Banana And Rice Update

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  1. Hi Brian, I’m a comercial bee keeper and have been since 1979.
    The probable reason you don’t have pollinators in your area is you don’t have regular flowering of native trees, grasses and brush.
    Bees need regular high protein levels from pollen from different flowers.
    Also nectar from flowers to be turned into honey.
    If you don’t have those the hives will die out.
    You can buy and use pollen and mix it with pollen substitutes to keep them alive.
    For nectar substitute you can make a sugar syrup.
    1. 2 sugar to I water for brood rearing
    2. 1 sugar to 1 water as maintenance.
    The only regular flowing tree you might have is the coconut.

  2. Hi Brian, mung beans in a trial plot. If I remember they were called balatong in tagalog. Also mangos I think.
    It’s a legume so is capable of fixing nitrogen if the right rhyzobium bacteria is present in your soil. They can also be sold to generate a cash flow.
    Comote would work well.

  3. Hey Brian I don’t know if this will make any sense to you , but my father used to put coffee grounds around his transplants and they snap back pretty quickly it’s just a thought ..maybe you can kind of look it up!!!! also Brian I forgot to say but most trees that produce fruit need to flour for about 3 to 4 years before any yield , I could be wrong maybe the tropics are different!!!!!

  4. Hi Brian the grass is called Bermuda grass, they do like strawberry plants when one side weighs out so put a stone on it and it starts to grow roots on it then you can cut it from the mother plant I have done it and got 3 plants out of each plant, Bi you need a queen and 5 bee workers but you have to have a real bee house for them and when you do not have plants that bloom you have to add sugar to it so they survive otherwise they escape to another place , good luck

  5. That rice field looks like a fish pond. Btw you are right, build that canal on the other end before a heavy downpour comes that might wash away the rice seedlings.

  6. Just a little info i gathered.
    Arabica coffee, self pollinating, tho insects will improve yield.
    Robusta , wind and insect pollinating.
    After flowering, can take a year to ripen to a cherry!!( didnt know that! And i thought saba bananas were slow! Lol).
    Foliar spraying with nitrogen /potassium occasionally is helpful as well!
    Glad you have been thinking about the rice seedlings, ( encouraging to see some sprouting, so presumably putting down roots as well! ), absolutely right to try and control the rate of flow of water.
    They can stand some period of time being submerged, but not have fast flowing water, eroding the bed.
    Best wishes for the next few days!

    As usual loads of content , for me to think about at 2.00 to 3.00 am!! Have had two mugs of coffee and ten vitamins already, is only 3.11am now lol.
    And, of course, lightning fast internet!! 😁
    Thanks mate!
    Btw, this storm isnt go to give us much ,if any, rain, but as you say the high/ low pressure is sucking in cooler air, up here in Pangasinan .
    Tonight only 20C, but on sunday 17.!
    Up in mountains tho, single figures Brrreer/ shiver!! Lol

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