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The Philippines is an archipelago comprising no less than 7,107 islands with a total land area of 300,000 km2. Many of the 7,107 islands have beach resorts on them so you can guess there are quite a few.  The largest of these islands is Luzon at about 105,000 km2 and is the location of the Capital of the Philippines in Manila. The next largest island is Mindanao at about 95,000 km2. Mindanao is in southern Philippines.

The Philippine islands are divided into three groups: Luzon in northern region, Visayas is in the central region, and Mindanao in southern region of the Philippines. The Luzon islands include Luzon Island itself, Palawan, Mindoro, Marinduque, Masbate and Batanes Islands. The Visayas is the group of islands in the central Philippines, the largest of which are: Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte and Samar. The Mindanao islands include Mindanao itself, plus the Sulu Archipelago, composed primarily of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.

The Philippines is known for it’s many fine beach resorts, and as you can see they are everywhere. What follows is a list of just some of the finest beach resorts in the Philippines.

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