Battleing Time With The Azolla Pits

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  1. What if you were to remove the soil and replace it with new soil? Because the nitrogen is now in he soil also. And you don’t have enough water to flush out all pits. It also might be an easier process.

  2. Brian you need to change the way you pits are routed for water circulation . /1/2/3/4/ #1 fill from the top discharge from the bottom to #2 . #2 discharge to #3 from other end of pit and so forth. Also for the aeration of mitch’s pond a Venturi tube can be made with two 11/2 x 3/4 one 3/4×6 nipple. Drill 1/4 hole in nipple insert 1/4 tubing for air supply make sure the end inside the pipe is cut at about 45 degree angle and faces away from pump maybe even where Venturi tube ends. Should provide lots of air, adjust length of air tube for best air supply.

  3. Could it be your just concentrating the nitrogen by running one pit into the next and so on ? Would a header pipe on one end with valves for filling and the same on the other end with a pump for sucking out old water help ?? If you were pumping it out you could use it in the garden.

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