Being a Black Man in the Philippines with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks 01/12/2021

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Being a Black Man in the Philippines with Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I interview my friend Gerard, who explains what it is like to be an African American Living in the Philippines


  1. When the video first started, I thought to myself, this guy seems like a creative spirit. You ooze charisma, but more than that, I appreciate the stories of you helping others less fortunate. Keep sprinkling that spiritual love.

  2. Outstanding. Thanks Paul and Gerard. Excellent video. Lively and interesting; I hope we see more of Gerard in the future. For other African Americans watching this, there are a number of channels of African Americans living in the Philippines. Here are a few of them to give you further perspective:

    While Timothy Ward doesn’t live in the Philippines, he did go to visit – and I like and recommend everything he does. He’s such a positive and engaging person.

  3. Seems like a good guy… racism sucks both ways… how people judge each other how they look, regardless of color shows ignorance.. thanks for sharing your story with us!

  4. Its not the person. He may be a fine gentleman. It’s the BLM on the mask. I will never condone a self proclaimed marxist group, hell bent on destroying America. ALL LIVES MATTER would be more appropriate.

  5. I enjoyed the whole video…
    in the philippines we dont say your white man or black man . we just say foreigner . and if we say negro mostly we really dont mean it as bad .

  6. In America I found racism is for the Richer neighborhoods when you live in the poor neighborhoods like I do we don’t have time for it we’re too busy working or too tired

  7. The content of this video is excellent. The many times I’ve been to the Philippines and a black man, I’ve been treated well and welcomed to the community. Filipina’s are much more attentive to a man needs, which are very simple. Very giving in terms of their love, emotions and time. One think I have noticed is they are very committed to whom they love. Another thing I have notice is that as long as you treat them with respect and consideration they will love you forever. And yes you’re write “treat them as queens” they will treat you as a king.

  8. I like your show Paul but it feels really bad when you have these guests who badmouth American woman as if they are a bunch of sluts. I am an expat in Mexico and sometimes I think about going to the Philippines but wow- there’s no way. Not if American women are viewed in the way your friends describe. I’m just disappointed. You seem like a nice man.

  9. Coming from a Filipino some are actually racist…you see it mostly online from younger ones having access to smart phones who casually taunts others that they don’t know they’re being racist already and it’s more of ignorance because of lack of education…anyhow love the interview with Gerard part 2 please

  10. Paul I’m a regular viewer of your channel, this was the interview I’ve been waiting to see, thanks, and I hope that all people can appreciate that there are good and bad in all races just reach deep within your heart as to were you want to be, thanks again Paul, love your channel πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½β€οΈ

  11. The island you are on was named negros by the Spaniards bc they thought the people were dark skinned. For 300 years, the Spaniards, with their light skin saw themselves as superior to the darker skinned people of the Phillipines. This attitude permeates Phillipines society to this day. Light skinned Filipinos are seen as being at a higher level. Just look at their lodis on TV. Children are bullied for being Morena, called ugly, and as adults are denied jobs and opportunities. One woman said she couldn’t get a sales girl job at the mall bc they told her they wanted taller, lighter, and prettier. The prejudices seem to be against their own people though and not so much against foreigners. I have seen more than one Morena in interview state that she wants a white baby. Probably under the assumption that life will be easier for her child and he/she will have a greater chance at success as a light skinned person and not endure the perceived hardships of life as a morena. Interesting bc a lot of foreigners find the short, petite, dark skinned morena to be the most beautiful and desirable. The young woman I’m chatting with gave me insight as to why she takes Luxe White skin lightener. She said she was Morena as a child and she was made fun of and called names. So when she became an adult she used skin whitening products to not be “ugly ” as she calls it. She won’t spend long periods at the beach for fear of becoming dark. And even though I assured her morenas are beautiful, she’s mortified of becoming darker. This attitude is widespread, otherwise the skin whitening industry wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry over there. They may not be prejudiced against black foreigners, but there is definitely a negative attitude towards darker skin within their own population.

  12. Speaking from one Black man to another….That Hand bag story….IM SOLD.
    This my 2nd time watching your video “Old Dog”
    The 1st video you was talking about your experience, love and respect about your Girlfriend. I respect that story alot.
    Now this is the 2nd. I think you sir….

  13. I think his story of being on the bench waiting for the bus is a story that does not make sense, the part about feeling that the woman with the handbag had no concerns he would take the bag? If I were that woman I would not be concerned about my bag unless one of my own people were sitting in his place and not a black man. There is a very high rate of thief in the Philippines. She, seeing a black man – foreigner sitting there may have actually gave here no concerns about the bag being not safe. So sad to see people thinking that way in their minds. This is a lot like the Black Lives Matter movement. If they Black People cared they would care about the thousands getting shot in their neighborhoods. People are people where ever they live, some good and some bad. We seem to only remember the bad ones.

  14. Sorry but the racist BLM mask was a turn off.
    I think ALL LIVES MATTER and we as Americans should not spread the BLM hate over seas.

    Just my thoughts.

  15. Hello Paul how are you and baby Mae doing? Hope everything is alright. Aging you surprise us with a wonderful vlog. Gerard sounds full of surprises and stories.. can’t wait to see the next episode.. regards to you and baby mae and mark.

  16. Paul, that interview with Gerard was so great and wonderful. First, Paul, I do understand that you have not had the opportunity to have Blacks as guest in the Philippines. Not many are there in the Philippines. Even though, personally I feel as you are a good hearted gentleman that does not fear anyone from different races and backgrounds. That is why I subscribe to your channel Paul. So glad Gerard has the opportunity in the Philippines to live his dreams. I always say that to be a great American, sometimes you prove it more by living and retiring in places like the Philippines. At my age 58 now, I am getting close to retirement myself. Now, my two (2) oldest sons are currently in the military US Marines and US Army. My daughter just graduated high school in June 2020 will go to US Navy Boot camp next month in February 2021. I still have one (1) son to raise as single dad and widower. Then in about 3 or 4 years seriously considering on retiring in the Philippines too. Sincerely thank you Paul for the first of several interviews with Gerard. I was so impressed I had to write a second review, GOD speed to you Paul, Baby Mae and Gerard too in the Philippines.

  17. I so enjoyed this video! 😊 Gerard brings back memories of guys I have met back in my younger days. As a person who has lived and worked in the craziness of Atlantic City Casinos and lived in New York City and used to have my family from New York City I connected with Gerards conversation. Very enjoyable to hear his enthusiasm and upbeat talks. Things have changed through the years but others have unfortunately have not as many of us have found out the last 5 years here in the States. Anywhoot, good video! Looking forward to more of The Paul and Gerard conversation!

  18. For the last 6 months or more I watch BLM burn down cities murder innocent people burn cop cars attack elderly people I could go on and on I seen so much of it it makes me physically ill 6 weeks ago I started watching your videos because it was a escape from all the BS you became my favorite YouTuber but when I saw the BLM on the face mask of your guess I got physically ill it’s like you’re promoting the things that are killing Freedom worldwide before you call me prejudiced I would say the same things if it was a white person with the BLM they’re just as bad

  19. Paul , I like the way you got out of the way and let the man say his piece . A true mark of a person who is comfortable in his own skin. Excellent guest and interview!

  20. Congratulation to you Paul, Gerard is an amazing man with good heart. Enjoy watching your blog.. Enjoy life whenever you can. Take care of baby Mae

  21. It’s sad to see the hate in the comments here. That lines up with how Gerard only experiences bigotry from other foreigners. Loved how Gerard focuses on accepting each person as who that person is.

  22. Great Video, great message and stories. How can anyone not like a mans truth. It sad that people could dislike this video and its message. Great Job both of you!

  23. My family and friends are hardcore Liberals and I’m an unrepentant Trump supporter. It’s been my experience that Liberals are far more likely to stereotype and hate conservatives than vice versa. Heck, I don’t have enough friends that I’d reject anybody for their race, creed, color, religion, or politics.

  24. This guy seems honest and no bs. I love authenticity. FYI I’ve never been afraid of a black man, I’ve found them to be the most protective and safe. I’ve been abused by white men, a Hispanic man, and an Iranian man.

  25. More power to Gerard a man after my own heart such a beautifull person love his outlook!!! When I grow up I want to be like him god bless you both and baby. P. S. Love pinning the troll lol

  26. (Gerard referring to Filipinas): “Everything was so pure, so natural.” Said it right there. Regarding kids, it warms my heart to see expats freely interacting with children…who doesn’t love kids? Here in the West, they won’t let us sit next to a child on a plane. I can’t think of anything that exposes Western Society’s disrespectful, unwarranted twisted suspiciousness and general apathy toward men than that. More and more it seems Western men are waking up to the fact that they’re considered nothing more than grist for the machine to keep running (man-up and get in line), and consequently, many are leaving for more favorable places to live.

  27. Hey Paul my friend, what a awesome interview with Gerard. As a black man myself, I have definitely experienced racism here in the United States. But when I started coming to the Philippines, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any racism there. My fiancΓ©e’s family truly treat me like one of the family. Please have Gerard come back for a follow up interview. You rock Paul. Stay safe my friend and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

  28. Great to hear he no longer feels like a victim in the Philippines, maybe he should put away the BLM props and just be himself. Seems like an interesting guy, white, brown, green, black, no matter.

  29. Black Lives πŸ˜‚ that’s hilarious. I think I get it. It’s really called Black Lives MATTER, but adding an S to matter makes it sound even blacker.
    Or maybe he just bought a mask made in asia.

  30. Being pre-judged is life & travel. One hopes that people before you with the same look, talk, & habits have conducted themselves well & left a good impression. I’ve traveled &/or lived in 60 countries in the Americas, Europe, & Africa. People are people. Pre-judgment isn’t post-judgment. Be kind!

  31. That was insightful. And interesting. Gerard is not smooth, his speech and grammar is a little rough around the edges, but he’s genuine, and I appreciate that in a person. He’s smart, obviously an autodidact who has learned most of what he knows as he’s made his way through life.

  32. I seen the Temtations and the Four Tops James Brown live in London years ago. Always been a big Soul fan. My two favourite soul men are Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Great interview.

  33. Great interview Paul! At the end I was waiting for for you to say ” Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” You held in in! In all seriousness, that was interesting and I look forward to hearing part 2 of your interview. He seemed like a good dude that has a lot of interesting stories from the years. I’m glad you guys are living the dream now. I still have 4 or so years to go before I am able to retire over there as well God willing. Viva!

  34. Great interview and guest Paul.. Gerard has a plan to leave this world better than he found it. God bless him.. looking forward for part two.. Tell Mae Hi and get to work on 10k subs.. I know she will achieve that goal. Take care

  35. Nice to hear from Gerard – he tells it like it is. Great attitude. Thanks Paul for crossing the racial divide and showing that “its not the color of the skin – but the content of the character”. America seems to be going the wrong direction… white supremacy is on the rise and now our #1 domestic terrorism threat….and it makes me very sad. Anyways, I will meet up with you guys when this travel ban is over and I am FREE again! LOL Take Care and be safe. I love your channel.

  36. thank you for that, i’m a black male in his 30s that absolutely loves visiting the philippines and will most likely move there in 5 years or so. love seeing the diverse representation and both of you are amazing story tellers and genuine people.

  37. Awesome interview,
    Gerard needs to start his own channel or you need to have him back. I would like to hear more of his story. How did he start the magazine? Keep up the good content.

  38. Once he’s got his wife and children the big question is. … Will he stay or will he go back to the USA leaving them behind… I just hope he will do the right thing πŸ‘

  39. Another winner of a interview. Gerard is a delightful and inspiring man. I wish that he was my friend. I look forward to hearing more from him, and of course you Paul….

  40. Love your channel and this video especially. Good to see fellow Americans rise above race and come together as intelligent human beings and brothers on earth.

  41. Thanks Paul! I spent 6 months in SE Asia, but Covid closed the Philiipines to me. It will be my first stop when things open up. As a β€˜mixed’ black man, everyone including Philllipinos I meet put their arm next to mine and says β€˜same, same’ referring to our complexion. I am invited to their homes to meet their daughter. IT’S TRUE!!

  42. Paul, very interesting, in my opinion, having lived in the Philippines in 1991. The Filipinos are just interested in just hoping that you are a great person period. There will always be bias everywhere but, I felt right at home in the Philippines. I never worried that the color of my skin would be a hindrance in the Philippines. Just enjoy your life there and do not be afraid to take opportunity to find out about the culture of Philippines and teach them your background too.

  43. Him wearing that BLM mask tells me he is a person that supports terrorism against the u.s. in a kind way, i cant watch this guy, and no, im not racist, my son is mixex, and his mother is a black woman. Blm is a terrorist group

  44. Okay I will try this respectful. why don’t you do your study on what that organization stands for and then you allow something like that on your channel? You should be ashamed of yourself

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