Bayawan Road Trip: Expect the Unexpected – Philippines

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    1. Yes I have to travel to go there from Q. C to Alabang super duper traffic. That’s why I’m lazy to check my house there.ÔĽŅ

  1. Hi Henry,

    Good thing it is warm in the Philippines so you can keep going¬†even after a good soaking by a rain storm. Of course¬†finding a “yadda-yadda” along the way to help keep your back warm is always a pleasant bonus. Hope there is more to this story.

    Take care and keep the shiny side up,

    1. @Lawrence Jones i only stopped once for gas between cities.  but i left the outskirts of dumaguete with a full tank.

  2. Allways enjoy your video¬īs even it hurt a bit inside me not bee there, i am in Cold Europe now and miss the Phil. so much but specially my family there, the country can take you around your heart and mind and stays there because of the way it is there, it is not fancy but just rural and basic, i love it there, hope soon to be back there, i feel more a home there than i do in Europe…best wishes to you Henry and keep enjoying life there…

    1. @timjuul i find the rural areas of the ph very relaxing.  the city gets me kinda tense though.  but a ride into the greenery is always fantastic.  even if it rains.

  3. Guys don’t give Henry a hard time. ¬†The gentleman thing to do was to get her off the soaking wet road and take her to the hotel in Bayawan and get her soaking wet…….and eventually dry after a shower

    1. @Derrick Washington¬†everywhere in the PH, there are those rain shelters about every couple of kilometers. ¬†sometimes made of nipa material, others from concrete. ¬†local barangays seem to take it upon themselves to provide them as a public service. ¬†i’ve been under them huddled in with up to 20 or 30 people sometimes. ¬†ha!

  4. hey Henry you and Airene have the same smile  nice trip love the adventures And yes always keep a cheap rain suit under the seat or what i use is a clear garbage bag and just cut out for head and arms  take care jaymz Canada 

  5. Wow that was a realky nice video henry i injoyrd the ride a nice music to go with it,a bit long of trip more then you thought jejeje,nice adventure thanks for this one ¬†ūüėČ

    1. @matt hajas¬†i later asked april, who told me it only takes maybe “2 hours” at most.. why it took me almost four and a half hours. ¬†she said, “oh yah.. i drive fast.” ¬† ha! ¬†but to be fair, the heavy rains and darkness slowed me down big-time. ¬†on the return trip, without so much rain and in daylight, it still took me about 3.5 hours. ¬†bu then, i drive slower than the big buses which make the trip in 3 hours.

  6. This is a great video. Since I am still stuck in the US and cant seem to get back to the Philippines, I rely on this videos for entertainment and education. .  Thanks again. 

    1. Look into a plastic windscreen for the scoot. At speed will keep your upper body drier, your legs will still get soaked though so a set of foul weather clothes will still be good to have.

  7. Haha, yeaahhhh….a good trip in every way..
    Who knows, nothing in life happens without a reason…
    Seriously, wonderful trip, love it. Please more stuff like that..

    1. @Jean Hougron¬†thanks. ¬†i’ll be doing another road trip end of this month (nov). ¬†we’ll see what happens along the way. ¬†ūüôā

  8. Yadda yadda yadda also known as blah blah blah,lol.Looks like a nice ride if the weather would have co-operated.Not sure it you ever made this ride but it was quite enjoyable along the coast Santander to Moalboal.If you do make sure you stop in Ginatilian a friendly  little town with a nice park and seawall .

    1. @Donnie C¬†i’ve ridden from the south end of cebu island to moalboal, as well as from moalboal to carcar and then carcar down to argao. ¬†all were very beautiful rides.

    1. @mentoskentos¬†i did another video, spending some time in bacong.. you can view it here….¬†Roadside BBQ in Bacong, Negros Oriental – Phiippines

  9. that must be one of the most rainy areas of phils…eheh….i was in sipalay negros(sugar beach) occidental in a more remote area(with no road access) and both on the road you did, plus the 4 days i spent there ,it was raining all the time, maybe 20 hours a day….ahaha. that was a bit more i expected from rainy season eheeh

  10. That’s what I like about you, Brother Henry: you always were a giver. ¬†LOL!

    I’ll probably regret this, BUT, what was Airene doing in the middle of BFE and how did she get there?¬†

    1. @DemocracyDoctor1¬†she was also on her way to bayawan, with two friends of hers on her motorbike. ¬†so she climbed on my bike and her 2 friends rode hers. ¬†originally we were supposed to stay together but, we lost them in about 15 minutes. ¬†(i drive slower in the rain) ¬†by the time we got to bayawan she’d couldn’t get hold of her friends via text. ¬†(?) ¬†so.. i suggested we entertain ourselves until she could get hold of them later. ¬†she heartily agreed and we dried out our clothes at the hotel. ¬† ūüôā

    1. @Philo M¬†yah. ¬†airene and i got together again recently for another brief rendezvous. ¬†she is such a sweety. ¬†ūüėÄ

    1. @ace24680¬†it’s warm rain so.. i just slow down for the safety factor. ¬†i rode with 2 really hot looking girls from tanjay to duma on my bike in the pouring rain a while ago.. ¬†they were soaked to the bone so it kinda turned into a wet blouse contest. ¬†ūüėÄ

    1. @estylz1967¬†airene is very sweet and i always enjoy when we’re together. ¬†but she has a kid so, i won’t be pursuing her. ¬†even so, we’re both cool with our arrangement. ¬†ūüėČ

  11. Great video Reekey! a couple questions.
    Have you ever ran out of gas?
    Is it hard to figure out where to get gas between towns?
    Do you pretty much know where you’re gonna stay once you get to you destination or do you play it by ear?
    And what luck you picked up an old GF on the way! lol

    1. @Bxman53¬†good to hear from you. ¬†ūüôā ¬†on your questions; ¬†Have you ever ran out of gas? (not yet, knock on bamboo. there are a LOT of gas stations anywhere i go and in the remote areas, the sari sari stores sell gasoline in Coke bottles.) Do you pretty much know where you’re gonna stay once you get to you destination or do you play it by ear? (If it’s a big city I’m going to, i’ll research a few options online, save it to my phone and check them out when i get there. for my trip to bayawan, i didn’t plan on staying overnight but i found a hotel and atm as soon as i rolled into town. if nothing else, i ask a trike driver. they know where the bars, clubs, restos and hotels are.)

      And what luck you picked up an old GF on the way! (if you only knew how often stuff like that happens to me here. ha!)

  12. Awesome. You have your own “Motorcycle Diaries”. There was a time when I would visit the provinces with a very old car. I really¬†miss it. Gotta get me a scooter.

  13. would have been nice had you shown us when you got there what Bayawan looks like,,, i assume you go there besides accidentally meeting up with your friend,…

    1. @BenFern kay¬†i’ve only been to bayawan once, for this road trip. ¬†by the next day my camera battery was dead after shooting some video of the boardwalk and Rex’s surfboard shop. ¬†i had only planned on going for the afternoon so i didn’t bring a charger. ¬†I may go to bayawan again, but preferably without rain. ¬†ūüôā

  14. Just came across this video Reekay, very nice it is too… We (Vilma and I) are opening a bakery / coffee shop in Sta Catalina around April next year, hope you make the road trip up there to visit some day… Sta Catalina & Bayawan and two beautiful little cities.

    1. @Mike Dickson¬†on this highway i ‘could’ have ridden right past bayawan (about 3 hours from dumaguete).., curved north to bacolod (about another 3 hours), hop a ferry to iloilo.. ride to cataclan (about two more hours), then park the bike and ride a ferry to boracay. but my butt would be really sore after that much riding. ha!

  15. nice one Henry, love the music, the greenery is gorgeous, as i look out my window here in northern Alberta (early May 2015) the green is starting to happen, but nothing like that, thanks, and keep safe

    1. @MommaMia the fastest thing on the road are the Ceres buses (they are also the biggest aside from the sugar cane trucks). they go about 55 mph on the open stretch. but with everyone else going 20-30 mph.. it does get dangerous even at those speeds due to collisions on curves and passing.

  16. Last year me, my wife and my brother drove our bikes from Bayawan to Dumaguete. It was raining hard and some roads are under renovation. We started at 10 pm and arrived in Dumaguete at 1:30 am. It was a great experience, but really dangerous because the road is so dark and slippery. And it was really cold. Good thing that hayahay was still open and a taste of beer is so refreshing that night! Nice vid!

  17. One detail I have been looking for but I have not run into is the humid weather. You have not complained at all and I don’t see you sweating profusely either…that is encouraging!

    1. @Will Hart my first 2 or 3 months arriving in the PH, i was sweating like crazy. i changed shirts 3 times a day, showered often 4 times a day. i then began to lose weight and then, for no particular reason.. suddenly i just stopped noticing the humidity. i guess my body just adapted and it’s not been a concern the last two and a half years. that’s been my experience anyway.

  18. Seems like you left us hanging. Where’s the rest of the story? You could not leave her there all wet. Now you remind me of Paul Harvey with his long pause.

  19. Hi Reekay I am Ana Mercedes, I live in Buenos Aires. This video was an absolute surprise for me. About five or six year ago I started being a fanatic of a proyect carried out in Bayawan by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), it was carried out by its major with help the technical cooperation. Since then I have been wanting to see how it continued and what people have achieved with it. Here I send you the link of the video of the project:
    I wonder if you would be interested in making a video of the Bawayan Wetlands. If you sometime get to visit that place and make a short video of how it is know I should love to see it. I think they are an example of how people can live in paradise taking care of nature. If you are able to do the trip could you please send me the video to I will subscribe to your youtube channel. Your videos are great. Thanks for all what you share.

  20. In property evaluation,the physical aspects is always an asset,but not everything to it.A geography can be so cool from nature to flora and fauna but it is the kind of people in the area that counts so much.The values,the politics,the law and order must always be foremost.It is in doing that you can finally assses how livable and workable a place is to dwell with.

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