Back To Work On The Azolla Pits

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  1. Hi could the pits you put the manure you put in the top pit loose and the fertilizer have something to do with azolla. And maybe not enough ground.i think that is the only thing you did different and took out the bags in the other pits

  2. Got this from
    Summary of NARDEP’s method of Azolla production
    • It is important to keep Azolla at the rapid multiplication growth phase with the minimum doubling time. Therefore biomass (around 200 g per square meter) should be removed every day or on alternate days to avoid overcrowding.
    • Periodic application of cow-dung slurry, super phosphate and other macro and micronutrients except nitrogen, will keep the fern multiplying rapidly.
    • The temperature should be kept below 25°C. If the temperature goes up the light intensity should be reduced by providing shade. If possible, it is best to place the production unit where it is shady.
    • The pH should be tested periodically and should be maintained between 5.5 and 7.
    • About 5 kg of bed soil should be replaced with fresh soil, once in 30 days, to avoid nitrogen build up and prevent micro-nutrient deficiency.
    • 25 to 30 percent of the water also needs to be replaced with fresh water, once every 10 days, to prevent nitrogen build up in the bed.
    • The bed should be cleaned, the water and soil replaced and new Azolla inoculated once every six months.

  3. You drained the pit. What about scraping a layer of mud since the lime settles on the mud or spray it down towards the opening. Perhaps the dirt is contaminated. Don’t worry you’ll get there bud.

  4. It started out good,maybe the tea bag trick might of been in the water too long,now it’s guess still do the old worm farm just to keep some on hand as a backup,

  5. Dumb question, but could there be a chemical film, residue or other problem from the tarp? I recall you purchased a different or new roll. Quality, environment problems, etc are so prevalent there…

  6. A bit out there a question,but in the first pits could any 🌽 corn pollen falling in have any adverse chemical reaction ?,just a thought

  7. Brian, the tilapia in the first pit are just adding more nitrogen to water that is already high in nitrogen from the azolla. The nitrogen then gets transferred to all the pits downstream. I would drain the first pit completely to remove the tilapia, you could drain it one bucket at a time and use it to water your garden and fruit trees since it is rich in nitrogen. Then refill the empty first pit with fresh water from the well.

  8. May I make a sugestion Brian when u make the new drain make it so u can connect your pump to it. In case u ever have a fire on your property y’all have a source of water from the pond to fight the fire… You never know beings so dry there. :/ Just put a T on your drain and run it upright with a elbo to to connect your pump with a cap on it…But make sure u can connect a extra pipe into the pond to keep water flowing in case of a fire…

  9. Hi Brian.
    I commented on an earlier video of yours last week where I suggested you take a look at a YouTube channel called Green Garden Store Bangalore. Where there is a video dealing with all the do’s and don’ts of cultivating Azolla as a feed supplement. The video starts with the words Cultivating Azolla to help you with your search.
    I noticed a number of things they do that you are missing.
    I really hope you get this message as I’d hate to see you struggling when some the answers you need are out there.
    Best of luck.
    I also need your pits to work.😁😁

  10. I kind of think it was the tea bags of manure. Maybe was too much. Possibly pump out the grey water pits and start with new water instead of flushing bad water into other pits. Its a corundum though azolla seemed really easy to grow before.

  11. Time for a basic water test between the pit producing and the pits not producing to rule out the water quaility, just because you flushed the pits doesn’t mean your nitrogen levels are down, How much of the nitrogen has soaked into the dirt? The oxygen level must be good because you have fry growing in the first pit

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