Avoiding Toxic Expats – Philippines, Part 2of3

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  1. I love your video’s. just 1 oz of common sense will get you by. When i was there i lived on their level just a little more money. But overall my motive is to live a simple life, wife or not. To be self sufficent. Thanks for the time you take on these video’s.

  2. It’s my understanding they both speak Bisayan, as well as English of course. Probably a few minor differences between the two, but not like there would be between say Cebu and the northern islands. I’m working on learning Bisayan here on Bohol from one of the local ladies who has taken a shine to me. 🙂

  3. I think it was MTV who used to have a promo-ad.. “Some people just don’t get it.” ha! So true with some of these guys who are clueless on Life in general.

  4. Henry, I’ve named the syndrome of which you speak: “Captain Save a HO!” It’s like any other character defect or weakness, the real problem is the denial. If an alcoholic can admit he has a problem with alcohol, he can now compensate for his weakness and stay sober. If Save a HO could just admit that these 18 year-old tramps are his Kriptonite, he could stay away from them. Again, all down to personal responsibility.

  5. Yep, agreed. A year before I came to the PH, knowing I was arriving already locked into a relationship.. my buddies who had been here already told me, “Man.. you gonna need some anti-Krpytonite when you get off dat plane.” They weren’t kidding. Pretty Filipinas eager for conversation within two hours of me landing here. I kid you not. Like Clint Eastwood once said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

  6. I totally forgot about those parasites, not so much anti-PH but more like opportunistic leeches. A guy told me about an expat who offered to sell him his boat, showed him photos of it and gave him a quick look at the dock. The guy later stopped by the house to ask the Filipina wife questions about the boat. She said, “What boat? We never owned any boat.” Dude was pulling a scam, expat-to-expat. That’s damn low in my book.

  7. Yah, what they want and feel they need.. what fuels them is having an audience. So I cut them off by deleting all the tiresome posts/comments they hatefully crafted.. hours of their time.. deleted in minutes. ha! I love it and I’m sure it puts their panties in a twist. hahaha!

  8. Before I came here I asked myself, “What do I want out of this big transition?” The answer I came to was, “A simpler, happy life.” That’s it. Any luxuries are the cherry on top. In the meanwhile, life’s been good and I am so content. 🙂

  9. Right on, Henry! We’re both young men. Why get locked down to just ONE young lady? The PH has hundreds of islands to visit and millions of gorgeous ladies. There is absolutely no reason for a man to NOT take his time and sample all the delicacies. Then, a number of years down the line, he is well traveled and well experienced. Only then can he choose a life-partner, should he should desire.

  10. When I visited the Phils, I had a great experience. I’m not one who thinks I’m better than the next because I have more than them so I did not encounter any hostilities or even a bad look from anyone. It’s important to remember that we’re in their home and must respect them…We are a guest…If you treat them good, they will treat you good…There is way too much beauty in the Philippines to create your own bad environment…One World…One Love…

  11. Couldn’t agree more, bottom feeders needlessly converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. Although I appreciate the positive tone of your videos I think it’s important for your viewers to understand this so they don’t get dissuaded by these people. There’s a place for realistic critical thinking when it comes to making a move halfway across the globe but never a place for the people who would complain if their icecream was cold.

  12. I completely agree and share the same points of view you do. When you’re living abroad as an ex-pat, you should respect the rules and culture of that country. You are a guest in their land. Keep up the your great work Enrique!

  13. Thanks s much for your videos. I agree, if you cant say something nice then shut up. Dome people have nothing better to do with their time and life. Keep up the good work Henry~!!

  14. there underachievers … like black holes in the universe … they are distrustful … just don’t get sucked in…. I know who they are within 5mins of meeting them… walk away…  just stay away from negative energy ….

  15. I lived in a small town in PI and most of the expats that got out were drunks.  They spent their day going from one bar to another.  I became friends with normal guys that visited there.  

  16. it has one of the highest rates of illegitimate children in the world and lying is accepted in the country.    Once people can accept this and are aware of it then life carrys on.

    1. Anywhere in the world, we live in have illegitimate children because of an irresponsible people. Throw your 1st stone if there is a country, it people does not lie at all.

  17. Sir I’m happy for you if you found the woman of your life but I have over one year of experience in the Philippines with many different girls that I have taken out once or twice and that was enough , 30 women that I took out to lunch or dinner I only had two of them to not text me the following day wanting money so what is that say 99% of the girls there are opportunists and 1% is actually looking for a better life

  18. It is ashame that you are having to block people from commenting, as well as allowing comments only by approval.  My mother always says, “You can’t rationalize with an irrational person.”  She is right.  I, too, agree with you that one bad apple spoils the bushel.  In that regard, I’m glad that you have chosen to closely monitor what is public information on your channel, etc.  You are doing a fantastic thing there in the Philippines.  It’s something I wish I could do.  Maybe someday.  I have a girlfriend that is an OFW in Hong Kong currently.  I’ll be flying to HK to see her, and then we’ll both be going to the Philippines for about three weeks.  I have never been to the Philippines, and I am very much looking forward to it.  It’s a little unnerving to know that there are a few bad apples, or sour grapes, that could have an impact on how my girlfriend’s family and friends and neighbors view me as a person.  Aside from that initial nervousness of meeting the family and friends, I love what I have seen and experienced with the people and the culture there.

    Please, keep doing what you are doing, Henry!!

    Take care.

    1. Thanks.  I didn’t want the delay in posting comments but, there are so many small-minded, racist people on the net that I had to in order to keep them from venting their hatred here on everyone.

  19. guilty as charged. I just ran into the reality check about the real Phililppines that must be adapted to and accepted. So, now that my whining is subsiding a bit, and my expectations are getting properly dialed in, I can get my butt over there and just do it. I’m glad I heard what I needed from you and others. thanks for keepin’ it real Reekay.

  20. “The airport’s open 24 hours. you can get a flight (pauses looks at watch) in couple of hours…leave.” So funny that made me LOL. Yes, I agree. I too started in March of 2013 with research and joining blogs. At first I was so confused by these guys, because I thought, oh my maybe not a good idea for me. But as I would really look at them, they all seem to have that “LOSER AURA” that you can spot really well even in the states. I too, (because I think mostly that our perceptions often create or reality) realize these were the ingrates, the whiners and it was their own stuff INSIDE that was causing them to have such issues in life.  After awhile I just ignored them. Then of course after spending two months in the Philippines this past spring, I WAS AND AM HOOKED! Great video. 

    1. Yep me too. I just recently decided NOT to visit a couple of youtube channels here. Younger guys. They just seemed to have the wrong motivation.I tried watching and quietly thought, you know I think I will not watch; these guys perspective on what is funny or hot or entertaining even… is not for me, let me get back to LBS. HAHA. I mean you often mention the contrast being an attractive thing in observing and I agree as well, and yet some people’s mindset I would just rather not entertain even though it is about one of my favorite topics; The Philippines. In-Joy your day.

  21. What you say is true.I made also in the beginning in 2005 many mistakes and have had to learn it the hard way, but I am not bittered with that or with my life in the PH. Nowadays I can laugh about myself and I am fine with learning about which is my own path.
    I think the bitterness of some (less) Expats is , they expect living the same life like in their homes countries just in another place.
    But behind this, there´s more.My country in Europe is known for a very mental complicated society,very serious people, rare to see someone smiling or easy going in the streets.
    That was never “my life” there in Europe , so I could not adapt anymore and planned to escape.
    Not for living the same again but for living another new life in another place..
    Today I am happy when I have a clean shirt, a meal a day and a place to sleep.For more I am gratefull but not longing or looking for. Open minded for every thing and every new adventure what´s comming up.I know that´s beyond an ordinary life buts it´s mine and that´s ok

  22. my henry!,..i’d been enjoying your blogs and vids and photos so much, informative,insightful and very inspirational..i am just waiting for the kids to turn 18 and off i go to my beloved philippines for good…God bless and thank you for all you do!..

  23. If people are un-happy coming to the Philippines then most likely they were miserable in the country they left, or in a few cases, they had to leave and they feel depressed about not being able to go back.  People that are stuck in this rut will never find peace of mind thinking that all they have to do is get a plane ticket and come to either here or any other country for that matter.  Also, finances plays a huge part in many cases.  I can understand younger people coming here to enjoy a few months sponsored by their parents however, to come here with little income a month can be a disaster and lead to depression and that alone will make people outwardly critical of anything and everything around them   For what it’s worth, know yourself and what you want to do and why.  If you’re not a happy person be it for whatever reason, then find out why you’re not always that way before you board a plane and travel to any place. 

    1. @bob jones very true.  some guys make a mess of their lives, again, in a new land and blame the country rather than take some accountability for their own choices.

  24. Henry I guess people have to remember.. The frustrating situations, traffic in the cities, maybe the unorganized lines at the stores, possibly some garbage in places where there souldn’t be, the lack of olives at times for your gin and tonic, (personal account) the not so perfect electricity and internet connections… If it wasn’t for some of these inconveniences, it would be a place most of us coudn’t afford to live… in paradise. That’s what makes it possible.. Embrace those differences, realize and appreciate this and I think they’ll be much happier there. Although some of these people aren’t happy anywhere!

    1. @geo rux i agree. if the infrastructure was in order, it’d be like hawaii or bermuda and outside most expat’s price range. “embrace the chaos.”

  25. Yes, I learned the same thing in Mexico. Most guys talk in trite little stererotypes about x fill-in-the-blank country. Nothing but complaints, running down the natives, in others typical ugly American an they are truly ugly as you note. I stay totally away from them…they are everywhere giving all of us a bad name around the world…sad.

  26. Yeah right again Henry.i found more of there type people in the larger cities.
    i did not enjoy the big city life , i lived maybe 6 months total in my stay there in cities so i move to the province.and had the time of my life.
    You have to be grateful to be happy and some people just.are not grateful and they will never change

  27. Thank you Reeky for flaring up a few things I’m looking forward to getting over to the Philippines in April I will be in lipa city!! I’m legally blind or I should say visually impaired for weather for my girlfriend and her kids I know myself I don’t have no business really been in the Philippines in my condition I know myself I will be in good hands with my new family

  28. Hi Reekay, I’ve been watching your videos for some time now. They are great! I need to ask you a few questions. I hope you will take the time to answer them as it would greatly be appreciated. Let me first by saying I’m 59 and from NYC. I’ve visited the Philippines twice and absolutely loved it. However, I found myself in a bit of a relationship problem that I’m hoping you can help me out with. I got married to a girl from Manila in 2014 in Manila. When I returned to NY I found out she had a BF all along. This happened subsequently on the same day I was ready to send the paper work to Rapid Visa to bring her here. Naturally when I confronted her about it, she denied it at first until she finally confessed. I know there is no divorce in the Philippines but I was clearly scammed by her. I have not spoken to her since. An annulment for me is very costly and don’t have the funds to do this. So here are my questions. I’d like to return to the Philippines to find a new girl. Like yourself I was planning on living there as I am close now to retirement. If I go back to the Philippines will I have any problems dating or living with a new Filipino girl? I know adultery is a crime in PHs. Even though I have had no contact with her in 3 years, I don’t want to end up in jail. Reekay, if you can give me some advice or your thoughts on this, it would again be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jim

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi Again Reekay, Thank You So Much for your advice. I look forward to returning to the Philippines soon as an expat. I hope I find a Good and Honest girl next time. Thank You Again and God Bless, Jim

    2. the best thing you can do is secure a divorce from this woman in the USA. there are ways an attorney can make this happen by default, even if you don’t know where she is. (public newspaper serves, etc.) once you secure a divorce in the usa from her, you can then file that with Manila to clear you of the marriage with the Filipina. (read the article on this here.) without a divorce from the usa dissolving the marriage, you will be considered still married to her. getting an annulment is a huge problematic endeavor in the PH. you are much better off divorcing her in the usa by default. article; http://lifebeyondthesea.com/getting-re-married-in-the-philippines-what-you-need-to-know/

  29. You hit it on the head. We see the same thing here in the U.S.A. the Mexicans do the same thing, it’s human nature sad but true. Hope to run into you some day move to PI in June (6 month trial)

  30. It is rude to disrespect the country and people you are visiting. Every country has their own way of doing things. If you look things from their perspective, you will be OK.

  31. Great topic, I’ve traveled to many expat communities in Mexico, Central America and the Philippines. No matter where I have been there is always that guy or group of guys. The expect everything to run like their home countries. I always respond back to them with “if your home country is so great, go home and stop bit*****”.

  32. Many of these sour grapes guys HERE in the PH are (or borderline) alcoholics or substance abusers…Alcohol has just destroyed their brain function as they sit in the open air expat bar in their village (there daily like a job with their little group) bitching, moaning, and complaining about everything under the sun here…They’re always recruiting new pleebs to come join them ~ I did for a while (but I don’t drink) so I didn’t fit in…When I decided to complain one time mildly about a banking issue I had and an issue (the same day) about something that went haywire for me at the mall the stock answer was “Well, if you don’t like it go on home” so I guess I didn’t have enough “seniority” in their little group yet to enable me to complain (which I raely ever do but to my gf more in a sense of how to solve an issue rather than complain about it ~ Just doesn’t do any good her to complain anyway coz you aren’t going to change anything (although I did get a change made at my local HyperMarket grocery store that they still practice today but that’s another story) .~ Instead of helping me out by saying something like see the manager I know at the Supermarket or you need to have Preferred status at the bank to cut your wait time down (or something constructive) I was met with a “You can always go home if you don’t like it here” answer while they continued bitching about their restaurant order that served them cold greasy french fries or warm beer, how hot it was, and on and on (or some such other nonsense)…I avoid those places like the plague now and unfortunately I’ve gotta walk by two of them daily on my way out to the highway ~ To bad coz I like to enjoy and Ice Tea there from time to time and talk sports…I’m cordial with them and say hi and actually remain friends on an individual basis with one of the guys but beyond that avoid the alcoholics and the places they hang out is my suggestion (unless you’re one yourself its probably ok ~ if not you’re looking for trouble in my opinion coz they’ll drag you down with them ~ It never ends well)..

    As far as the forums go a few posting there aren’t even expats at all most likely…As you stated they’re trolls and are just stirring up trouble…That’s one of the main reasons YH got rid of all of their message boards and now has private moderated groups…Even at YH News, articles they are writing about are pretty much doing away with the “comment sections” because of trolls…Don’t get me wrong there are many sour pusses out there that have been here or are still here that continue to have ill feelings for the PI ~ whether it be from getting scammed by a bar girl, getting scammed by a contractor building her a house, getting scammed by investing in something and taken for a ride, or whatever…You’ve got those guys in every country no matter where you go and here is no different…Muck Rakers that just want to stir the pot and muddy up the waters for everybody…Just block them or put them on ignore…They’re not worth the time of day…

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