Bangkok’s Chinatown – Assault on all Senses

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Bangkok’s Chinatown in crazy!

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  1. That’s a beautiful area.
    And I agree. Usually china town food is pretty good. Especially for the price..
    Cool area. Cool video.. Keep it up…

  2. Safe travels where ever you are off to and maybe there’s a market for you to trade great photos for menus for free meal tickets at your favorite places.

  3. Near the chinatown(yaowarat) is a big car&bike part road name worajak road,klongtomplaza,klongtomcenter(the mall of car part,Car accessories and car audio)
    Banmor market(บ้านหม้อ) is a huge electronic market and car audio market in bangkok.
    Wonwian22 (วงเวียน22) have a lot of car&bike tire shop around the road

  4. This video would be perfect for showcasing OLED TV’s in a retail shop 🙂 It is so damn beautiful to look at.
    I missed an episode? .. i have no idea where you’re heading tomorrow
    O, and you *are* becoming a celebrity – live with it 😀
    Another good one. Bangkok is live cinema, circus in some places

  5. 555..only got to 2:40 into the vid and had to make comments 🙂 “want to see other place in Thailand with no Chinese tourists” and looked like the first people we see when you got off the bus looked like they were Chinese tourists :-))). So glad you got on the bus Chad, not only that there was no gear not, the driver wasn’t even wearing shoes, LOVE ❤️ IT!!! Okay, will continue watching now. Can’t wait to find out where you’re going. Hopefully somewhere very, very crazy in Thailand!

  6. Just recently heard that there is a food court at the end of the road in Chinatown, I will have to check it out next time I get back to BKK!

  7. Oh man!! Photo bombing and getting caught, awesome. Your iPhone 11x pro delivers amazing colors for sure. Chinese condoms and normalsality :-))) and roti … love ❤️ them! So far, this vid is beyond good!! 😉

  8. Ive eaten lunch at China Town after visiting the Temples last year and I got the best Duck and rice, with wonton soup ever. Hands down, however if you go to the shops and the “black market” you’ll see stuff like fresh fried squid and other animals. I’ve seen slight skinned cats roaming around so that told me to not eat the chicken unless its fresh off a chicken. Not being racist just took the precautionary. Overall not a bad place to visit but the black market is very sketchy and the hours are so random when it opens or closes. At least when I was there it was random because it seemed like they were hiding stuff.

  9. Your meal is a fried shrimp with famous Thai-style seafood sauce. This dipping sauce is mainly made from garlic, lemon, lime, chili, vinegar, coriander, sugar, and fish sauce.

  10. Another excellent video. I’d love to see you spend a few days on Phi Phi, and chilling out in Koh Lanta. I remember Phi Phi before the Chinese tourists and it was amazing!

  11. Instead of leaving that meat in the tail of the shrimp just pinch it with your fingers and all the meat comes out of the tail. More shrimp for your money.

  12. The Chinatown in Bangkok is one of the best that I have ever seen personally. The amount of Chinese and Korean people you see going there to take instagram photos is shocking. I usually go there to shop for gold at the yaowarats from time to time. Also Chad, the Ford Raptors in Thailand are way too expensive to fix, you really don’t see too many of them in comparison to the Izusu’s. I’d strongly suggest that unless you love it for it’s looks aesthetically, it’s not worth it at all. My wife’s sister has one in orange that she uses for the farm in Udon Thani and regrets it every time when shit breaks. Also Chad, you got to eat the whole shrimp that includes the tail!!! I miss being able to eat so cheaply outside on a street, such great quality and tasting food, people in the USA will never understand what they are missing, real shame.

  13. Mate – You just made me homesick, I miss my second home BKK…Love the crazyness about it and Chinatown is somewhere I want to see more of.

  14. Hey Chad, be careful when your in Chinatown, I heard there’s a white guy named Magnus running around with Covid one nine ! …. just kidding Bro,…have a safe trip, can’t wait for your next video to see where you end up !

  15. Busing Chinatown looks cleaner that the one in New York probably much better food listen got go we’re leaving tomorrow see you at airport

  16. Really enjoy everything about these videos: your enthusiasm and appreciation of the small details, your friendly and respectful interaction with the locals, original and relaxed content, excellent editing, sound and photography, humour and construction. Always find each one goes really fast, & looking forward to the next one. It’s really good work, – hope you keep enjoying it.Many thanks Chad.

  17. These kind of videos are my favorites. If it wasn’t for corona I would have been in Bangkok next weekend. Your video from China Town makes me wanna break all the rules and just smuggle myself in there. But no! I will stay in Sweden this summer. Looking forward to your videos all summer.

  18. Damn!! I miss BKK Chinatown, it’s so vibrant and good food. Can’t wait to get the hell out of this place and be there forever. When I go back again. I’m never leaving again. I miss taking those 7b hot dirty bus on Yaowarat route. All the good memories. Thanks for showing man!! You the best!

  19. Massive fan! You inspired me to start my own YouTube channel too. I’m desperate to know, do you shoot on 4K on your iPhone and down res to 1080p? Also what software / compression do you use? I’m struggling with YouTube compression.

  20. Almost at 100k! Congrats bro, you deserve it. Definetly used the “situation” to your advantage and grew this channel 📈. Glad I found it. At this point I just click like before I even watch that’s how much I know I’m gonna enjoy your videos lol. Keep being consistent, entertaining and authentic. Soon your gonna have 20 people a day coming up to you in those Bangkok streets and around S.E asia lolz

  21. The plastic screens at 06:29 , anyone else thinking about the prison scene with Billy Hayes and his girlfriend in the film ” Midnight Express ” 😜

  22. I’ve had 4 Sciroccos
    Year 10 .13 . 14 . 16 . 3 black one blue tdi r line and turbo r.
    Great car great handling on the road.
    Yes good car.
    Yes never leave Thailand because not great in the USA now and uk. London were I’m from wish I was there.

  23. I critizied Chinese tourists. But my fellow Americans can be as bad in their own way. One guy got angry a Thai cook for not knowing English. I saw the same thing in Mexico. And we can be loud and intimidating, and live it. Also, we can make fun of locals and ignore their customs. So we need to stay home sometimes.

  24. Those buses remind me of the old maltese buses, with a super loud engine, super basic interior, clutchless shifting and in summer the driver door was replaced with a grate

  25. How do you dislike this guys content..he’s just a real dude doing real s*it enjoying life… Chad keep doing you and enjoy it like most of us that aren’t douche hammers do…

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