Bangkok Bans Alcohol Sales | Pattaya Closes City Borders

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Bangkok, Thailand has announced a ban on alcohol sales from April 10th to April 20th. Pattaya city has closed it’s borders to anyone who does not live or work in Pattaya , for an estimated three weeks. These announcements may have a huge impact on tourists and expats, who are currently in Thailand.

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  1. Hi J,
    Pattaya will be back, it’s been rolling since the military hung out there in the 60’s and been growing strong ever since. Tourism there is now world renown. Compliments of the natural resources there of course.

  2. Thanks for the update! It’s wild how cities want to self-isolate now. Miami was asking Trump to block flights from infested areas like NYC. Pattaya is ahead of the curve.

  3. Noticed in the newspaper (US) this morning that the counts for the “current events” are lagging quite a bit. Those reported are actually from some days or even weeks ago…the delay caused by the time needed to confirm the cases. That could be good news in that the impact of the more serious restrictions are likely not being seen yet. If they work we could be out of this thing sooner rather than later.

  4. Yes, my lady is a teacher and she says schools will be open July 1 in Udan Region. 4 months……long time for no school but she is doing security during the day and men do security as school during night.

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