Azolla Pit Update 5/15/20

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.


  1. Just wanted to make mention, lately in watching your videos, some of the commercials prior to the video starting are as long as 13 minutes, (obviously not helping you because most people are not going to watch a commercial that is longer than the content,) and two in some longer videos commercials are showing up in the middle of your videos.

  2. manegement food pigs for economic food ,,,,,,now food are money future 900kg month total ecoomic ,,,,,,all time manage food pigs and keep food close,,,,,,see offer food into mornig ,,,,,,at hour one and into eveing ,now food become pesos…….after take capital for all field with azzola ,call machinery for make line big for 1500kg food on month 2000kg

  3. 😁😁 I see you put some 45’s or 90’s on the connecting pipes submerged under the water. Nice! Don’t need the screens anymore?

  4. Good info /guidance on growing azolla, thanks, hope it sticks in my (69 year old) brain! 😂
    Was wondering if the wider tarp, is available yet and if you would prefer to use it?
    Might need some adjustments to trench dimensions etc. of course!?
    As your chicken flock is expanding exponentially, having the azolla available, will make a huge difference ‘ in the bottom line’ !
    All in all, a great idea Brian

  5. How much phosphate is taken out of the system with each harvest? Do an experiment and toss a handful into that first pit. See if it increases growth rate with a little added phosphate.

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