Bé 11 tuổi phải nuôi cả gia đình gồm mẹ, bà & 3 anh em. Saigon ngày nay.

Mỗi đêm cô làm việc ít nhất 6 giờ để nuôi gia đình. Một mình trên phố, cô không dám ăn cho đến khi hết ca. Cô gầy và yếu nhưng những nỗ lực của cô đã hỗ trợ một gia đình có 5 người.
Saigon ngày nay.

Cảm ơn nhà hảo tâm Kit Yee, Alex Vuong, Jason Li, Trần Phước Thanh, Daniel Tran.

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  1. Damn it man!! I’m an old English guy living in Thailand for the last 20 years with my (Thai) wife (together for 19 years… she is a wonderful woman). This virus has shut our business, so we are only just surviving, but when things get better I want to send you some money to help kids and families like this… what you do fills my eyes, but makes my heart soar! I would love to do what you do here in Thailand…… full respect to you buddy… MAJOR respect!!! (And to those who donate to you!)… much peace and love from this old hippy… stay safe mate 🧡

  2. Vietnamese and Chinese exist very peacefully in VN,Vietnamese has mistrust China Gov intentions toward Vn,but not Chinese people,for we know there are good and bad Chinese as well as Vietnamese.

  3. To Jason Li, the donor guy. To put it correctly, we “Vietnamese”, do not hate the Chinese people. We just hate the Chinese government and the their regime. Thank you for your kindness! I pray that these children will be safe.

  4. Nhi is super smart.. I think she has such a beautiful heart, most of the kids I see in your channel acts way beyond their age. May God Bless Nhi

  5. Dear God, never heard anything so pure. She doesn’t need money, she needs to sell tickets in order to finish and go home. I’m reeling.

  6. Since i watch ur video for the first time, I can’t stop watching ur videos… godbless u brother… thankyou so much for helping this kids. And also to all the viewers donated and helping.. godbless u all guyz. love is the key ❤❤❤

  7. U r doing a great thing for these under serve children. I always remind my kids to b grateful as they are fortunate to live in America and go to school

  8. I’m listening for common words to Thai that I am fluent in as they are supposed to have the same root language but I hear very few if any. Some sound the same, hi meaning to give but I am not sure LOL. Just curious best to all and thanks.

  9. Troy, your subtitles are always quite confusing. Can you be more formal or precise on the upcoming videos, because many time I have been misguided regarding the stories and the emotions behind it.

  10. She probably is sad. She is a kid and has to spend her childhood working on the noisy streets for peanuts… Meanwhile there are billionaires out there…. I wish I had money to donate, times are rough. If they ever change, I will help out!

  11. Thank you for finding her again and helping her out and of course bot and her granny too. Shout to sponsors. I will sleep like baby tonight.

  12. I am an International Student so I have to spend a lot for my studies. I hope I could help for some donation in a future. Thank you for sharing this video with us during this difficult situation in the world. Wish you could win the lottery with those tickets you spent for Lol.

  13. Great work Troy – as a Vietnam veteran I feel for the children there. I’d like to contribute to your cause but I don’t know how to do it?

  14. Very good kid , she’s poor but she workings hard , very wonderful , wish more people helf her go to schools until finish university thanks everyone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 you need to her phone number of nhi👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍😍 you r very nice troy thanks

  15. I really love the humorous subtitles. I don’t know why but it’s just my type of humor mixed with heartfelt moments. Maybe because I suck at feeling vulnerable and it helps. 🙏

  16. Hai troy im watching and your subscriber, i want your doing to help the other people and child to get back to school, i hope you help a lot the people who really need help. 😇😇 If you have a instagram please reply me and send your instagram name..

  17. I have seen a lot of videos from several youtubers buying these “tickets”. What is it? Is it lottery tickets. If so how do you win and what do you win. A video about the tickets/lottery tickets would be interesting.

  18. Troy, i am new to your channel. it’s very moving to see your videos.

    one question: why are your subtitles hilariously wrong? is it to avoid bots? to raise intended irony and sarcasm?

  19. Brother thank you for doing this. They are soo cute they need to go to school but they work a lott hard then us plzzz share your details soo that even we can help them ..

  20. I need to stop watching your video’s Troy because i’m going through Tissues 😥like they were going out of fashion .Like to say because of this Lockdown i’m going stir crazy ,but Thankfully i’m still working (food sourse ) The kids on camera and the helpers ..christ, i could cry for weeks 😐They are a credit to their country.Before i forget ..Jason your a star mate 👍

  21. Bless her and her mate ,she must be under so much pressure to sell the tickets ..her eyes lit up when the cash was on show .🤦‍♂️ ”My mum is everything ” 😩😩😩😪😪😪😥😥😥and heres me thinking work in a couple of days ffs get a grip Gino 🤨 ”i appreciate it sir ” ffs🤦‍♂️

  22. Bro troy u do a good job but this subtitle is f….. U…. Like * charity shit* for People Who dont understand, and they can take it wrong. But keep it up bro

  23. Your videos make me cry, Troy.

    Please advise as to how I can donate and sponsor your efforts to help those beautiful people. They are so poor and destitute but so joyful and grateful. It makes me ashamed of how much I take for granted living in the US.

  24. Kids should never have to worry about working for a living that young, just glad there are still good people like you. Angels here on earth.thAnk you for restoring my faith.

  25. Hey Troy, donated £400. Hope you can find “Nhi & Bo” and see how they are doing? And help support them through these tough times. -Stormwolf

  26. The girls say they’ve never been able to go home early … they often have to work until 10-11pm in order to sell all the tickets so they were ecstatic. Good kids.

  27. Bot was actually pretty smart, when you asked ” How old are you ? ” she responded “Good” . She didn’t know the word old – so she heard – How are you? And she replied Good.

  28. 1:40 what a polite sweetheart 🙂 She will be a smart beautiful girl when she grows up. Hope everything will turn out well for her and her family.

  29. Hello troy I am French my English is not very good, I would like to help Bot and his grandmother by sending you money, how to do? give me an answer thank you

  30. Normally I wouldn’t reply, the children are all little “Angel’s”. One suggestion: get a new translator! The guy you are using is rude and an Asshole! In his translations. He needs to be respectful of Elders and Children.

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