Azolla Pit Progress 7/9/20

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  1. We love your channel Brian, only one Philippine channel right now that we are watching at this time, your videos are very interesting.

  2. 🙂🙂 Find a way to get some of that Azolla pit water up to the garden to feed the vegetables and other plants that need the nitrogen before diluting it.

  3. Its weird that the new pits would build up the nitrogen seemingly quicker. Think you are right about maybe too much fertilizer. Damn its just tough to get anything to grow right in the Philippines. Your journey is inspiring . I admire a hard fighter in adversity I am pretty sure that Im going to do a different but similar play in the Philippines in early 2022 and am learning a lot. Cant wait to see hw all this plays out.

  4. Hi, my father is in Pangasinan, Philippines right now and he has his own tiny poultry. Have you seen a Bengal Chicken, the Black Chicken even the meat is black and a chicken with no feathers on the neck? You will be amaze of the varieties of chickens in P..I. Take Care Man!

  5. Brian, you had said that you were previously trying to sell your piglets for 2500 pesos (or whatever) and offered to give one to the workers instead of their 2300 peso (or whatever) cash weekly salary, but they refused. With the new lower price you are getting for pigs and piglets now, you could offer those 3 guys you laid off 2 piglets or a bigger young pig instead of cash for their weekly salary. It can’t hurt to ask them, the worst they can do is say no. And you could make them more inclined to accept by saying that when you do get cash to pay them, you will re-hire first whoever agreed to take a pig/piglet as payment.

  6. Brian, now that you have a second well to fill the azolla pits, you could take buckets of water out of the azolla pits with too much nitrogen and use it to water your garden and trees. Replace the water you removed with fresh water from the new well to lower the nitrogen level.

  7. No Plans?
    Take a break, Big B!
    It’s called recharging your batteries!
    You’ll even be Mo Better! the next day!
    just My 2cents..worth✌

  8. I was thinking the same about the cows at Mitch’s for poop,so yes don’t get rid of the cows cause there gonna be handy right now.i guess the more soiled the water the better for the azolea.

  9. your going to need turn of for every pit Brian as you might fill one to much if you put one turn of to every pit you going to need elbows to and glue

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