Avoiding Toxic Expats – Philippines, Part 3of3

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  1. There was a fourm I use to vist that I really liked untill I discovered it was a haven for monglers. Those type of people really should stay in their own country because the good girls don’t need to be around them. And all the comments there was mostly negative and most of it was coming from their very own experience. The admin has cleaned up the fourm there since then removing bargirl stuff trying to draw more traffic. I have stopped visting there since I discovered your fourm.

  2. Thanks.. I’m hoping to keep it moderated well as it continues to grow. Got no time for people who are bitter with life in general, trying to spread their misery.

  3. I’ll be doing my best to keep the ‘weeds’ from sneaking in. If they do somehow post.. I’ll be uprooting/deleting their comments while I’m blocking them. 🙂

  4. For those who care to read it, I’m adding a link in a moment to the article I did on, “Life’s Too Short & Too Grand” (to put up with toxic people). The link will be in the ABOUT section here above.

  5. Hi there. Michael from the UK here. I love your videos. My in-laws live just over the water from you in Iloilo and we are coming again in January for the festival there. Yes like you say plus and minus in every society even here too in jolly old UK. My wife and I live here now but we have a little plot there which we hope to retire to. Keep up the good work. I would love to meet and have a chat in the Philippines.

  6. From Texas. Dinagyang Festival, Mardigras and the food. Now I hate you guys. I’ve got my own fav dance tribe since 5 and at 12 even participated as a drummer once in another tribe. It’s been 27 yrs. when I left Iloilo City. Only attended the festival once. My sisters, parents, brother-in-law and friends got plane tickets to go back to Iloilo City coming January 2014. Me on the other hand have to stay and watch the fort. 🙁

  7. I do complain some about constant blackouts, and bad customer service etc, but I try to stay positive. I really do enjoy living here. You can’t out run your bad attitude – it will catch up to you. Some people just enjoy misery? I just spent a week in Boracay. Life is good!

  8. I have researched the Philippines as much as possible over the last two years and now this Nov. 21 I’m finally moving there. I believe no matter how well prepared I THINK I am for life there I’ll still be somewhat like the kid next door who believes he could be an elite soldier because he wins at video games. :). People like me, or maybe I simply ignore those who don’t. The point is Life is a collection of memories. Choose to remember the good ones. I hope to meet you one day.

  9. That’s a good way of putting it. Some people just have no balance, and they mess up the rotation for the rest of us. I have no time for fixing them, it’s best to just let them do their negative craziness somewhere else.

  10. Good attitude. Are you a Filipino, ethnically speaking? I returned to the Philippines myself after 25 years in Chicago. I lived in Palawan for two years before returning to the States. Loved the change of pace. Bohol’s a great choice. Hope the recent quake and typhoon didn’t faze you.

    1. It’ll take more than a massive quake and typhoon to scare me off Bohol or the PH.  ha!  I’m not Filipino but I do seem to fit in easily there, especially in the province since I’m more on the dark side.

  11. Some good and interesting commentary on the state of expat life in the PI. The only thing I might add, and perhaps it could be a future topic for you, is that as you move through the expat community in the Philippines ( and elsewhere) you need to be careful of these trolls. I have seen more trouble caused by the expat “buddy” who wants to show some newbie the ropes. Generally, to rip them off as soon as possible. I just joined, enjoy your vids (by the way married Ilocana x24 years, frequent the Philippines since mid 1970’s).

  12. your lucky,you look like a filipino.you blend and thats a big plus when in the phils.ive been there many times and i stick out like a sore thumb.your lucky i think

    1. among filipino strangers, they pick up quick that i’m not filipino.  among people i’ve been introduced to, they seem to be comfortable with me right away, even asking if i’m “really an american” since the prevalent thought is that all ‘americans’ are white.  ha!

  13. Very good video,and very well said about others being negative.I am married to a Filipina for 14 years now living here in the USA,but we will be moving to the Philippines very soon I hope.We will live in Leon Postigo in the province up on a mountain,it is very beautiful there and very friendly people.What more could a man ask for the good simple life.

  14. you no your right there some miserable people out there ,i all ways avoid these types of people ,i don’t no any here in australia because i avoid the idiots ,i like your comments , the values of living a positive attitude ,good clip old son .   

  15. Henry, were you a preacher or a pastor in another past life?LOL. You speak so well and have the wisdom and knowledge of someone who’s been in someone else’s shoes. Good work. You are a true shepherd and you lead the flock.

    1. I’ve had a very interesting life over the years.  Part of which included living 4 years in a commune which was also a missionary training facility.  I’ve always enjoyed speaking to groups and taught small classes for a few years.

  16. Great series of vids. I would add another category of embittered man. There are things in the Philippines that will drive you crazy, so sometimes you hang out with expat friends and its sounds like a total bitching session. Really, it’s just guys letting off steam.

    I love Filipinos and I love the country, but sometimes after that infuriating day at the immigration office I sound like one of the guys you mention.

    So I think there are guys who need a chance to vent, and with positive encouragement are able to laugh it off, move on, and focus on the positive.

    Thanks for being a positive voice, and know that as you succeed you will draw the losers and their negativity.

    1. Absolutely, and I’ve done that myself (among just expats) when recalling some difficult day.  No biggie there.  But the guys I’m talking about.. they are just negative on Life as a whole.  Mostly they will bitch about the PH, but they also bitch about their wife, their past career(s), their kids, the weather.. they’re just unhappy people who suck the joy out of life.  Ha!

  17. you’ve got me thinking; i’ve got a negative-streak that, on one hand, IS justified, given how consistently i’ve been screwed-over in life; but i’m ‘saving’ these 3 vids w/ a label ‘for me’; hopefully i’ll dig them out occasionally & catch myself; i never had a chance of succeeding in the US due to mild disabilities, but in the Ph a lot of things COULD be very different, better; i’m right at this moment looking into tagalog courses online; any suggestions? thx, again for very helpful vids!

  18. Expat who need apartment in Baliuag Bulacan, my cousin have big apartment. Nice place to live. Its in a big compound where her daughter live in a big house and beside it is the big apartment. She will take care of all your needs , and advise you of the area. My cousin lives in the California

  19. I enjoy the Life Beyond The Sea videos, they are extremely
    Very helpful in getting ready for my return home to the Philippines
    which is my second country. As a widower that was married
    31 years to a Filipina woman, I won’t be making very many
    Hasty decisions. I will most definitely make every possible
    effort to avoid those bitter expats, and I don’t want to be
    around their bad mouthing.

  20. Dude!!!!! I am SO with you with these idiots. lol If you are reading this and you are sour grapes. Well, you are an idiot. lololol

    PH is an amazing place, Pinas are the most beautiful women in the world, on the inside and out!


  21. Henry, my husband and I have been watching your videos lately and we appreciate the great attitude you have. Thank you for the advices you have been sharing to many readers. Please know that we admire your positive thinking and wealth of information. happy new year.

  22. deleting these bitter expats is the proper thing to do because we’re not interested in their disturbed distorted ravings,other websites they frequent with their caustic ramblings  should do the same.these disturbed beings are failures wherever they are and  whatever they do so failure for them is guaranteed 

    1. thank you but im not coming there any time soon . i live in calgary alberta canada . im very happy to be able to learn about the philippines . thanks again for taking the time for making these videos . 

  23. Learned the lesson, just stay away from them. I want to go to the PI because Mexico has too much baggage with the US and anti-Mexican attitude up north has back lashed into an anti-American attitude down here. Also, the women are neither that attractive nor are they friendly or open. I don’t go anywhere just for a lower cost of living…you have to like the people.

  24. Henry I guess to each there own. I was station  in subic back in the early 80’s went back in 2007 to visit met a great girl long story short been married 8 yrs now. The Philippines to me is a great place sure there’s poverty but the beauty of everything else there weighs out the bad stuff. You can’t please everyone I do envy you I have to wait 10 more yrs before I can retired there, but its worth the wait!

    1. +ktwhitesox yes, i can’t see myself back in the states unless it was to take care of my mom. i feel at home in the PH. 🙂

  25. Interesting topic Henry…I didn’t know expats also have their own drama. I thought you guys need to help each other especially you are in a foreign land. But yes, I guess it’s a human nature, wherever you are, there are bad and good people, and one bad apple will give a bad reputation to the entire group.

    1. +LB Carl it’s amazing how petty some grown men can get. they truly work themselves up into a lather with their own small-minded jealousy and envy.

  26. As I get older….I see that life is so very short to meddle with the short sighted of the world. They win…I give up. They are right and I will be on my way. I can barely keep my life in a even keel to try to explain my life to any one. I have no answers…only for my self.

  27. I have to put up with these assholes every damn day at work people that never been to the Philippines and have no intrest in going there but they are still telling me that I really should not go there and I am sick of it

  28. You misses the tax dodger that can not go home. The money is gone and he can not go home. miserable SOB’s. i got off the forums a long time ago because of the crap. 7:30 am and your already pissed, nitpicking my spelling. Best part of the day for them is passing out drunk at noon. Nothing is as miserable as someone that can not go home.

    1. + SFO used to have painted on the wall after customs, Welcome to the USA in big ten foot letters. seeing this after after a long out of country always lifted me up. it has since been painted over, Not politically correct? i don’t know why. The Pinos to me are wonderful, with the way they can be happy. True many have never had a store bought shirt. Their most valuable possessions are there children. Walking to work in rags and mismatched sandals, but with a big smile. Life is suffering. How we deal with it is our life.

    2. +Scott The Rock true. and these days it’s harder to get away with that. expats have to renew their visas and divulge their foriegn bank account or face a fine of $10,000 and face frozen assets. (the FATCA requirement) the irs wants it’s money. some guys try to go off the grid, but eventually they need to travel or provide ID and can’t do it without touching base with the usa or PH immigration.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thank you brother in humanity, well I guess the saying goes with what you have experienced:-) Peace be with you

  29. https://www.menprovement.com/cool-guy/

    17- ways to NOT be popular in any circle:

    1) Making fun of people, putting others down or making someone else look bad or uncool
    2) Showing off to impress others

    3) Trying to look better than other people or above others
    4) Crying, bitching, and complaining all the time
    5) Being negative and a downer

    The rest you can read on the site. It pretty much explains why with some people, you’d chew your own left arm off to leave.

  30. According to recent data, about 1 in 16 people have NPD – Narcissist Personality Disorder. NPD best describes these toxic expats you will meet sooner or later. Avoid them at all costs.

    1. in layman’s terms, those with NPD are usually called, “full of crap”. they LIE about everything and have zero humility.

  31. Best to limit your contact with expats. Observe them at a distance and make mental notes about them. After a year, they begin to show their true self.

  32. After listening to this vid and reading the comments it made me think back on my now experience in the Philippines. It’s been mostly positive. I have ran into some expats but one in particular. A white ex military expat. He seemed to tell me to avoid all the things I was finding good, positive, or just really wasn’t a problem to or for me. He told me not to eat at Bunny Burger when I was there in Angeles for whatever reason. The day before I met him, I was eating Chicken Pancit from Bunny Burger. And it was GOOD. LOL.

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