Bamboo And Azolla

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  1. Brian you need to be thinking outside the box. Where to put all the dirt? Simple. Spread it out and fill in the pit. Unless I don’t understand what you are planning. The bamboo will create the walls, so no need to remove the dirt at all. If you are wanting to grow Azolla, forget about growing Tilapia in them If it was me I wouldn’t spend any more money on the pits until you prove the problem was the corn. Just throw Azolla in all the pits that still hold water and wait. If everything is still good in 3 or 4 weeks then start reworking them. Some of that tarp you have is crap. It needs to be UV resistant. It will be more expensive, but cheaper in the long run, with a much longer life.

  2. I was glad to hear at the end that you are going to experiment before redoing everything. So if I understand correctly there is no need for a hole for the new design because the sides are going to be supported by bamboo and the weight of the water in the neighboring pit? If so, then stop removing the ground from the field. Just remove the tarps and level out the ground that is currently in the walkway by putting it in what is currently the pit…then do your bamboo and tarp on top of it. I will say that I will be somewhat surprised if the bamboo can support 2 feet of water…that is going to be a lot of outward force on the wall of each pit. You may be able to use the neighboring pit to offset that force…but it would need to be filled to a similar height with water.

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