Back to School Preparations for the Kids up the Mountain at the Japanese Shrine September 27 2020

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Back to School Preparations for the Kids up the Mountain at the Japanese Shrine September 27 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Baby Mae and I go to the Japanese Shrine Barangay 5 to Distribute Supplies for Back to School Kids, I mistakenly say we are at Prayer Mountain Because I Have very Little Brain Function in my Old Age, we were at Prayer Mountain the day before and I had a brain fade, Rock on crazy people!


  1. If every person in the world would treat each other like we would like to be treated as well as take care of each other…especially those in need, what a wonderful world it would be!

  2. So nice for people to donate to help out these families during this crisis. Thanks Paul and Baby Mae for facilitating the gifts to all. Thanks for the video!

  3. Hi paul and BABY MAE .thank you for sharing this video. God has bessed the both of you by uniting you with each other. It is heartwarming that you guys and the generous people who donated are helping these children. Keep up the videos. Ciao

  4. Continue to do what you do best be yourself and if you want to help people that’s great that is what it’s all about. If everyone in the world would just do just a little bit like this this world would be a whole lot better. God bless

  5. Great video I love seeing you guys help out. I’m a little confused though, is this an orphanage? Or just kids that live in a neighborhood? Seems like they’re all together, I remember you guys bringing them lunch once before in another video.

  6. Paul another great video! Thanks…and to the Christian Bothers that donated..yes …All Praises to God…and May our Heavenly Father continue to Bless both of you.

  7. Good video Paul and Mae. It is strange but here in Davao, the schools are not reopening. Ne’s youngest has to go to school online. The rules are not uniform from Province to Province, We are under MGCQ like U are but we still have passes for 3 days a week & checkpoints. I can’t go into malls and some stores. (60+)

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