Bangkok to Udon Thani

#Bangkok #UdonThani #Thailand
Episode 1 of this still unnamed Motorbike Tour Series. Its a motorbike tour of North East Thailand but North East Thailand Motorbike Tour Series is just too many words LOL

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  1. I can eat some of the bugs, but the silkworm larvae are a bit too “squishy” for me. They need to be crunchy. The water bugs look like giant roaches. I’ve had two. Beer was involved.

  2. Safest spot on the plane ?? Lol…u know why they tell u to lean over, grab ur ankles, with ur head between ur knees ??? SO U CAN KISS UR ASS GOODBYE if theres a crash

  3. Are you going to Loei on this road trip? That’s a province that stood out to me when I did my Issan roadtrip some years ago. There’s a riverside highway that you can take from Nongkhai on the Udon Thani province border with Laos, where the Friendship bridge is. The highway follows the course of the Mekong. The town of Chiang Karn particularly stands out in my memory. I hear it’s become a destination since I was there, when it was very sleepy, so now might be a good time for it. How to describe it? It was like a mini-Chiangmai, more like Northern Thailand than Issan.

  4. Nice video. Please visit Phu Tok, which is not very far from Udon.
    Which hotel did you stay? Can you please disclose the location and name of the hotel?
    Thank you

  5. Was there alot of eyes on you…LOL…I went to UBON RATCHATHANI for a wedding and there isn’t very many foreigners there so got lots of looks when I was walking around and one English teacher stopped to say Hi.

  6. Wow. I looked up weather for Udon Thani. Over a 100 degrees and 72 dew point. I would not be able to take that. I am secure in watching you from Seattle. Lolz. Gonna see every episode you put out from the road

  7. The back of the plane is always the safest place to sit…
    Planes never “BACK INTO A MOUNTAIN”…!!!!👍🏻👌🏼👍🏻👌🏼

  8. This is great! I have friends from my old job who are from Udon Thani! One guy now has a Thai Food truck here in Wisconsin. Anyways looking forward to this tour Chad. Have a blast, my dude!

  9. Welcome to Issan Chad…
    In central down stairs you have real good food.. A tops market and a great bakery..
    U.D. town is 200m from your hotel , it has plenty of “FAST FOOD” outlets if you need them , and an afternoon , outdoor market is in the carpark next to Tesco at U.D. town the food is excellent..!!

  10. CHAD: Repping NY with shirt.

    ATL: That damn boy had a heat stroke and thinks he’s a city slicker from up yander!😂

    Be safe evil Kenevil!!🏍✌

  11. have a great safe ride , i would even leave Tennessee to ride along..would like to ride from one end to the other though Thailand and Vietnam also..

  12. So, they make this lotion stuff. Instead of deeply rubbing into your man parts, it goes on your arms and your face. Weird concept, I know, but it also helps not get cancer from our big ball of plasma in the sky. Try to get a bottle that says spf50 or higher. And use kids stuff if you can find it, for reasons that are too long to type here.

  13. Very interesting to watch you get from BKK to Udon. Score on the hotel! Sorry so hot, but looks like it ‘s not slowing you down. Question, how do you attach your video camera while using the motorbike. I took some bicycle tours there and definitely holding the cam in one hand is not the best method. Tks, good luck, drive safely.

  14. Protip: (and just the tip, mind you,) If you’re going to a bar with lots of girls from issan, buy a selection of those fried bugs before you head into a girly bar if you want lots of attention from the girls. You might have to eat a couple, they’re not that bad, but anyone will get mobbed by girls until they’re gone. It literally works better than putting money on the table with a sign that says free on it.

  15. I’d be careful with street food though just sayin I run a Thai restaurant here in the pacific northwest for many years now and there is no health code or inspection in Thailand. Lol just a heads up!

  16. No insects for me . Yeah the dog recognized you CB . Nice way to travel , no bookings you have to be at a certain time etc , just wing it . You should have got more that 1 long sleeve shirt if it’s hot and sweaty or you will have to stand it in the corner 🙂

  17. Could you share some information on how you reserved the bike? You must have reserved it online right. What were the costs involved regarding deposit and rent etc. Have a safe trip and don’t pig out on the bugs too much!

  18. @7:06: BAM! A souped-up low rider pick-up and a dog all in one shot. Awesome! Hmm, I’m trying to think if “awesome” or “dope” would be proper millennial speak here. Back in my glory days “groovy” would apply. But that sounds pretty stupid these days:)

  19. Back seats of planes are the safest in case of crashes or so the stats of survival rates of air-crashes tell us C so good choice on the lounge choice. Only problem with being in the back is when people fart it always ends up at the back of the plane. NOT haha 🙂

  20. I’d be down to try insects at the market, though… I can’t help but remember that it is all sitting out in open air that’s HOT AS BALLS! Gotta have an iron gut to brave that shit! Love your vids! Stay safe!

  21. Not a great time for biking since it’s starting to get into raining season but hey, the mishaps would make even better videos lmao

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