Bantayan Island Paradise

Come to a vacation in Paradise, Bantayan island located just off the coast of North West Cebu. It can be reached by bus from the North Bus Terminal in the reclamation area of Cebu City, also near the SM shopping mall. Take one of the air conditioned buses to Hagnaya via Bogo the port city of Hagnaya is where you pick up the ferry to  Bantayan Island. The trip is about 2 hour via ferry. Don’t do it during heavy seas or typhoons as we did, it’s hard on the ladies. My wife was sick all the way there due to the rocking of the ferry from the waves. Not to mention it is a little scarry when those big waves hit the ramp in the front of the ferry, that ramp is only held on by two steel rods made of rebar.


This is the Ferry that goes to Bantayan Island at Hagnaya, not far from Bogo. It's the larger ferry in this photo. Photo was taken during a typhoon, we were held up at a hotel to wait out the storm.


The Island is composed of three municipalities, Bantayan, Madridejos, Santa Fe. Bantayan Island barangays are, Atop-atop, Baigad, Baod, Binaobao (Poblacion), Balidbid, Kabac, Doong, Hilotongan, Guiwanon, Kabangbang, Kampingganon, Kangkaibe, Lipayran, Luyongbaybay, Mojon, Obo-ob, Patao, Putian, Sillon, Sungko, Suba (Poblacion), Sulangan, Tamiao, Bantigue (Poblacion) and Ticad (Poblacion) Reference:

The original residents of Bantayan Island arrived from Spain around 1635.  Bantayan Island was a lookout post for invaders trying to enter the Visayas and lookout towers were erected all over the island. The name Bantayan comes from Cebuano and means to “a place to watch”.

In 1942 the Philippines was occupied by the Japanese and they had a fort here on Bantayan Island that later became Sta. Fe Beach Resort. you can see the Japanese style in the huts and the Hotel was built by the Japanese during the war.  It is said Silver bars are buried in various places around the Philippines. I wonder how many ghosts are there?


The Japanese style cabins of Sta. Fe Beach Resort Bantayan Island. Notice the pure white coral sand here, not tan as it is many other places.


Larry Haydon's Smokehouse located in Downtown Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. Try Larry's Smoked Pork Sandwich and Potato Salid.


Larry is an excellent Culinary School grad cook you have got to taste his superb sandwich, I grantee you will come back for more.
Sugar Beach Bantayan Island, This is near where Marianne and I will be staying this October.


Marianne and I spent our honeymoon on Bantayan Island in 2004  and we just loved it. If you want to spend the rest of your life here you’s literally live your vacation permanently. A friend Larry Haydon is living there now and is in the process of building a restaurant on the beach… Life could not be better for him.


This is the Ogtong Caves Resort Bantayan Island


This is the pool at Ogtong Caves Resort


Here is another view of the pool at Ogtong Caves Resort Bantayan Island, One of the Air Conditioned Cabins can bee seen on the right.


A view of the grounds area where the cabins are locted. To the right is a nice view of the ocean.


One of the two rooms we rented at Ogtong Caves Resort


Deluxe room at Ogtong Caves Resort Bantayan Island Philippines


Another view of thet Deluxe Rom at Ogtong Caves Resort Bantayan Island Philippines #2


That's Larry and Argelyn's friend and this is how you get around here.


Some photos of Sta. Fe Downtown area. 1


Some photos of Sta. Fe Downtown area. 2


Some photos of Sta. Fe Downtown area. 1 I ate in this restaurant he owner is a foreigner from Portugal, speaks English and has great food.




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Then visit Paul James’s site by clicking the map below or link in here, he has some great info on hotels and resorts on Bantayan Island. And has some great photo artwork you can license for your own use.



 This is his old site here is the new one.


A sample of Paul James work



Another sample of Paul James work


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