Bà chưa thấy số tiền như vậy! Viet kieu helps woman living with rats.

Viet kieu makes woman cry with heartfelt gift. 2.1 million vnd donation. Thanks to Alex Vuong.
Saigon ngày nay.


    1. Angel Sanchez, if you follow Troy for some time you will see he is honest and genuine. And very intelligent. If you donate through his PayPal, he will pass on 100% of you donation directly to someone like Khue.

  1. Really nice. A very productive use of your Vietnamese skills. Did you learn to speak tiếng việt as a kid with your parents or did you study it yourself later on?

  2. I saw a rat in the wet market in Hoi An that someone had killed – it would have eaten those rats for breakfast, it was so big…

    It is a very cruel life that dear lady is living so Alex, and you, have made a huge difference to her – hopefully for some considerable time…


  4. Sometimes old people start talking so much because they have nobody else to talk to. You start conversation and then they start telling stories of their lifetime. Thank you for the kindness Troy 👍

    1. So true. Since my Dad died, when I go to see my mum I’m amazed at the conversation, she just doesn’t stop! Ha Ha! It is because otherwise she’d be talking to herself… I guess same with people like this lady. I do like the way troy lets them have their say.

  5. What a shit world this can be it is a lottery where and to whome you are born , wouldn’t it be great though to see this old ladys numbers come up !

  6. So, the guys who bombed Vietnam fifty years ago now have $trillions in their bank accounts instead of $billions, and the poor people collect cardboard for 5 cents. That’s really nice, how things work in the world. I’m thinking maybe Trump could pay $100 billion to poor people, instead of Troy trying to help in little amounts.

  7. I’ve seen amost all your vids but this one was the most impressive. Thanks Troy, i hope we will see more of her (and her home) in the future.

  8. So much respect and thought for this well mannered and hard working lady. What unfortunate situation for her age, yet she still think of others fisrt and save for her grandkid, people like her really deserve better 🙁

  9. That is a nice lady you give her the money she thinks about giving it to her son and her grandkids she’s probably never had money to spend on her grandkids

  10. The grace of this lovely lady is stunning. She deserves to win the lotto. To accept a large gift and want to give some back is so humble. Thanks for sharing this heart warming experience Troy and Alex Vuong.

  11. You’re a legend bro. Your vids always make me want to get on a plane & go see Uncle Ho. Live on the mountain in Sapa & watch the mist roll through while I tend to the animals. Keep up those subtitles too. Love ya work.

  12. Mother’s tears brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you Mr Alex. Thanks Troy for being the instrument in God’s works. Keep going and may the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and your donors.

  13. Guys, think about this for a moment. This Is 2.1 million. That is about US90. That’s all. This sister is saying she have never had that much money at one time in her life. $90 dollars. Man, I’m just floored.

  14. I keep watching this video and it touches my heart to see you do this random act of kindness. Good job. Another point is that she said that she has one son and she has to help him when he gets sick. God bless her.

  15. i am always amazed how much these poor folks will chat you up, random stranger and they’ll go on about the most random things haha, its nice really.

  16. Love this video. I like her a lot. When I look into her face…. all the beauty, youth and happiness has left but she still has a story. Most people bypass them all the time but you never know someone’s story….
    I liked how when you took the time to talk to her, she was totally genuine and she didn’t ask for anything or beg. I’m sure in her heart she hoped to get a few dollars but when you finally give her the money….. you can tell she never seen such generosity. I love that. I prefer these one off donations you do. I think the stories of the kids sponsor is nice but as you keep going back….. they expect things now…. and you are in more and more danger because the recognize you. When people are desperate, they do crazy things….
    stay safe

  17. I’ve been watching your videos all day, and have been moved to tears more than once. God bless you and please keep up this great work of God. The one where the girl lost her leg was indeed heart-wrenching thank you for your labor of love, I am going to support you as soon as I can. And this Amazing lady. Many tears shed. Thank you again brother!

  18. What if money came down from the heavens? Well, I might buy a lotto. No. Don’t do that. LOL LOL. How much is the bottom prize of these lottos? Is it more than the $2M the Vuongmeister gave her? Dude. Seem you are always be surprise these old garbage scavengers turn out to be normal human beings. Why do you always assume they wouldn’t be?

  19. I hope you run into her again and help her out once more. I’d donate but I’m broke as hell. I’d like to do the same as you in the future if i ever have the funds. I like seeing you help the elderly. It’s sad that they are still working so hard.

  20. Thank you Alex. What a beautiful thing you have done. This poor woman working so hard for so little and so old. She just wants to see her son and grandchildren do better.

    1. i thought i was the only one that noticed it. i had to check the comments before posting. koodoos bro! good eyes. now donate please.

  21. Beautiful it always gets me . I just don’t understand all these people in the world with lots and lots of money just don’t help the poor . Big thanks to Alex and Troy 👍

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