Beijing is NOT China (Neither is Shanghai)

What goes in Beijing and Shanghai, does not go in 98% of China…

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San Francisco China town:
Houhai Park in Beijing (all that touristy stuff surrounds it):

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  1. Thanks. Heading to Beijing in 3 weeks. Visiting my daughter who lives and works there. So I have to be prepared during the times she is at work and I am going off exploring.

    1. Val Personally, I don’t like someone posts my photos in social networks. When I wrote this comment, I didn’t consider much about lows. I just didn’t like that.

    2. Are Chinese laws on recording different than in the U.S? (dumb question, I know – I am assuming they are). In the U.S., there’s no expectation of privacy in a public place.

  2. I done this pre wedding photo shoot the first time I went to China, unfortunately though my wife wanted to do a cross dress photo shoot, me in a wedding dress.. not a pretty sight.

  3. I think you are right on point about Beijing and Shanghai doesn’t represent the rest of the countryside of China. However, this is an issue for ANY country. As you said, Los Angeles or NYC doesn’t represent the majority of the US. However, they are one side of the story. So, Beijing and Shanghai are one side of China. They are real. But I do get your point that, as a foreigner, you will find yourself the “western town” in Beijing or Shanghai. Set aside all the “training doctors” propaganda, as a Chinese physician who resides in the US, I agree with most of your critics. China does not short of praises or ass kisser, but it needs real critics to help it improve.

    1. The video author has changed his original objective and realistic style to please some of the western anti-China uglification. I agree with your suggestion, but it won’t work. Just let him do it.

  4. You’re 100% right dude. I lived in Jinan in Shandong province for over 2 years then moved to shanghai; night and day difference. I could get donuts and coffee in Shanghai at any convenience store. Could NOT do that in Jinan. Not to say I was miserable in Jinan I quite liked the experience and the differences. But it’s not something I could do forever. It was fine to live in my crappy apt in Jinan for a couple of years and to experience a new culture for myself on my own for the first time as a unique experience in my early 20’s. I’m 33 now though, I’m done with it haha.

    I ended up staying in China for almost 4 years and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. There are times I deeply miss it. I’m not “old” by any means, like I said I’m 33, but China will always remind me of my early 20’s youth fresh out of college. It can be a difficult place to live outside the tier 1 cities for foreigners and hell even Jinan is much easier than a tier 3 or 4 city.

    1. serpentza so you don’t think Shenzhen is international?If there is anything you can see in Beijing but not in Shenzhen,it must be something traditional

  5. what you said in this video is a norm in almost every country, ofc foreign brands would select the cities where more populated with overseas, otherwise, the businesses will shut down, this is not an issue of China. I live in London for 5 years, it is even more different from the rest of the UK than Beijing to the rest of China, London is one most flourish city in the world while the rest of the British cities could not entirely be covered by phone signal.

  6. 8:07 The selfie girl almost smashed her phone on the head of the poor pedestrian, I think the next video would be: ” Personal space in china”

  7. Another great video Winston, Thank you! I have a rather simple question, What are those little “Canal” boats called at the end of the video?

  8. Metropolises rarely reflect their nation. New York City is not America. Neither is Miami or San Francisco. Miami doesn’t even reflect Florida (Many Floridians avoid the city). The people who live there don’t reflect the general population of the US, and despite what they portray themselves to be, they contribute little to American society. Same with London (yes, I have lived in the UK). French citizens have told me the same for Paris. Certainly, there are exceptions to all this. Oddly enough, Chicago, a sprawling city seems to be reflect the American Midwest in a way that the other regional mega-cities don’t.

    1. Terry Tong u can’t deny that people’s lifestyle in metropolitans is definitely different from that in small cities. And this theory is true for all the countries;)

    2. Terry Tong exactly! That’s what I was trying to say, cuz the situation happens in China also happens in other countries. I am just telling the truth, like him.

    3. Winston saying these because its all to o common that foriegners esp westerners take the beijing/ shanghau experience as being the lifestyle of common chinese people. Thats the point

    4. Strabby Crabby I don’t get you tho, as a native I feel his points are just too superficial and one-sided. All the difference between Beijing Shanghai and other cities that he described in his video can be applied to other countries in general. Shanghai is different from other smaller Chinese cities as it is more international, foreigner-friendly. Same theory can be applied on London, Paris, and all those metropolises:) you don’t get me, do you?

  9. I mean you probably know China even more than most of the local Chinese people. All the good parts, the awful parts, the reality of the society and so on, you’ve got an excellent understanding about the land than even the local don’t even realize.

  10. Funny thing I noticed.. At 9:07 the girl in that white dress is wearing what looks like black Converse sneakers.. like the guy is. Yeah, something tells me she didn’t leave the house intending to get married.. lol

  11. So it is the “Face” of China to the world. If they host foreign journalists it is to be in either city before anywhere else…. so they can say see here in China we have all modern conveniences and growing to meet the world…..

  12. not really….China is not the US..meanwhile, Beijing and Shanghai are not the best cities to live in China neither…China has cities like Chengdu, Suzhou, Amoy, Chongqing and those cities together have population more than 10 percent of the population..which is 0.1 billion…also…please save your ignorance to those who really want to know the world..thank god..

  13. That is true. Many foreigners who have visited China or not, base their judgement of China whether real or illusion simply based on these two cites.
    Even the Chinese government give this argument. These two cities have relatively more freedom for their citizen than the rest of China and also have given more accessibility to foreigners for image making.

    The test of China will surface if you visit interior or Minorities area they are still governed like Stalinist Soviet or Mao-era China. Over a million Uighurs are detained in political re-education camps and Minorities are arrested or jailed simply for speaking up and demanding the right to learn their own language in school, for instance, Tashi Wangchuk was sentenced to 5-year imprisonment when he demanded the right of Tibetans to learn Tibetan in school.
    In 2019 monasteries are ordered not to teach the Tibetan language during holidays.

  14. Do you ever talk about communism in China? It’s history, its effect on chinese people? I think communism has had very bad effects on people when communists take over, redistribute and destroy much of what capitalist societies produce. Communism/socialism is a disaster wherever it takes over. i.e. Venezuela, Cuba, former USSR, etc…

  15. Gosh Winston, you’re becoming like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh!
    The main reasons I like to visit foreign countries is to experience their culture. I’m not interested in Harley’s, or Craft beers. I don’t care that pretty young girls take selfies… it’s charming. Please don’t pander to foreigners who typically complain they can’t buy their cornflakes, or white bread, or Typhoo tea in foreign countries. Rather celebrate what magic China offers! I’m hoping this particular video isn’t typical!!

  16. Shanghai is NOT China, I’ve been saying that forever, haha! My fiancé is from Anshan and I had to go through 2 days or torture taking those pre-wedding pics…which by the way is pretty odd compared to how we do it in the US. What made it even more AWESOME was having to wear all these different outfits that clearly were never washed and being forced into the worst fake smiles I have ever done in my life!

  17. its not oftern I actually think… ‘wow thay guys cool….. I shud learn and copy some of his ways for myself’ but when I watch you I genuinly think that…. one day somethings gonna leak you out on mainstream media, and you’re gonna make it super massive man… cos to 17-45 yr old single white men, youre basically like a big brother who’s got a few tricks that might come in handy haha! stay awsome… and stylish!!lol 😀 😀 😛 🙂

  18. it amazes me how Winston is not getting tired of Chinese saying ‘hello’ all the time. I got tired of it during my first month here cuz they don’t know what to say after that, even if I say something simple

  19. Dear Winston this is very common for us ladies to take selfeees shes really adorable huh red lipstick does it allll the time. She probably sending her photo to a boyfriend Love it so cute nothing wrong with it. Lots of fun Talk more about Shang ha. Watch Piers Morgan utubes on major cities he does the rich. He did Shanghai , Monte Carlo Hollywood etc. I do love your video very interesting to see the world Living vicariously these days. I loved traveling too when I was young. So truly enjoy this time X o

  20. A good title for this episode; Beijing and Shanghai are international tourist cities. Ideally, suitable foreigners, it is very different from other cities in China.

  21. the way i see it is you can find everything that you can find outside of beijing and shanghai but you can also find the other stuff, convenient things, western food restaurants, bars. but sure if you want to find your crappy bog standard chinese towns they have them in beijing and shanghai too. its still china its just tarted up a bit.that said you can totally avoid those if you want to live in a bubble.

  22. It’s quite normal in most of countries. Big cities have more business facilities. Especially in China, cause 40 years ago China is mainly an agricultural country with few industries and business. It’s just twenty years that Beijing and Shanghai look like the way in your video.

  23. Hey just discovered your channel. Ver very interesting. Love the way you talk your mind on the streets I just came back from China my first time loved it so much plan to go back That girl taking selfie is getting pretty normal everywhere nowadays lol.

  24. So Shanghai and Beijing are the two most cosmopolitan places in China. Never been to China, but most of the ethnic Chinese I’ve know in the US are of Cantonese/Hong Kong/Hakka descent. So I would have thought that the most cosmopolitan region in China was the Pearl River Delta, instead of an inland city like Beijing, but then again, it’s the capital.

    1. serpentza I watch almost all of your vlogs and I have to admit that you are pretty objective and honest. But don’t let a lame title ruin it.

    2. How sad it is a YouTuber used such a lame click bite, you could’ve said Beijing doesn’t represent all Chinese cities. Instead you said Beijing is not China.

  25. just like NYC, LA, Chicago, San Fran etc are NOT the USA. Most of the USA is not a crime ridden shithole that smells like bigfoots asshole. People around the world see these mega slums and think the USA is like that as a whole. Not the case.

  26. I beg to differ.. I’ve lived in Beijing since 2005 and in no way Beijing is like a western country. Beijing is VERY much Chinese and it always will be. Maybe if you traveled beyond the 5th Ring road you will understand.🙄

  27. why are motorcycles banned in some places? I lived in Cuba a few years., and there are many similarities, medical with tips for service, and the bad driving. The answer there to a ‘why’ question is a shoulder shrug

  28. I honestly hate to see a loser in his own country but jumped to China pretending that he knows much more things than real Chinese by doing clown& fake show to get subscribers&attention. 1,There is only 1% of foreigners in Beijing if anyone checked statistics which is much lower than other big cities in the world like London ,NY ,or so (they have 10,20 times more) , so are these also fake cities ?You think there is no British culture in London ? culture is a complex thing ,you can not assume that all the Chinese should be the same ,all the chinese cities should be the same ,what are we ???Clone ??? We have all the sides features in one country which makes a colorful and interesting society .
    2 ,China is an Eastern country ,stop using Western standard to judge any scene weird or not ,we also feel you are super weird person so what ? (if you are uncomfortable in China ,just get back to your South Africa if you are able to finish your degree and get a job,i heard that you didn’t even be able to get work visa in China when you moved to china ….sad ) ….after all ,China is not a country established for foreigners ,we get richer ,we get stronger, more convenient mostly for Chinese ppl .Who do you think you are ? a VIP in China ? you think those cities you traveled to need prepare everything you need in 711? Funny ! You think ppl who live in smaller cities would feel painful without foreign milk in 711 ?
    3, I didn’t watch all this guy’s videos ,because soon i realized most of them are just clown shows to get attention from ppl ,someone like him wouldn’t care about anything but making money .
    4, Chinese ppl are definately mostly kind to foreigners who live or travel to China (a lot of my foreign friends mentioned that many times ),but for hypocrite like you ,pretending to tell truth but just trying to humiliate China ,how about you get your ass out of china with you BS ,since you are a loser that you cannot really make any real contribution to China society !
    5, As a Chinese ,i can say ,this guy is definately not an expert in China ,but it shows something that he gets subscribers .Just Sad.

  29. The vast majority of Chinese you see in that video near the Drum Tower are tourists from other cities and provinces. That’s why she is taking time to take selfies. Beijinger’s don’t go to those tourist areas. They have some great guitars and music stores and young fashion stores their near Houhai Lake.

  30. For Japanese like me, Xian is the most familiar and favorite city.
    Almost nothing but Tang Dynasty where the Turkish imperial family ruled the land with Iranian bureaucrats and merchants feels connected to Japan.
    Personally, I still feel as if Xian still remained the capital today.

    But I got really surprised how few western tourists were in Xian when I visited there.
    When the westerner started relationship with China, Xian was not the capital anymore

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