Bangkok’s Worst Public Transport? The 111 Bus

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My friend Alex suggested that since my channel is all about adventures with vehicles I ride Bangkok’s worst public transport system. The 111 Bus. Was it as bad I was expecting it to be?

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  1. Yeah, I went on some of these lines with my expat friends when I last visited. Enjoy those old buses while they last! Thailand MTA is slowly upgrading the fleet to newer ones. Tickets prices will go up to 15 – 20 baht.

  2. I once travelled from Bangkok to Pattaya on a similar bus in1989. It had no windows and the upper part was made of wood. By the time we reached Pattaya our faces and clothes were almost black due to the dust haha

  3. I took the BTS to the MRT, walked about a quarter mile to a Chao Phraya ferry to a tuk tuk, and then in reverse. All BKK transportation options except the bus system. Thanks for riding it for me!

  4. FYI: You can pay 7.5 baht using your contactless credit card, you will see the bus collector carry the EDC at 1:17 , every bus with a monitor behide driver can do this ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 10 gears and double clutch, although you can have more gears in a truck. You always have to play attention to the gear number… and hit the switch at 5th to make 1st gear into 6th gear.

  6. Always look forward to a CB upload and dam u even made riding a bus interesting lmao! Congrats man on the recent explosion of followers ur content is def awesome keep it up you def deserve it!!@

  7. Hey chad i have a nice suggestion , go to thonburi by bts to king taksin square .go to the little train station named wongwian yai and take the train to maha chai , then cross over by boat and you can take the trainride even further if you like. You will love it ….and film alot for your subs…leave early it dosn,t ride in the evening…you rock dude

  8. เธ˜เธ™เธนเธ˜เธ‡ เธ„เธ‡เธ„เธงเธขเธ—เธญเธ‡ says:

    The thai bus (no air condition) is about 28 years

  9. If you search You Tube “Bangkok 1970’s” you’ll find several videos of Bangkok where these same red buses appear….they’ve been around that long. If you take a look down at the floors of most of these old red buses, you’ll see they are made of teakwood and hardly worn after 50 years of use.

  10. This channel shows how it’s ok to travel AND geek out about technolgy at the same time.

    Thank you so much for making me feel less of a freak!

    P.S. you don’t happen to know where to find a girlfriend for that personality type?

  11. Great video as always. Thanks for taking us on a tour and including a bit of car stuff for those of us that found you through those videos. City buses in any foreign country are a cheap and quick way to see the non-tourist areas. Perfect for cruise ship stops. Hop on and go explore!

  12. The first time I went to Bangkok i used one of these buses.
    I tried to pay but no English and he didn’t seem to care.
    I think it was 10baht. I wanted to get to Ayutthaya from bangkok.

    The bus from mochit to a “white van bus station”

    In my most recent trip i just used the train

  13. Hey man been watching your vids for some time now! Just a quick question: Where are you from, your dialect is quite different and unique and just really can’t figure it out, if you are either canadian, from the south states, south african or australian…

  14. Channel is blowing up! I’ve only been here for a couple of months but I feel like an OG HAHA! Well deserved and keep it up! I hope you have a steady enough income from YouTube to keep them coming soon enough!

  15. Iโ€™m obsessed with this channel lol. I spend 2 months in Thailand a few years ago and youโ€™re making me wanna come back. Just sent you a gram request ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ Mike from Queens lol

  16. Itโ€™s not a bad bus, done it. Good value.

    These buses are not Turbo diesel. For a guy who โ€˜thinksโ€™ he knows a lot about engines actually knows fuck all.
    Anyone can hear there is no TURBO.
    Only has 5 gears because itโ€™s geared to pull light weights.
    Lorryโ€™s, HGVโ€™s or big rigs have so many gears, because they are so heavy. Most buses weigh around 8-10 ton
    Weโ€™re as trucks weigh 40 ton plus.

    Just another loud mouth Yank.

  17. Vancouver Island Leo here once again great content as usual & yes i did make it to Thailand Bro …on the 16th & checked into the Kingston Suites can say that now because i checked out yesterday sun morning & am now checked into a hotel in Samut Prakan had to get outa Bangkok the smell was waaay to much for me lol like you said the pollution & being from Vancouver Island it hit me hard grouse really much better 40 minutes outside of the city …anyways just catching up on your awsome content & will be heading south to Kho Samet on Wednesday morning Thx to your Kho Samet vid …i’m doin er Cheers ๐Ÿค›

    1. Awesome! Welcome! Yes the pollution is bad and I noticed that smell the first time I got here too. I donโ€™t even notice it now haha but Samet will be Paradise right now!

    1. @CB Media All good. I had a trip planned there, but had to cancel. Never been. Really enjoy the videos. IMO, its a better view than the normal “nightlife” videos…

  18. Bangkok’s buses are not too bad since it can also reach places that BTS can’t. I’ll only take it before 1500 when its not rush hour yet

    9:05 There’s no 7.5THB. The red ones are 8THB

  19. When i was in technology school 30 years ago we alway took the bus to go back home like no 108 ,44 ,and 8 there was some school fighting between each school (they are still fighting in the present)we travel along and fight to who ever school we met along bus stop some time the bus driver mad and pull those long gear stick and chased us off out the
    bus because other school hit and broke the bus window it was so stupid at the time

  20. Yo yo! Man Iโ€™ve been watching your videos now for about a month. Love what your doing! I spread the word to some of my buddies and I think I got 12 of them to subscribe today lol. Keep up the awesome adventures! And cars of course…

  21. DAMN BRUH our channels are about the same! You should like/subscribe to me too, Ihave to complete all 81 provinces in the Philippines in a CAR, BIKE, PLANE, TRAIN, OFFROAD yah Thialand is my next destination when im done here ..we have to get together man..CYA! LOVE your channel! I do have a few high powered cars of my own..a 1997 SIR Accord with a F2-B 200HP VTEC, 1995 Ford Mustang, 1999 Ford SVT Lightning pickup, and some muscle…1974 Pontiac Grand Prix, 1971 AMC Javelin AMx, 1977 Chrysler Cordoba that i will Restomod! All these vehicles will probably be introduced on my channel! T.C.!

    1. @CB Media Yeah thanks! As you can see im waiting to get monetized but had to complete my hours. im sure you beeen where im at hehe. yah i can help you with that when you come to the Philippines…..You should follow me on instagram…..@boopboopglobetrotters
      You can DM me there, as soon as i get monetized my marketing skilz should net 100,000 subs very quickly! I did 4000 watch hours and 200k views in just 25 days with 13 videos!…..So you were prolly wondering why i have so many views. But i love your content, watch a;ll your vids..Im more HIGH END TRAVEL VLOGGER as you can see. the character on my videos with the suit is my style but im not really like that haha…im pretty laid back and i love SPEED as much as you do. yeah hit me up im sure we could have epic adventures together!. And yes! i also love beautiful women and they will always be in my videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. C’mon man, love the bus, cheap, friendly, hot as fu*k. But it’s real Bangkok. I’m your neighbor. Live at Ekamai 26. Love your vids.

  23. now that look fun. When I was in the Philippines, I rode the Jeepney and the train through Manila. Ridding the train was an experience, I was the only white guy and these train are packed plus it was very hot and I was sweating. My Filipina girlfriend wanted me to experience it

  24. I am a u.s. here in Bkk. Rode in those buses many times but usually the aircon buses. Took one to immigration from chatuchak market area (the 52 bus) last week for 40 baht Round trip. Nice new bus actually. The buses vary based on aircon and overall condition (old v. new). If I took a taxi it would have cost me about 400 baht round trip from the Same location.

  25. Keep up the good vids, brings back memories! I lived in Phram 9 for nearly 4 years and took the MRT/BTS to Siam to work. Worked also for a while in Pinklao so would take a motorbike taxi to Prasanmit and jumped on the Saen Seap canal boat to Panfa Leelard then a local bus to Pinklao mall for about 12 baht (fortunately was just a short ride). But, yeah, never saw any other foreigner on it.

  26. I was in bangkok 3 months back and used this bus to go to the famous temples
    To be honest it was not a bad trip especially with 3 children

  27. again a video i appreciate ! love to been the only falang among thai , one time i shocked cause the bus were full, i had big bag and a thai lady took my bag on her legs to relieve me ! so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ . and 4/5 years old i took the line 50 to mbk, free ! totally free . there is another bus smaller that we could think itโ€™s cartoon. subscribe now !

  28. This reminds me of the buses in Mexico. The big long shift lever, the old seats and lots of exhaust.Kinda scruffy inside. Yeah, this would fit right in, in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas.

  29. ….and downright cheap. Troubling to see all modes of transport still operational in Bkk amidst what is supposed to be a lockdown! Take care, folk! Glad to see you enjoying

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