Bangkok Live Stream Announcement

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Food, Condos and the next CB Media Live Stream.

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  1. I’m from the Philippines and from your previous vlogs you mentioned that Philippines will not be welcoming foreigners because of the pandemic. Well, it’s still being talked about since a lot of Chinese citizens landed in the Philippines when the pandemic started and most of them are positive of covid. Now the government of Philippines is discussing on what steps to take and closing the country is one of the option.

  2. I say that’s a good move, rent monthly
    If you decide to change districts in Bangkok you are not tied to any contract. And £4.75 pounds for the meal .

  3. May 3, 2020 is a day I will remember for a long time. I co-manage a hair salon with my GF in Bangkok. It was nice to see a cheerful smile on her face today on being able to reopen. Chad I really enjoy the varied content of your videos.

  4. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am going to be staying at the U Sukhumvit Bangkok hotel. Do you think I picked an okay area. Man I was clueless when I planned my trip. This a non refundable rate so I am stuck with it. Had I the opportunity to do it all over again, I think I might have stayed by the river. But at this point even that is a guess as far as location. I wish I had found your channel sooner. As always, thanks for the update.

  5. unless I happen to be on a vacation, which I will be in 3 weeks, I probably wont get to see a live stream, due to virus I get off at 8pm EST, but takes approx 45 min to get home, when things get back to normal, I will be working to 10pm EST.

    but I do enjoy your videos, keep up the good work

  6. I like Icon Siam better as a mall and rent same condo at Station 2 in Bangrak….Superb nice and clean and I like the owner, she is very helpful

  7. I see why you use air B&B. It’s pretty reasonable prices. Question can you extend the stay. And I’m sure if it’s Phuket during high season price could be higher or in Pattaya

  8. Nice, I was planning on doing AirBnB too. Same reasons but you confirmed that plan.
    People complain about landlords making up BS to keep deposits in Thailand, hell that’s happened to me twice in the US.

  9. Can’t believe you stayed at 50+ condos in 5 years. That’s literally like almost one a month. Talk about paranoia. But I completely understand you. Thais will fvch you over at every chance they get when it comes to money. In front of you they’re all smiles and laughs. Behind your back is where all the stabbing and daylight robbery happens.

  10. And in Seattle it would be $14 plus tax and 20% tip. So like 18.50.
    Even the food trucks are expecting 20%. A waitress sure, but a food truck?!?

  11. I’ve noticed some of your Thai word such as Siam you don’t pronounce right you do give some tips that I never used in Thailand

  12. This guy complains about 10 years old Luxury condo. You are too used to luxury in bangkok. What are you comparing to? Have you been in Texas lately? Houston has POTHOLEs for daays and police are killing you. You need to go to Vietname or Panama or something to realize how lucky you are to be in THailand.

  13. PAD THAI LOL. – IT’s PUD THAI bro. You say it like COme to my pad. Chill at the pad. Pad for period. ITS PUD THAI. Not PAAAAAD THAI.

  14. In past videos you’ve mentioned you stocked up on beer?

    For science reasons… Whats your kind of beer (lager, ale, stout, IPA, etc) & how many cases did you buy? Can you get alcohol delivery in BKK?

    Also… The crest is where I lived when I worked there. Really nice places. Staff were amazing!

  15. I’m getting a hair cut this Wednesday. My wife is a dog groomer and one of her clients is a hair stylist. While above my standards it’s going down on our back patio 😂

  16. Siam Paragon blew me away. Where in the hell in this world can you step into a mall and see the following showrooms? RR, Bentley, McLaren, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, BWM, Ducati…. I’m no motor head, but I was taken aback by this. BTW, the wife was equally impressed, by you know, wifey things. Prada, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, etc. Last visits were 2016 and 2018. I know next trip will have to visit Iconsiam to see if they one-upped Siam Paragon.

  17. Love your content and cant wait to get back in November if all goes well. Interested in checking out Air BNB as I would like to rent a Condo and stay for at least 30 days at some point.

  18. Hi Chad, love the vlogs mate keep up the good work . So what condo complex are you currently in and why do you choose to live in the that area, any specific reasons?

  19. It’s the Le Bua at state tower hangover 2 🙂 I managed to get a haircut ! they’re booked every other chair (distancing) I’m very very happy the country is coming back to life . Oh thanks for that insight on the condo contract ! Great video!!!!!!!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS BRO! I hope you waved and smiled as your turbo charged subscriber train blew the doors off Tim Ks channel! His screams were heard worldwide….”DAMN YOU CHADBEE”😂 ✌

  21. Moving every month? Don’t forget to destroy your mobile and buy a new sim card…sand the tips of your fingers to remove the prints….only tell the old girl friends you are going out to do your laundry…🤣🤣🤣

  22. Why is everybody (thais) “so nice”? that’s because you’re a farang walking with a phone. but you know that already.

  23. DONT RENT NEXT TO THE BTS believe me, unless you like the continuous noise of trains for 18 hours, those screeching of brakes will drive you crazy, i looked at a condo at ONNUT by the BTS years ago, the noise by the pool was unbearable, coming from the BTS station. , no thanks

  24. Dont get your haircut at NeverSayCutz. It is like 400 baht at least there. I get my hair done for 100 baht and it is just as good if not better then NSC. Just find a good barber in a cheap part of town. Not on Sukhumvit!!!! Same thing with Massages.

  25. Great point about construction. I stayed at Keyne (same as you) when they were building the Crest next door in 2015. Construction hours were 7am to 7pm. Good thing I went out Every day otherwise it would have sucked big time! Lots of noise.

  26. I’ve never seen a clearer sky or less polluted Bangkok in the 30 yers I’ve been going and living there. Even the River looks clean. Enjoy your videos and commentary

  27. Japanese food is like hidden treasure in Bangkok… Phrom Pong and Thong Lor area

    There’re so many good one to choose from.
    But most great one are for Japanese where everything is writing in Japanese and rarely known by local at first.

    Found authentic one in Thong Lor and it great.. the price isn’t that cheap for Thai tho
    ( 260 baht )

  28. Hangover movie filmed in Bangkok, was in part 2, there isn’t part 4.
    Part 1 2009 Caesars Palace
    Part 2 2011 Bangkok
    Part 3 2013 Las Vegas
    Just checked it out.

  29. Great video I did like the cheap menu….I want to see more food now that restaurants are opening and later more girl’s of the nightlife 😁👌🏽

  30. Thailand is no longer that cheap for Australians, that meal was almost $10AU which is almost comparable to Japanese food here in Melbourne but our serving sizes are bigger so it’s very similar in price for the food. We get Ramen for about $14AU which can be enough for almost 2 meals but we don’t have tax or tips added so it could be cheaper than America. Street food still is much cheaper in Thailand though and accommodation is still much cheaper than Australia.

  31. Hey bro just an fyi on that mask. Something I learned this week. White side on the outside if you aren’t sick. And blue side out if you are sick. They only filter one way. Stay safe out there! Love the vids.

  32. Good to see you out and about.
    I’m finally free to resume work. I’ve lost 3 regular customers because I couldn’t go and do their work, but today is the first day starting over and I’m raring to go.
    Does Thailand have much exposure to China, apart from tourists?
    In Australia there’s a big debate about our over-reliance on China to make stuff that we used to make ourselves. We don’t even make cars anymore. You would probably be aware of our Holdens and Falcons that we USED to make.

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