Barley Fodder And Garden Update

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    1. Don’t listen to Par 5 laker, they seem to be a negative Nelly know it all.

      Remember these were the fish that were not netted during the first rodeo. This time team Brian got all of the remaining and they were much bigger. There were some problems with the net size, learning curve. But the technique was 100 times better than the first harvest because this time they got them all.

    2. @Par5 Laker It wasn’t a disaster; maybe you should look at the last video and see the whole truth before passing arbitrary and condescending judgement.

  1. I think I remember seeing something about having to soak older seeds longer U may need to soak em 24 hrs+ idk seemed like a good enough idea!!

  2. Doxycycline is for the pig with the cough,or swine pneumonia,I left a comment on the other vid on chicken wire cage๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. Doxycycline is the best medicine I’ve ever used. My vet use to get me 500 100mg tablets for $65. I have saved many animals with them. Taken them quite a few times myself. Wish I had some now.

    1. First only soak seeds 4 hours then drain water out and leave the bucket of seed in cool dark place . Don’t pour seeds in them trays until sprouted already.

  3. Most barley is Winter Barley. So the seeds need to have cold temperature exposure for at least a week in order to have good germination. You can experiment to test this. Put a container of barley in the fridge for at least one week and then try to germinate it. You should get 95% germination. If less than 95% try longer times at a cold temperature. I don’t think that barley was meant to be planted in the Philippines, but rather it was meant for feed. So it most likely has not been exposed to cold previously. The seeds might even need to freeze before it can germinate (the freezing will crack the coating) – because they are normally planted before the first frost.

  4. Brian Where did these come from? If it was the US or some other country that deals with the US it might have been radiated before it was shipped and if true then you got what you got. It will be very little germination I dealt with this before with many seeds after that I only got seeds from places that didn’t radiate seeds then no problems the place I dealt with was Italy.

    The other thing could be the seeds never went through a cold period or freeze period freeze some and also put some in the fridge for 2 weeks and see what happens.

  5. Brian, I would try rice fodder instead of barley fodder. Rice is very common in the Philippines so it will be fresher than barley. There are a large number of videos on YouTube about Filipinos successfully growing rice fodder to feed their animals.

    1. A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines Iโ€™ll email you a picture of the trays. Tell me if you think they will be useful to you. My email starts with doug@pest………….

  6. Garden fix. Take loose lying dry plant leaves and debris, mix with 50% dirt to start. Use your concrete mixer to mechanically speed initial breakdown of organic matter. Spread over garden . Small piles around bigger plants to conserve limited materials, then prep growing area with about 5 to 6 inches.a good sponge, the fact it is not compost yet allows for aeration of soil and more sponge like qualities than compost. Process adapted from Hugelculture method, only grass and leaves as opposed to trees and sticks. Hold the water in the sponge longer and reduce need for constant watering. If prepped right should hold moisture for 3 to 5 days without additional water. Soak it up and forget it for a few days while nature does the work. Then as you plant drop seeds and add an additional layer of mix over the top. Problem:natural yard waste (leaves grass) always builds up. Problem: garden needs more absorbent soil. Solution mix dirt with waste and sprinkle on garden.

  7. Yeah, don’t do China anymore. That’s why the U.S. President has been to India, trying to shift the imports as the U.S. relies to much on sub par stuff from China. Can’t trust China, especially after they didn’t stop flights from Wuhan knowing darned well they had a problem. They just swept it under the wall so to speak.

    How about monggo? Would it be beneficial to try to sprout that and feed the porkers? I know the sprouts are a lot smaller than say barley, don’t know anything about the nutritional values.

  8. I’m amazed how many people give comments like “You should focus on one thing and to many irons in the fire”!
    That addage may have worked by in the 60’s but the farming market is now global not just global profits and commerce but inheritanting global problems, its inspirational how your thinking outside of the box and on the hop which in this day and age is the only way farming will survive, great stuff guys the whole family love your channel.

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