Back when I was in Italy – Why YouTube And How Much It Cost

In this video I bring you back to Italy where I worked for the US Department of Defense before retiring to Thailand. I show you some of Italy when life was still normal. Unfortunately, in today’s world, things have changed so much. I talk about my YouTube beginnings, the useful information YouTube provides, how you can subscribe to someone’s channel and how much it cost. I posted the original version of this video when I first began vlogging and I only 100 subscribers. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.


  1. Hi Joe your latest blog is good l love your blogs your blogs are entertaining and interesting from frank in the uk London hope you are well

  2. Tourna in Italia!?! Mamma Mia Giuseppe! Lei ha un bello regalo (Gift), io ho avuto paura che lei sia tournato in Italia senza Gift! Don’t scare me again with a Title like this! Trust me, unfortunately the USA is not the place to be right now. By the Way, do you still have Rosary Beads hanging off the Rear View Mirror in Thailand? All the Best from NYC, Guy

  3. I like your content, I like retirement life in Thailand, rental property especially where you’re now and Thai food. We been to Thailand 10+ times, and we also been to Italy twice. Safe travel.

  4. WOW , Joe you worked for the Department of Defense in the USA .
    Knew you were involved with the spooks !.
    Now you are their man behind the bamboo curtain ,pretending to be a Western retiree holidaying , collecting intelligence .
    A great cover Joe ,I won’t tell anybody your a spy , my lips are sealed .

  5. Youtube is an amazing resource. Once the gearshift got stuck in my car and I couldn’t move. I was about to call a Tow Truck but then found a short Youtube video how to fix it and Voila back on the road! I didn’t even know about vloggers til last year. At first I spent a lot of time watching them but now only a select few including this channel hold my interest. But to each their own.

  6. was this a recast?
    …. Hi no Joe in any event nice to see you
    I hope the puppies found homes.
    really looking forward to the vids from every body after the big get together
    as long as you won’t get in trouble for it hope there’s lots of fire works.
    maybe you could do a vid on getting set up for event
    not a lot of time left but still a thought
    till next time stay frosty

  7. Joe, SERIOUSLY thank you so much for sharing this vlog. I shared it on all of my social media platforms. I could NEVER explain any better the value of subscribing to YouTube vloggers, (that a person wants to follow). any better than what you have shared with us all in this vlog. You gave detailed, personal experience of how, and why to become a consumer of great YouTube channels with very useful, informative information. Many do not follow through and subscribe because, they were just like you, and didn’t understand the YouTube/Google account platform. Again, I cannot thank you enough for posting this important vlog! Sincerely, your friend, TTT.

  8. Hello Joe and gift I think we were writing something at the same time😂 are you looking at any quarantine when you return to Thailand? Are they getting more relaxed now?

  9. thank you for this videi. i remember my 11 months of army ln small city near Udine ( Tricesimo ) 1980 – 81. ciao stefano. sorry for my english not so good. hallo for Gift

  10. Interesting country Italy, loved Cremona onnaconna all the violin shops..but..Thailand does have symphony orchestras if one needs a violin music fix lol..thx for the vid..🙏🏻👍🏻🕊

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