Beggar gets LUCKY break.

Thanks to Amanda Cagle.

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  1. I think being a little suspicious is fine if you see something might be off. Like in the case of the lady sitting on the street with the crippled child.

    Takes a a cpuple of minutes to ask a few vendors to see if she’s up to something or in legit need of help. Or to follow someone to see if theyre begging or selling something.

    In Vietnam it isnt as abundant as it is in the US. Here, theyre all beggars. I know there are many with mental issues or disabilities, but many are just lazy and refuse to help themselves.

    I think you did great. Well, except for boney ass comment. Even if she didnt gave an illness, theres really no need for that IMO.

  2. Troy, you made the right call. Keep it up. I felt the genuiness. Scammers usually will paint a very pitiful scene of their life. Lol… There’s a lump on her throat.

  3. Troy please don’t take our opinions as judgment towards you. The comments left about the one neighborhood is genuine concern of the viewers. In my opinion you can’t really go wrong by helping out a random person in VN selling lottery tickets or picking up recycling. There are no rich or even middle class people doing it. We support your work, keep up the good vibes.

    1. @fook yew Lots of Vietnamese children will also be suffering with very poor parents out of work with no money to buy food at all as many already were borderline malnourished with the Vietnamese some of the least obese people in the world, which should be on our minds now!

    2. Not really a cheap fix. If they operate and remove the thyroid gland then she will need to take thyroid medication for rest of her life

  4. I am sure she and her Grandmother have a goiter from lack of Iodine in their diet. Troy can you try to find her again and her gran and let me know via email I will pay doctor visit and for meds.

  5. Hi Troy – Great job. I would just like to point out one thing, You don’t need to explain to anyone why or how you choose the people you give donations too. It isn’t anyone’s business, ESPECIALLY the ones that offer NOTHING but words typed on a device. As long as your donors are happy with what you do with the hard earned money they donate, that is ALL that matters. Other than that the naysayers need to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

    1. Nun Ya ..I haven’t seen Troy mentioned your name in any of his videos, so you are not yet a donor and might want to take your own advice and STFU? Take that holier than thou crap somewhere else, cabron.

    2. @Billy Bob Texas – Did you read what I wrote? Apparently you and Jerry Meyer have problems with reading comprehension . You also didn’t pay attention to the video.

    3. most of his explanations are for the donators, not for other people here. That is also the reason he wants to film the handing out lots of money in public for the donators to see although many people here are against it. he explained that a while ago.

    4. Why don’t you take your own advice and sit down and shut up. You don’t think Troy knows he has free will to do what he wants?

  6. Troy I begg of you to find her again, if she is selling lotto I believe she deserves more $$$. Please give her a chance, I would really like to see you give her 1 million. 🙏

  7. …like a peregrine falcon’s keen eyes methodically studying the target rich landscape, you quickly selected your next candidate in need of a humble windfall. The skinny lady proved to be a righteous and correct choice. Many thanks to the momentary falconer, Ms. Amanda.
    Stay “lofty” and frosty Bro’.

  8. I agree with you that you did the right thing. Good job and hats off to all the donors too. Next time buys her some warm dinner, please. Keep following your gut-feelings. Good luck. Ayu-Bo-Wan from Sri Lanka.

  9. If you are on the street and touch things , wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching your face Troy .
    Thats how you get the virus , by touching your face.

  10. Another good one! You seem to be on a roll Troy. Of course, we probably don’t see vids of where you decide something is off and don’t donate.

  11. Forget Batman. Troy is what a true hero looks like. And Amanda is Oracle back in the batcave sending essential support. Go Team! And why buy movie tickets when you can send money to Troy and see real life heroes in action 🙂

  12. I think you did a great job picking Yen as someone to support. I’ll never argue who you give to, you know best. Did you receive my donations from I think 4 days ago?

  13. I’ve been to VN twice. And, I’m always conflicted about VN. I mean after all…. They do have their “workers paradise.” Yup….. they were able to unify. And, overthrow the “corrupt” South Vietnamese Government. And, don’t get me wrong….. because I know that the “people on the ground” are different…..from the people in power (aka: the rich). When you think about it….. poor happens. Sometimes no matter which/what government one has. Yup…. I’m conflicted.

    1. ma96782 .. the war ended 45 yrs ago man. Time has changed. Move on. If you want to help the poor and broke ass people you see in the streets, please do, regardless of what you think about the current government there.

  14. Great video. We can’t tell who is real or fake this day by looking;however, think as I am an human-being helping you as human-being like me when you are in a difficult situation or when you are starving.

  15. Viet Night Stalker? People like this lady usually don’t “party” with found money. Selling lottery tickets or gum, she’ll be out there tomorrow on the grind. Wherever she does with the loot, it will be used for something needed.

  16. Rich people are so cynical of the poor here in the U.S. The rich don’t give a damn about the poor. Trump and his rich Republican buddies
    are doing all they can to cut aid and support to the needy. “If you’re poor, it’s your own fault.” “If you’re homeless, you’re lazy.” Some Americans
    are working two jobs and still need food stamps. But, the rich don’t see or understand why the working people can’t make it on slave wages. Disgusting

  17. Hi Troy,
    I’m in quarantine in NYC and I just discovered your videos. You are doing amazing things as I would like to sponsor stories as well and follow your journey. But like another follower said… please get Venmo account. Many people have Venmo now in the states and use it. It would make it easier for us just to transfer the money.
    Another thing I want to point out is…. u are out during virus…. you shook her hand cause she said people were afraid of her. But she might be being polite…… she is afraid of you possible. She is more vulnerable to this awful virus. You can be a symptomatic and not know you carry and be spreading. YOU NEED TO NOT TOUCH PEOPLE FOR EVERYONE’s PROTECTION. Please read more about this so you can be informed. You staying safe is important so you can do more later for people>. Plus you may non intentionally be harming their whole families cause you DONT know who has it. It could be YOU! BE SMART BE SAFE
    LOve your videos and love your purpose….. but your audience would love to know your story too? Do a story time vlog about who you are and how you decided to help so many people personally. I love your journey.
    Good Luck out there and God Bless!!

  18. Troy, I have been watching your videos for a long time and I think you made a very good judgement call with this lady. She seemed genuine. GREAT work Troy, God bless you for all of your efforts.

  19. Only poor people drive plastic scooters? I just saw a lady riding a bicycle in the video. So she must be even poorer than people who ride plastic scooters. Amanda Cagle sounds like a really kind person.

  20. I’m no doctor — but looks like hyperthyroidism. Would explain her thinness too. I’d say the best use of her 500k would be treatment for her and her mom.

  21. She dont look like a druggy a tumor can make u get super skinny like that its a form of cancer and at least shes not on the corner begging for free money shes actually walking around try to sell some things

  22. Once a man, twice a child. There are two times in our lives when we are either totally dependent on others (as a child) or partially dependent on others (as an elder adult). We are never able to totally provide for ourselves in this life. You can never go wrong being kind to people, especially the needy because there will always be poor people among us. Hopefully, we ourselves never become that pitiful and needy but I certainly would feel more at ease if I knew there were kind and cheerful givers around if I ever needed help. Keep being a blessing to people. Faith, hope and love…and love is the greatest of these.

  23. My name is abdul Fatah brother troy I think what you are doing is out standing as well as those who reached out from the states to stand by you but please give without talking about their situation in a seemingly negative way some of the things you said is not really nice only GOD knows her situation therefore give in a HUMBLE way don’t talk about their appearance and situation please don’t take me wrong I apologize what I say offends you thank you for your selfless service to those who need most

  24. Troy, just sent my bit. Hope it can help some folks in this crazy time and alleviate some burden. If you’re ever in Ireland I’d like to buy you a pint.

  25. It don’t matter if she buys tickets or not. You’re not a stooge–you’re a good man Charlie Brown (Troy). I love watching your videos and I just subscribed to your channel.

  26. Thank you for this sort of support of people on margins. Especially in these times I hope people that have ability support those that struggle this way.

  27. This woman’s neck looks swollen. She likely suffers from hyperthyroidism which increases the rate of metabolism, that causes weight loss. .

  28. 500k is the minimum amount you can buy lottery tickets. She is not lying, thank you for helping her out. Yes, she did have a lump on her neck, just above her V neck. When she said she wants to kneel down to thank you. And when she say thank you, you can nicely tell her “không có chi”. Good on you Troy.

  29. God LOVES what you are doing. Don’t worry about what they use the donations for. Just find the truly needy and help them. You did the right thing. Keep trusting your instincts.

  30. Saigon is such a harsh and cruel city for the poor. It is sometimes why I prefer Hanoi. The poor are better taken care of over there.

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