  31. Toothpaste under the eyes to stay awake is creative thinking while under pressure – a trait which many prospective employers would admire, but the top companies really covet self sacrifice as a means towards the achieving the end goal.

  32. As a US citizen, I joined the army right after high school, then went to a community college. somehow, i work at a decent job making enough money to have a house, car, PC, cell phone, go out on weekends with friends and family, go on vacations overseas, and all the other modern comforts and can buy pretty much any reasonable thing i want and i have a savings account. And i didn’t waste my youth studying and stressing out to death. Going to a pretentious overrated university like SNU appears to be, is only considered amazing because of public perception. If everyone stopped caring and instead applied to other more reasonable schools, SNU would degenerate into just another overpriced and overrated school and they would be forced to relax their artificial standards real quick.

  33. Meanwhile I’m watching this in the middle of exams contemplating make-up exams because I haven’t studied anything and therefore do not have enough time to finish all my papers 🥱😂 (also, I sleep a lot)

  34. I don’t know – I spent 4 years in college and it’s true that initial focus was on finding a job and a career. But to me, that was just icing. The real takeaway from my college experience was making lifelong friends, dancing, midnight basketball games, being around hundreds of kids your age in a dorm environment with no adult supervision … Honestly, it’s an experience that everyone should have. Sure, job is important – but there are many ways to find a career. There’s only one college experience.

  35. I respect every single one of these hard-working folks, but isn’t it a bit sad? They “waste” their youth, miss out on a lot of things just to study, so they can get into the most prestigous university, where they stress 4/5 or even more years, only to get a job in a company where they are expected to work until they die. What has the society come to..

  36. Asian exams are usually unnecessarily tough , and society is usually harsh when it comes to judging the students , comparing them etc . . . So yes I hate it too. China , India (I’m Indian ), and actually most Asian countries need to calm down

  37. India and China has entered the chat:

    Especially when it’s about being a top student..( if this is the case in Korea…then imagine, according to population in India and China …it is very competitive……….

    Ok stop thinking..
    Or else..you will become sick…
    Hope you have a good life + successful future 🙏🏻)



  38. It’s pretty much same sentiment in north India, IITs are equivalent of SNUs. Right now, computer science and entrepreneurship is culturing here.

  39. I really feel for those kids in Korea (and other Asian countries) who spend their childhood and adolescence studying.. Some of them may be cut out for it but most of them probably don’t have time to pursue their hobbies or passion. That one lady is right, something fundamental about the education system should change!

  40. Seriously, real life is so different from school. There’s a huge requirement for communication skills and so much “people skills”. Those things were just not taught a lot at school. But graduating from a good school is a good ticket to open doors. The most successful ones are those who are good at their jobs and a strong communicator.

  41. Translation correction at 3:40: The guy said that he had a lot of nose bleeds (코피), and not that he drank a lot of coffee (커피). Although I’m sure he had his fair share of caffeine as well to stay alert and study!

  42. We Indians students also face a lot of pressure. The education system feels so outdated and there is so much competition. It is very stressful for an average student like me. The entrance exams for government colleges is very hard and it has an acceptance rate of less than 1%🥺
    There is a reason why India is placed 144th in Happiness rankings.
    Hope things change soon. Was very nice to hear the perspectives of SK students. Thanks for the video Asian boss

  43. “South Korea is facing the worst labor market crisis….”? ….The “plandemic” is to blame. Is it me or is it “the Great Reset” (a book written by Klaus Schwab) ….When are people going to wake up?

  44. This is what elon musk is saying, if your dream does not really require a university degree then why waste your time in school when you can accomplish more by being creative af.

  45. ‘HOW TO AVOID A CLIMATE DISASTER’ ( A book written by Bill Gates) EXPOSED: Should Bill Gates be allowed to genetically modify cows to stop their flatulence? …… How can Bill Gates blame a cow for flatulence, when farmers feed cows with soybeans? Common sense should tell Bill Gates that eating so many beans causes flatulence. Moreover, cows are supposed to be eating grass, not crummy Monsanto™GMO soybeans…. So yeah, cows are not the problem. Bill Gates is the problem!

  46. the grad student is so pretty… and also i wonder what the guy in physical education studies… like is that a branch of education?

  47. I believe it only becomes worse. Competition is always rising as does the population, while jobs aren’t keeping up at the same pace. Just like property prices. It seems to me that korea has a stronger emphasis on grades and school prestige. In the west, they do care about that as well but its mostly got to do with your work experience and how likeable you are in person.

  48. Is it really necessary to sleep only 3 hours, skip your meals or take out your social life just to study and enter your dream university and continue like this until you finish your degree to be able to work? I do not know, each one with their decisions but I would not risk my health just to enter a prestigious university and experience more stress, because once you enter, the competition does not end, it even continues in their jobs. Education in South Korea is very competitive, so much that many fall into depression for not being able to be in the top student. It is a serious problem, and the lack of knowledge of mental health that exists in Asia and other parts of the world too. I just hope they understand that if they fail to meet those goals it is not because they are not enough, it is because of how the society is. Eventually all of us will end up just like dust and bones. Enjoy life!

  49. Personally..people who are good academically may not do well in a working environment that strives on teamwork and customer liason. There are more than academical skillsets involve. Luckily in this new age and time, there are more options for entrepreneurship. The society mindset will change once they succeed at the field of their making..to be successful is self marketing and appearing on news or TV channels and how much earning power they have, those are easily remedied. The self confidence, mental management, image marketing and finance management however are not taught in school, those are the new jobs or gaps that can be addressed.

  50. Here where i live, u need practical skills and 2-3 yrs experience in order to get a job although you re graduates from the top uni.

    Offently graduates working as a delivery person just so they can get money to survive in this pandemic.

  51. That’s crazy man.. All the over-qualified students that cannot get jobs… Covid is wrecking everything and we need to get the world economy back in motion!!

  52. I dont know why they’re pushing alot of pressure in academics but i pity them……. school are for hardworking people but not suitable for intelligent person.

  53. I like the points they brought up in the video but we shouldn’t forget that some people finding success out of university or institutions, being self employed is a rare occasion and not the norm.

  54. In times like this I’m a little bit glad to be a student in Indonesia. Many people don’t think its necessary to go to university after high school but I myself do that because I like to study. Even at uni I saw a lot of people don’t really concern themself with extraculiculaire activities, but I do some in my spare time because I like doing so and meeting new people. I think its really good to not put a pressure that you have to study hard, have a social life, also doing all extra activities aswell so I could put my thoughts more onto my hobbies, self maturity, and making plans

    Btw I used to be that top student and my uni is listed on the best non-government uni in Indonesia😁

  55. Damn, I should hire some Korean developers over here in the US.
    But as I was when I arrived here, they would most likely be disappointed by the living standards…

  56. According to OECD South Korean students are ranked at the bottom when comes to happiness. This is the reason why. A good portrayal of this can be seen in a Kdrama called SKY Castle.

  57. I feel so sad for the children. They don’t have proper childhoods. It’s just too much. Hope they are able to change. Kids are killing themselves from pressure to perform.

  58. Im studying law in germany for 4 1/2 years now (expected time to finish is 5 years/ 10 semesters). We are expected to study 8h a day and to prepare for our final examinations for at least 1 year, where you keep that 8h schedule up, take extra lessons from private institutions 10h a week and write 2 5h mock exams a week (how many exams you write are depending on the state you live in; for me its 6x 5h exams, followed up by a verbal examination which lasts around 6h on average and lastly handing a paper of a field you specialize in).

    Fyi, almost nobody is able to keep up with it. Our point scores go from 0-18 points. You pass with at least 4 and you are considered elite with 9 out of 18 scores. We have a saying that ,,Only God can reach 18 points”. Some even say ,,Not even God can reach 18 points”. They wont give you the 18 points just because they want it to be that unreachable goal, even if you deserved it somehow.

    Students go to psychologists during that 1 1/2 year prep or need medication because their hands get swollen from all the writing (some get chronic pain or infections).

    I think thats the closest you can come to their pensum (at least in germany) and i STILL think its childs play compared to what they are doing.

  59. “How did it feel being superior to everyone around you?” It must be worth attending a SKY university just to obtain minor royalty status if nothing else.

  60. @Asian Boss continuing with this subject, I was wondering if you could talk about (if there is) a system to help people with learning disabilities like dyslexia or receptive learning disorders.

  61. my back really hurts hear what they have done and sacrifice to be accepted, I cant understand why people should be jealous for them, we should learn some from this video, they not being there by nothing

  62. They earned it. The real problem with education in Korea is that the system is a funnel to work for a high paying civil service job (judge, prosecutor, other type of civil servant) or a chaebol company. (the doctors and lawyer funnel is common to other societies though). All these are designed for them to earn a seat within Korea but not necessarily become a competitive talent globally. (e.g. it would be unfathomable for these kids to start a venture which could have a huge impact)

  63. I really like that we get to hear about the stories of college students from around the world and their experiences especially in their career
    It gives me an idea for what I want to do with my life

  64. Hope the Korean economy improves to employ these bright kids. If not, those with English skills can always move overseas for their careers. Computer Science, Engineering…etc – those skills can be used anywhere.

  65. As student maybe don’t pressure your self about study because our life is short many student now is die because of dipression on focusing on study… Keep your self relax and rest like me I’m graduating now in college…do not pressure on study focus on your health and don’t abuse your body because only in a grade..😊😊

  66. I remember reading an economics study that showed SNU students made about a 14% higher salary than those who graduated from other schools. It’s crazy how much of a tangible impact that prestige has on South Korean society.

  67. 4:26 i think this is an asian thing??? Here in the Philippines if you passed the board exam you’ll see a banner of you outside your house. Hahahah

  68. Fun fact – In India if you’re a student of any top central University (JNU, AMU, Jamia,etc)…. Damnnn… You’re anti-national already…. XD…

  69. That one guy that smear toothpaste under his eyes your friends have tried nothing yet if you dab a little Menthol under your neck.🤣🤣 stuff is supposed to relax you but man it burns your eyeballs!!😫

  70. I think you should ask if these students plan on starting companies of their own. These are some of the smartest students in the world. I think they should be pushed to be more entrepreneurial.

  71. 11:54 i think it’s kind of sad though, that kids are/have been told a misleading promise about “after you achieved X everything will work out” like since when does life offer such guarantees? it sounds like an incredible degree of oversimplification and like the lady at 13:02 says, there (sadly) have to be significant cultural/economical processes that go on behind so many people acting on this widespread false belief

  72. Wow, that’s a lot of hard work even when you are just a high school student. Well, can’t blame their education system and the high expectations of their country because they have a fast and growing economy. I’m sad for them 🥺 High school must be enjoyed and remembered as a unforgettable memory of their lives. I realize that I was so lucky and thankful though I learned academically but in the real world, it’s all about your personality. Fighting chinguyas!!!! 😘

  73. If I were hiring, I’d know for sure a SNU graduate is determined, disciplined, hard working, and have certain degree of intelligence. And if he/she flops, at least I won’t be blamed. That said, I’d think twice about offering positions that require more people skills, as I’m sure many SNU graduates are book worms.

  74. y’all, i was always ranked first since the 1st grade until i graduate from high school. i thought i was smart, i was offered many local scholarships in here. i really think i was the smartest of all, but then i applied for a scholarship for any college in Korea and i failed, twice. i realized that im dumb. but im telling you, the test ((idk what it is, my private teacher just told me that its the test that was taken before college in kr)). y’all, the test was RIDICULOUS. i doubt even if youre native korean/american, unless you’re the decent of einstein. you can’t pass the test man, you just can’t.

  75. I think in the future the government will create children in artificial wombs. So when a doctor is needed, then the government will take the DNA of the *smartest* man and woman, then create a baby with it, then raise that baby to become a doctor. And regular people will not be allowed to have kids

  76. I’m a college student and to be very honest it’s giving me anxiety and feels like everyone is pressuring me to take this or that. I am not happy at all. I sometimes cry myself because of frustration and no one even knows it. I just want to disappear.

    If you hear the song “road” by G.O.D , this song really hits me. You don’t even know what path you are taking and if you are still happy about what you are doing in life.

  77. Interesting to see that Koreans have started asking the same questions about whether university is really necessary for everyone. It’s an expensive way to purchase social status or to find yourself! I heard in the UK you go straight from high school to law school or medical school. And I know in Canada you can go to law school (and I think medical school also) after 2 years of university (you don’t have to have your Bachelors degree). The university system really sometimes seems to be creating grist for the corporate mill.

  78. I think in the future that the government will create babies (of smartest people) in artificial wombs. So when a doctor is needed, then the government will take the DNA of the smartest man and woman, then created a baby with it, then raise it to become a doctor. *Regular people will not be allowed to have kids*

  79. 1:53 Extra-curricular activities matter? In a country in which students are urged to study from morning until midnight? There are only 24 hours in a day, so… how? 🤯

  80. damn….. i’m always too lazy to seek out extra-curricular activities to boost my resumé that i have never even considered that all those options would be fully booked bc of high competition, that must be really demotivating

  81. Good thing I’m living in Germany. Going to university here I can tell it’s way more relaxing. Employers are looking for practical skills instead of how many A++++ you have. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel bad for the students in SK. They are living their live for education and learning day and night. Must be super exciting…

  82. I guess they could consider working overseas if the situation is simply awful within Korea. There is quite a few 2nd world countries that probably would take them in if they’re alright with a different culture, environment and probably salary

  83. I only had a ninth grade education cause of things that happened in my life, and I regret not going to college. But I don’t think you need to get in a 1% college.

  84. I think in the future that the government will create babies (of highest IQ people) in artificial wombs. So when a doctor is needed, then the government will take the sperm and egg of the smartest man and woman, then created a baby with it, then raise it to become a doctor. Regular people will not be allowed to have kids

  85. ١
    بينما تبث كلمة الطبيعة في النفس انطباعًا بالثبات وعدم التغيّر، يظهر الإنسان عمومًا، والإنسان المعاصر بخاصة، كائنًا تاريخيًا ومتغيرًا، تغيّراته متسارعة في زمننا. فهل يمكن القول إن الإنسان ينفرد عن بقية الأحياء بأنه ليس له طبيعة، أو أن كل تصور للطبيعة الإنسانية هو تصور تاريخي، يدين لزمنه أكثر مما يدين لما يُفترض أنها جِبِلّتنا أو تكويننا الثابت؟ وحين ننظر حولنا نرى أن شركاءنا في الحياة من حيوانات ونباتات يبدون مبرمجين على الأفعال والتفاعلات نفسها طوال حياتهم، خلافًا لنا. ليس للسناجب تاريخ، فهي تفعل الأشياء نفسها كل عام في دورة… طبيعية. للسنجاب طبيعة، وإن كنا لا نعرف ماذا يدور في رأس السنجاب، وماذا يعني كون الحيّ سنجابًا. للإنسان تاريخ بالمقابل، ويبدو أن لنا تاريخًا لأنه ليس لنا طبيعة.

    لكن يبدو القول إنه ليس للإنسان طبيعة واضحَ البطلان. فنحن نتوزع على جنسين، ونتكاثر بالتوالد، ويرضع الصغار منا حليب الأمهات، ويلزمنا عام وأكثر كي نستطيع المشي، نمشي على ساقين مثل الطيور لكن لا نطير مثلها، وإن لم نمت بحادث أو بقتل بعضنا لبعضنا، فنحن نموت موتًا «طبيعيًا» في سن الشيخوخة، ويندر أن يعيش الواحد أو الواحدة منا قرنًا. لكننا نتكلم بعد عامين أو ثلاثة، منفردين عن غيرنا من الحيوانات باللغة. ورغم تعدد لغاتنا فإنه ليس بيننا من هم بلا لغة، ويمكن لمتكلم أي لغة أن يتكاثر بالتزاوج من متكلمة أي لغة أخرى، ما يعني أننا بيولوجيًا متماثلون، أي لنا «طبيعة» واحدة. وهذا مهم ضد «العنصريين» من بني البشر. فهم ينكرون الوحدة الطبيعية للبشر، أي وحدة العنصر البشري، بل يقررون كثرة العناصر البشرية وتراتبها كمعطيات ثابتة، أي طبيعية. الواقع أن مفهوم الطبيعة الذي يمكن أن يُستند إليه لدحض الدعاوى العنصرية، يمكن الاستناد إليه كذلك للدفاع عنها.

    ثم أن الإنسان نتاج تطوّري لحياة على كوكب الأرض عمرها نحو أربعة مليارات عام، ما يعني أن التميّز المحتمل لطبيعته هو من احتمالات هذه الحياة، عبر عملية «انتخاب طبيعي» يفوز فيها الأفضل تأهيلًا والأقدر على توريث أفضلياته، ويخرج من السباق الأضعف تأهيلًا. وبهذه الصور يكون ما يبدو أنه يخرجنا من الطبيعة من تميّزٍ هو ذاته من معطيات الطبيعية.

    يبدو أن تكويننا الحالي ثابت منذ مئات ألوف السنين وأكثر، وأننا مررنا قبل ملايين السنين بمراحل انتصبت خلالها قامتنا واتسعت جماجمنا، وأخذنا نُرمِّز ونصنع الأدوات.

    ومنذ ألوف السنين يبدو تاريخنا هو تاريخ ما نفعل ونستحدث، وليس تاريخ تطور طبيعي، مثل تطورنا في أزمنة موغلة في القدم. فهل يكون هذا فاصلًا قصيرًا، يفضي بنا إلى شيء بعده؟ وبعد ألوف أو عشرات ألوف السنين، هل يحتمل أن يُنظر إلى قدراتنا اليوم، وفي أساسها اللغة والفكر، كميّزات تطورية طبيعية، أفضت إلى دمار واسع للكوكب، وربما إلى حذف الكائن الذي حاز تلك الميزات واستعادة الكوكب والحياة عليه عافيتهما؟ سنكون عندها احتمالًا من احتمالات الطبيعة، دمر نفسه بنفسه وفقًا لما يمكن أن يُسمّى مبدأ مكر الطبيعية. لا يبدو هذا مستبعدًا كليًا. وقد لا يحدث الأمر بفعل القنبلة النووية، بل ربما القنبلة الجينية، التدخل في السجّل الوراثي البشري، أي في «طبيعة» الإنسان على نحو ينتج طبائع مختلفة أو «عناصر»، يقارب الفرق بينها الفرق بيننا وبين الشمبانزي مثلًا، وقد يمتنع التزاوج والتكاثر عند الوصول إلى هذه العتبة. بعبارة أخرى، قد تكون العنصرية الحقيقية أمامنا، سواء عبر تصنيع بشر للخدمة لا يتمردون ولا يعترضون، عبيدًا في طبيعتهم، كأنما هم حيوانات أليفة نافعة، يزيدها نفعًا أنها تتكلم وتعقِل؛ أو عبر إنتاج بشر خارقين يستخدموننا، نحن العاديين، كعبيد لهم، ويرون فينا مزاحمة لهم على الكوكب ولا بأس بقتل مئات الملايين أو المليارات منا، ولعلّهم في هذا يتسلّحون بقوة وقدرات لا قِبَلَ لنا بمواجهتها.

    هذا يعيدنا إلى السؤال عن طبيعية الإنسان: ما تكون طبيعة الكائن الحي الذي يبدو قادرًا على تغيير طبيعته؟ هل يبقى مفهوم الطبيعة صالحًا حين يبدو غير ممتنع أن يغيرها مطبوعون مفترضون بها؟ أن يصنعوا طبائع جديدة لأنفسهم أو لغيرهم؟ حين تكون للكائن الحي طبائع بدل طبيعة واحدة؟ أو حين يُحتمَل أن يتميز إلى كائنات، لكلٍّ منها طبيعتها؟ تُحيل تغيُّريّة الإنسان إلى «العقل» كوليد للغة (التكلم مع الغير، والنفس، عن العالم)، وكنتاج تطوري اجتماعي. تطورت هذه القدرة تاريخيًا، وقبل قرون قليلة فحسب طرحت على نفسها إمكانية «السيادة» على الطبيعة و«تملّكها». تحققت تقدمات «سيادية» على مستويات محددة، لكن ثمنها كان باهظًا كما تقدَّم: انقراض شركاء أحياء كثيرين لنا، وتسخُّن الكوكب، وتهديد الحياة عليه، فضلًا عن أشكال تمييز فادحة بين البشر أنفسهم، منها إبادة واسعة النطاق للسكان الأصليين في قارتين على يد المسيطرين الأوروبيين، ومنها عبودية تجارية عابرة للقارات، عانى منها السود أكثر من غيرهم. وهذا في الوقت الذي سُمعت فيه مدركات مثل الإنسان وحقوقه والإنسانية أكثر من أي وقت سبق.

    فهل يحتمل أننا نتساءل اليوم عن طبيعة الإنسان لأننا نلمس شيئاً غير طبيعي في أنفسنا، مهدِّد للطبيعة التي ننحدر منها؟

    ما هو هذا الشيء غير الطبيعي؟ لعله قدرة خاصة لدماغنا وجهازنا العصبي، متشكّلة تطوريًا (توسّع الجمجمة وانتصاب القائمة) واجتماعيًا (عبر اللغة وتشكل جماعات أوسع) على تعقّل الكائنات الأخرى وتعقيلها، و«اعتقال»ـها، بما في ذلك بعض البشر أو كثيرون منهم أو أكثرهم، هي ما نسميها العقل. الإنسان «حيوان ناطق» بمعنى عاقل. ولعل الإنسان الاجتماعي اخترع الثقافات والأديان أو طوّرها من باب «عقل» نفسه بالذات، ومنها بصورة خاصة جهازه العصبي النامي القلق. أنتج الإنسان الاجتماعي هذه العقائد والقواعد، أو «الثقافة»، كي تكون عقلًا خارجيًا له يضبط عقله الداخلي المهتاج، يعطيه عادات وتقاليد، مسالك تكرارية تساعده على أن تكون له طبيعة قارّة، أو تعوضه عن فقدان حيوانيته. ضربٌ من «معتقل» لهذا الكائن الفالت، غير الطبيعي.

  86. I don’t see how people should be jealous of someone who get to attend SNU. One paid the price of hard work and sacrificed social/leisure life. It’s not luck.

  87. Honestly, people should learn that being the “top” does not matter. What matters is being above average. Intelligence causes depression and the fact that you try even harder to go up will give less satisfaction levels. People are satisfied when they work on what they like.

    You could have your own business, become a content creator like Asian Boss itself, photographer, wedding planner and many more. We are in the era where there are many many kinds of opportunities that are easily reachable and does not require huge amounts of efforts in studying. All you need for career growth is interest and discipline.

    I went to one of the top colleges in India. Although I did not work so hard to be where I am but everyone around me did work super hard. I feel for them, I feel their pain, I feel their lack of social skills/communication skills. Good college probably helps out in the beginning but when people reach their thirties, academics are of very very less importance.

  88. Long story short… Times are different these days. Even if you graduate top of your class, get into an ‘elite’ university, graduate top of the class there, have multiple degrees, go to graduate school, etc… None of that really matters that much in the long run since it’s not necessarily a guarantee you’ll get a good job or get your ‘dream’ career. What you are guaranteed (at least) is debt; a lot of debt.

  89. Balamurali Krishna “Bala” Ambati is an American ophthalmologist, educator, and researcher. On May 19, 1995, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the *world’s youngest doctor, at the age of 17 years old* ~
    Ambati was born July 29, 1977 in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. His family moved to Buffalo, New York when he was three years old. According to his parents, Ambati was *doing calculus at the age of four* . The family later moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina, and then to Baltimore, Maryland. Ambati initially attended high school at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute before transferring to Baltimore City College, graduating in 1989 at age 11. Also at age 11, he co-authored a research book on HIV/AIDS titled AIDS: The True Story – A Comprehensive Guide. He graduated from New York University at the age of 13. He graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine with distinction at the age of 17, scoring above 99 percent on his National Medical Boards and becoming the world’s youngest doctor in 1995.

  90. Imagine using all of your energy into studying and not investing in friendship, self-development, love, art, hobbies, therapy… JUST STUDYING

    I’m just glad we don’t have this kind of cultural pressure in my country.

  91. I mean… Koreans are one of the smartest people in the world. Not only the South Korean students r competent but also Koreans living abroad are also very intelligent. There were so many Korean students in the ivy league when I was in the university.

  92. “It’s hard but not that hard… i placed first in the national mathematic competition” hahaha a king fr, casually dropping that bomb. This is so interesting though fr thank you for this!!

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