Bayawan Boardwalk, Longest in the Philippines – A Tour

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    1. @John Strabismus¬†not everyone is, but i’ve tried shooting with the narrow setting and it cuts off a lot of view, seems like a tunnel effect almost.

    1. @harley jones¬†lots of expats in bayawan, not as many as dumaguete from the areas i visited.. but i didn’t make it to the ‘strip’.. so maybe they are over there all day. ¬†ūüôā

  1. Super, good visual of the area. See if you can catch a lightning show sometime on cam. Would be something to see from your description, keep those wheels turning. Thanks Henry.

    1. @roysjoy¬†i’ve tried in the past with other cameras, and the lightning just whites out the frame during lightning. ¬†i haven’t tried it with my gopro yet. ¬†maybe that will work better.

  2. Can you really call it a “board walk”?¬† There’s no wood.¬† I think it’s more of a Promenade.¬†¬† Even if they call it a board walk, remember, they call that¬†tunnel in Cebu City, ” a subway”. ūüôā ¬†

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines it’s not the longest boardwalk in the philipines’s only the 2nd longest in the will find the longest boardwalk or boulevard as what filipinos call it is found in the Dipolog city Zamboanga del Norte in eastern part of Mindanao has a length of 2 kilometers or something..tnx

    2. @Andrew Llera¬†ha! ¬†good point. ¬†in Dumaguete, half the people call it the ‘boardwalk’, the others call it the ‘boulevard’.

  3. Another great clip but I thought a Board-walk doesn’t allow you to drive on it and they run right along side of the beach not on the other side of the park land.

  4. Cool thanks Henry love that beach and riding the bike along the coast wow nice and big definitely needs developing would be nice even I house on near the beach  thanks nice music to hahhah

  5. Wow- what a nice laid back gorgeous area. If a place like
    that can’t relax you–nothing can. Great video Henry–just keep
    them coming. Travel is easy for us behind your camera lens.

  6. It’s not a boardwalk since I don’t see any wooden planks or wooden boards to walk on. It’s actually a street and the grassy park beside the beach is just an uninterrupted stretch¬†of grassy sandy¬†shoreline alongside the actual beach. . It’s actually not developed yet but hopefully they intend to develop that area because it does have potential.

  7. Hahaha really does look like a Boulevard. I can’t wait. I love how the beach seems almost empty! I will be back in November for good so that will be a place for me.

    1. @Don C i have no idea. was wondering that myself.  maybe they tie ropes to it, put out some logs for rollers and the whole barangay drags it into the ocean.  ???

  8. Dipolog city boulevard is the longest in the has 2.3 kilometers in length Bayawan boulevard is only the 2nd has 1.8 kilometers in length..

    1. @sergs tabs¬†if you get a chance, can you post here some verifiable links on this? ¬†not that i doubt you so much but it would be great to clear this up. ¬†100% of the people i’ve ever asked about bayawan end up telling me it has “the longest” boardwalk in the PH. ¬†if Dipolog has the longest one, or they are measuring by a different criteria, nobody seems to be getting the word about it in the Visayas.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Is why I love the Manila Bay boardwalk. There’s so much thing to see like, the P.I.C.C historical buildings and It stretches close from Nayon ng Filippino Mia Road Pasay City and pass through the national¬† Rizal Park which is Luneta Park.. A perfect place for all romantic couples to watch the sunset..
       My guess is about seven to ten miles of boardwalk..

    2. @GlassLegend40¬†that’s what i keep hearing. ¬†it would be interesting to get some definitive lengths on these claims. ¬†and how are they deciding where it begins and ends? ¬†the one in bayawan goes even further than i went in the video.. but there’s really not much out there after where i stopped, just ‘boardwalk’ and beach.

  9. quick question for everyone. is a pier’s deck or floor¬† can be considered as a boardwalk ? some piers got a long floor made of wood and im thinking this can be called as boardwalk also. thanks for any reply

    1. @nonoyd as i understand it.. a ‘pier’ goes into the water, while a ‘boardwalk’ goes parallel to the water, along the shore.¬† the term seems to indicate ‘boards’ are involved, meaning ‘wood’.. but maybe it’s still a boardwalk if it serves the same function but made of cement.¬† that’s my thoughts anyway.¬†

    1. @Mike Dickson¬†from duma to bayawan, it ‘should’ take less than 2 and a half hours, by bus. but i was on my scooter going 45kmph (max) and once the heavy rain started, could only go about 20kmph. it took me almost 5 hours. i arrived soaking wet (did not anticipate heavy rain, was sunny when i left duma) so i stayed in a hotel that night.

  10. when I drove my bike, I measured it from my odo something like, 5 kilometers. It is lively when you go there during December and Bayawan City Foundation Day.

  11. I was there last year. My wife is from there. Can’t wait to go back later this year. It’s about a 2 hour bus or van ride from Dumagette.

  12. Make a new video showing the boardwalk my brother, you were on a road…
    Boardwalks can also be called Piers, (wood) or Piers that loop out into the ocean and come back. You were on a road. Still a nice video regardless and thank you for it! (;

  13. Thanks for sharing. I love a good boardwalk. Is there such a thing as a bad boardwalk?Usually a nice breeze when the difference in temperature of the land and sea change.
    The famous boardwalk in Mazatlan, Mexico is 20 km long.

    1. +Michael Robert the one downside to the bayawan ‘boardwalk’ is that there is only one business (karaoke/resto) there, across the street. i don’t know why there are no other businesses. but it’s good for jogging/walking

  14. It’s more of a boulevard than a boardwalk. Furthermore, the title longest boulevard in the Philippines will soon be taken by the Cory Aquino Blvd., which will span a length of 8.7 km

  15. Thank you for that great video. The city, first chartered in 2001, is very clean and well organized. I was there in 2008 and while no malls, I never had a problem getting the basics I needed. At that time, Bayawan city was saying they had the longest Blvd. I was also told by the Mayor at that time that in the general plan was to construct a port, and an airport.

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