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Last December I was invited to go on a trip down the East coast of Australia with Melbourne’s no 1. Tour company, Welcome To Travel. I’d never explored the east coast before and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It didn’t feel like the Australia i knew at all, but something much, much more. So rich in wildlife and bursting with nature. This was my journey along side 25 other amazing people from Mexico! and the unforgettable time we had on the east coast! If you would like to go on this trip then click on this link below to sign up for the tour (:


Barbatuques – Baiana ( Clozee remix )


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Most of the high quality transition whooshes were from our own transition sound pack which can be bought through this link below!

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  1. 2 videos in a week? whaatt! Now you guys know what i’ve been slaving away working on for the past few months! Heading to INDIA next to make an epic film! A place i have been excited to see for so long, can’t wait to turn a big idea into reality here, something that has been growing in my mind for so long, big things coming!! Please leave a comment to show some love! see you in the next video (:

    1. Man you’re a genius! Do you have an online course, where you teach how to make awesome videos like this one? Looking forward to see your video about India!!

  2. I prefer benntk for a good storytelling and effect, transition, colour grading. Dude, that all 100% . Omg, this is art not a just simple video.🔥🔥🔥🔥👍😄

  3. Man, I just checked your channel. I don’t know how to find the words, but in the end I find something completely fresh full of inspiration. I really appreciate the work you do. So I still congratulate you and thank you for these beautiful experiences.

    congratulations from Italy!!!!!!!!

  4. Benn TK you are the best … 🔥 Love your way of filmimg and level of editing … Your video is viral in PAK …
    From you i just learned that how much i’m able to make myself better through your learning and your hard work and dignity.
    Salute you 🙋
    And i hope your next coming is best to premeire ♥️ Love you as always

  5. Oh Benn u are my favorite creator on YouTube. You inspired me lot and I hope i can make videos like you. Please post tutorials also. bye the way i am fan of your transitions and sound effects.

  6. I like all your videos very much. He brings us different visual experience. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to allow me to share this video with other websites in China so that more people can see your works. Because YouTube is blocked in China. Of course, I will provide the source of the original website. Thank you very much+

  7. Hi there, your feeds have been inspirational, I’ve made a travel video myself but was just wondering how I could use copyrighted music legally on YouTube?

  8. This dude’s channel is so underrated he deserves more subscriber,views and most of all appreciation for making some mind blowing content, absolutely love it👏😍😍

  9. I’ve been here because of avelovinit or patricia averilla… when you have a collaboration with her in japan… i already subscribe your channel

  10. You are the f… boss!!! After watching your videos I realise that my videos are bullshit 😅. For me, you are the MESSI/CRISTIANO of the edition… CONGRATS 🥳

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