Beachfront Homes in Australia under $1,000,000 USD

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  1. why people bother with owning home when they cant have full jurisdiction over the space in which the house is standing in? lol are u all that naive? a land title is only the ground…

  2. totally in love with that one in front of the dunes! wow
    if i ever get fully connected up again with ppl in a group i know in la, going to be asking for your help! already mentioned you in online chat today!

  3. Australia is beautiful. I’ve noticed a lot of the homes have a road in between them and the beach….Can’t help but think of poor Guage from Pet Semetary and how he meets his end.

  4. Nah sorry only looks impressive but look at the whole picture..The property ownership taxes and the cost of maintenance upkeep and insurance would be high in the upper class locations..If I spend this sort of money in the Philippines on a whole floor high rise apartment in a good area with sensational views out to would be more affordable plus the benefits of a simpler more down to earth enjoyable filipino lifestyle rather than..I’m better than the next door Jones family type of snobby culture..which is prevalent in practically all Western upper class locations I lived in so far..Australia included unfortunately.

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