Beer with Thai Girls – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 11

#NongKhai #Isaan #Thailand
My 1st day in the city of Nong Khai Thailand

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  1. Another great video.Why this series also captures the imagination is that you have to be an experienced motorcycle driver,experienced in situational awareness when driving such machines IN THAILAND, experienced in driving in hot sun at near 40 degrees Centigrade to be able to create such videos.There is a reason why Thailand has so many road accident deaths and trying to get accident insurance for motorbikes is either extremely prohibitive or non existent in Thailand.

  2. Wat Kham Chanot in Ban Dung District.All thai people know about this place, on your way back to Udon Thani. Ban Dung is interesting with salt flats everywhere. Great channel keep up the good work

  3. I know you are use to the food there but do you not fear that your ass is going to explode 20 mins down the road after eating at some of those places. You must carry TP with you.

  4. Yeah I was just going to comment about the guy in the background as well. Chicks think you’re hot, but the guy in the back just wants to kick Farang’s ass for muscling in on his harem. Good video though. You are extroverted when it will make good content. At the time that I am posting this you are at 488 comments. That makes me question your claim that you read every comment. Really? EVERY comment? I sure as hell would not be reading every one. Maybe you were when you were locked down in Bangkok, but now I am not so sure. 🙂

  5. this evening I watched with envy as Chad gets to hang out and drink beer with some very attractive Thai girls….then I watched a video “20 lies Thai girls will tell you”.

  6. Great video. Here is the most valuable question to a single guy. When you meet a cute girl to get to the next step. “Ever kiss a stranger from America? Well first time for everything.” If you really want to be a bad ass show your weakness. JRE most popular podcast has many focuses. You’re smart for doing more than just cars! Food travel dating cars animals all good topics with big audiences on all. Doing great brother! You are definitely my favorite travel vlogger.

  7. Dude you crushed it ! Some of your best stuff! The subliminal and camera work off the hook . Have been doing what you’re doing for 10 years. Bas ass trip your taking. Oh yeah the gas thing.. what % do you think was gas ? The good stuff will get you 119-121 lol

  8. One of the many reasons i love Thailand and its people you just get invited for food and to hang out with complete strangers and they welcome you like family. Love the vlog keep up the great work. Stay safe

  9. @1226 the sunset was amazing, a little more of that would have been great. Issan Thai is so different, the combination of Laotian and Thai just makes my head hurt. lol. Love the vids man, love the vids. Stop apologizing for editing it is a wonderful ride, food and commentary bro… peace out!

  10. Chiang Khan is THAT CITY – if you want another city with beautiful wood buildings, check out Tha Bo, in NongKhai – you can take the yellow bus at the NongKhai bus station for like 5 baht and just ride it there.

    As for that lovely lady, SHE BETTER TREAT MY DADDY RIGHT

  11. Your ability to quickly make friends brings a great dimension to your videos. Glad you are staying another day. What a great trip. Can’t wait till tomorrow’s video! Since I am relatively new here, I spend time watching your previous videos, which are so very good! Great bunch also!

  12. In general, when Thai people call you Pa, they just give you a level of respect of a father. By no means you’re a father of anyone.

  13. Ok I am now telling you how to run “YOUR CH” sorry it’s 4:20 and just past 7:10!! So I am
    High, I wish you could have made a quick video with the drinking girls. That way you could have been one video in advance. I was just trying to think out loud for you to help. I wish I could ride with you but I would have rented a Yacht! That way you could pull the bike on the boat let the mechanics fill it up change the oil each time!! Filter tire pressure charges your batteries over night. While the chief cooks us anything. That we have on the boat in one of 3 subzero refrigerators! Yes of course full of mostly local fish pork beef chicken lamb what ever else is local! Or if there’s easy!! Not hard but easy fishing I usually grab a local and ask easy catching and good to eat fish! Hire them usually he and a buddy free beer and food that the Chief cooks like appraisers. Salad fruit light stuff and then that night the fishing guides usually try and leave but I don’t let them! I like when they can stay and eat withe or us if a friend can get off work long enough. Can’t afford one with a heli pad. Then I would have to get a helicopter to land on it. Then hire someone to fly it! $$$$$ 🔥$$$$&$. But in the morning you would of course have a great breakfast and we go over the next stop as to where I would pick you up again. Drive off the plank. That’s the name. Yea.

  14. The snake protected Lord Buddha( after his enlightenment ) from the sun and rain by spreading his hood over him. It can be seen as a single snake, a seven headed snake or a snake King figure.

  15. Man I am so very impressed with Thailand and its people. So very friendly bunch especially the ones you joined for a beer. I was in Bangkok in 2004 and 2005 and I simply fell in love with the place. Next time I would want to travel around like you, into the villages. I see you ride pretty fast….no animals that may suddenly cross your path? Has that happened ? Be safe buddy especially when you are going through jungle areas.

  16. Hope you enjoy more & more in local Thailand
    Wow ……Sundown beside Mae Khong river, Thailand and Laos, it NIceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Wow ….Perfect with Beer this evening…..Cheer Cheer Cheer for tomorrow

  17. Great video man. The place on the river looked chill and the food looks delicious.. Its like giving us a taste of the delicacies of your travels!

  18. I love the Thai laugh, & those ladies were cute…def the Mekong river is my favorite…each time I watch your videos Chad…I feel the need to travel…nice burp ( again lol )

  19. Chad, your footage to date is suspiciously devoid of ladyboys….mate,,,you will have to go and hunt some down just to show your viewers that they exist in smaller towns as well;-))

  20. Wow…why rush and keep a schedule?…why not just relax and enjoy…I would’ve ended the video and hung with the ladies and drink beer for the rest of the evening…remember now is now and tomorrow is another day!…stay safe!

  21. Its possible the gas costs the little mom and pop stores more, for sure its more work for them. Your awesome, I like that you don’t sound like the european mc -millionaires that think the thai over charges them especially when its a buck here and there. 🙂

  22. just another great video ….great should get a grant from the Thai tourism …for exceptional promotion of Thailand it CHAD slow down on that bike ….we dont want our videos to stop …..chz dd

  23. I’ve always wanted to visit either Tokyo or Bangkok but honestly after watching this video I think Nong Khai is the place to go. Seems very laid back and the perfect place to get lost for a while. Can’t beat the daily average temp either.

  24. The heat is good brother. Makes you sweat out all that beer from the night before. I like how you didn’t edit out your burps. That’s the way to keep it real!

  25. The custom chassis cars like that one use “land motors” that you would use to run water pumps or whatever you need. Agricultural engines.

    In the west such engines were common for all kinds of tasks at farms before ww2.

  26. I remember being at the baseball park with my dad (in the 80’s) and the vendors shouting “Ice cold beer here!” and it was always Budweiser with ice. Icy beer in the hot sun rules.

  27. They charge pretty much the same to everyone. On a bike I prefer to go to a ma and pa store rather than the big service stations. Love the way you pour it in. I sue a funnel every time!

  28. Bro, I’m enjoying your videos more and more, Always wanted to get out and see the country in this way so props for you doing it and just jumping into things. If in the future you do find you want to study Thai more , and I recommend it – it makes the place even friendlier , I’ve a school to suggest in BKK. It’s the kind of spot I wish I had gone to years ago. I tried to teach myself and I’ve so much to unlearn now ; ). Looking forward to the rest of the tour! Safe travels.

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