ATM’s, Breakfast & Quickie Hotels in Downtown Cebu – Philippines

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  1. Yep, I know.. especially there where I was at and in the Carbon Market, even during the day. Which is why I was constantly turning to see who was behind me. Although it gave you guys a fairly good idea of the surroundings in the process, ha! But I keep a death-grip on my phone when filming in public like that. Sketchy area, for sure.

  2. Even though I’m willing to eat at a Jollibee for breakfast, I like the ChowPao w/egg at Chow King much better than the rice breakfasts at Jollibee. Plus Chow King has a faster order system, faster service. Jollibee seems to always have a long line.

  3. hi, i inejoy your videos. im a subscriber. Question: are you filipino? like filipino descent I should say… and second. are you ritred living in the Philippines pemanently ?? PS. i actualy dated a filipina and I lived there for 6 months. Things didnt work out, I eventually returned back home…. Cheers.

  4. I’m not Filipino, however my background comes from Mexico, Spain and America. But I myself was born in the U.S., 3rd generation. Philippines is my permanent home now. ūüôā

  5. I grew up in SF with very HIGH crime rate and I learned a lot how to avoid being a victim, therefore each time I go to PI I use the same exact knowledge to avoid being a victim.

  6. Or for a layover between or before a flight. Another good deal, for overnight stay, is the GV Towers nearby. Clean rooms and if all you need is a Single room for one person, 650 pesos for the 24 hours. Includes flat screen tv. Room is small, but clean and perfect for one person. Good air-con and private bathroom (CR, comfort room, whatever) with shower.

  7. I picked up a lot of careful habits from my many (many) visits to Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada in Mexico. I profile everyone within eyesight, as much as possible and watch the sketchy ones. Checking who is behind me is a good practice. Usually, everything is cool. But drop your guard and next thing you know, your phone or wallet is snatched right out of your hand and off they go.

  8. Oh, you’re in my “stomping ground” there. If you get a chance, please check out La Fortuna Hotel. I’ve stayed there twice and enjoyed it! They have a wonderful buffet (their chicken is to die for!). Also, check out the bakery next door. You can get wheat bread there!

  9. When I travel in the Philippines and need a place to stay I always use SOGO’s it is cheap and clean. nothing fancy but does the job. When I am stuck in Manila I always stay at a SOGO. same with CEBU. In Mindanao I just stay home. Thanks for the info on Chow King never thought to go there for breakfast.

  10. Great advice about going to the Mall ATM. And they have security guards posted at them also. Nice. Too bad I missed you in Cebu when I was there for three months. We are planning our move either this year or early next to Cebu. Keep up the great videos. Take care.

  11. Have you been to Midtown Cebu? we stayed at the Crown Summit next to the Robinsons Mall.. the staff was great .. and they included breakfast for 2.. Not real cheap but a great and safe place to stay…

  12. I miss the Philippines need to go back!¬† I spent lots of time in Manila/Mandaluyong and Legazpi, haven’t made it down to Cebu, if its south that I can remember a map?¬† Sogo, lol I heard those our hook up hotels for yes, like you say quickie haha.¬† Great Videos keep sharing ūüôā

    1. Just Drive is mandaluyong a safe place around the marketplace mall? And have you been in the solo hotel there in the mall is it nice? I also hear there trying to change the image of the hotel to family friendly.

  13. He is correct about the ATM, I have been all over the Phil, My wife of 2 years is from Davoa, The Chow King is crap, you can find much better food for same price. The meat in it is NASTY.

    1. There’s no consistency in the food¬†at Chow King. Some Chow King restaurants serve great food but go over to some other Chow King restaurant and their food is crap. It’s a franchise so most likely¬†it’s a¬†management issue with the quality control. ¬†Just report it to the head office and they will check it out with the owner of that franchise.

  14. My last trip the ATM wanted 200peso. Bo’s Coffee shop near the library in downtown Cebu has a ‘big breakfast’ that is very, very good. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee. It was not on the menu, but if you ask for the ‘big breakfast’ you’ll get it. Can’t remember the price, but It was good.

  15. as soon as I crossed from the base at subic bay, into Olongopo, (Navy 1976 uss midway), I feel something touching my wallet pocket and it was a 5 year old using a razor blade to cut out the bottom of my pocket. I was amused for a minute, until he followed me down the street saying in no uncertain terms, you give me dolla, now!

  16. I like that breakfast for $2.20¬† with wonton soup…Something small just to get you going… And yes it’s wise to use ATM in the mall so, you don’t become a target..

    1. @Roland Tuason It can take years to learn a new language. I just spent a year in Thailand learning Thai. That is good you can haggle. Being able to bargain a little is just everyday life back in Asia. It is a good skill to have =)

    2. Im a pinoy canuck but I get mistaken a lot as a foreigner. I also speak the language (tagalog) however, everytime I speak in English, I get that dreaded foreigner tax right away. Luckily, I catch on immediately and haggle them down to the right price speaking in tagalog.

    3. Yesterday, again, a waiter spoke to me in Visayan before realizing I wasn’t Pinoy. ¬†Happens fairly regular. ¬†Once I do learn Visayan I’ll be set. ¬†ūüôā

  17. SOGO is always known for the bar girls or pick up girls and some “john”. You won’t be able to sleep at night with all the moaning and humping you hear through the walls. LOL It depends though which SOGO you’re at.

    1. @BenFern kay¬†Just make sure you have two or three party girls with you so that you won’t be lonely. Man, was I so hard up that night. I could have gone for hours. LOL¬†

    2. @Roland Tuason damn, sounds like my kinda place,   hahahah,  sounds like everyone is banging up a storm in phils,  hahahaha

    3. I stayed once at a nice 5 star hotel in manila. It was in Makati, the New World Renaissance…..hell, on the floor I stayed at, just above me, a lot of humping and pumping and moaning. Next door, appears like they were having a gang bang of some sorts because you could hear several girls and lots of moaning and pumping, beds creaking up and down¬†and a voice of one or two guys.¬† Trust me when I say this to you, I could NOT sleep that night. I had a perpetual hard one the whole night listening to all those sounds. LOL

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Sogo’s Hotels are a lot in the whole Philippines. Their image is really not so well. But Sogo knows it already. I stayed for a night at Sogo Dau – Angeles near to the bus-station. I got a nearly quiet room, only the discotheque on the other side of the street was loud during the night. But I never got in contact with other customers or bargirls, not in real and not by sound. So we should hope that Sogo Cebu follows that way.

  18. The idea of Sogo hotels is helpful , especially only for¬† few hours rest / shower before catching the next flight . I’ll check out the Sogo. Thanks .

  19. You don’t want to stay in Colon area, just a place to see the now run down old part of the city with immense poverty. Stay up near Robinsons plaza on Osmena Blvd, or out by Ayala much more pleasant areas, and use the ATMs there. As for 87 pesos for that food, rip off, better off getting street noodles for 10 pesos or a chicken fried thigh for 25 pesos, along with Mango soup for another 10 pesos.

    1. Colon is definitely a ‘gritty’ part of Cebu. ¬†Me, I’m willing to stay there for the less expensive, yet nice hotels with decent accommodations.

    1. Well when we go to a bank there and take out more than is usual for philippines they will normaly offer or send a armed guard out to your car. We were taken out the back door once with a guard for safety. Mind you there was a Jail out front lol.

  20. Ok, but correct me if I am wrong, so going to Philippines is like being in the middle of a war zone, specially if you can not use an atm in the middle of the day. So the idea is not “lets go there for a great vacation, but lets go there to see if I can survive the jungles” and if I am lucky, I get a few cheap meals and a few nights in a run down hotel for $10 a night from my visit.

    1. Hey thanks for making things clear that a standard room that is safe would run about 800 pesos a night. But do they offer monthly deals where you can get about 15000 pesos or $250 anywhere in the philipines.

    2. @Wang Wu¬†i have found several rooms for $10 (about 450 pesos) and trust me.. you do NOT want to stay there. ¬†i stayed in one on bohol and it was kinda like a jail cell. ¬†6’x9′ with just a bamboo twin bed frame (very thin mat, no real mattress) and not secure enough to leave my belongings overnight.

      i found another one over in cebu.  paid my 450 pesos, got my key and went in.  no windows, no air-con (just a slow fan that did no good.), filthy.  i turned on the water in the bathroom.. it trickled out so slow it would take 2 hours to fill a small bucket.  i walked back out, gave them the key and found a better place to stay.

      a more realistic amount to spend for a room that is both SECURE and CLEAN in Cebu goes for about 800 pesos (GV Towers, single room), which at about $16 is still a great deal compared to the usa.

      but a $7 room (350 pesos).. sure, they have them in the drug-addict alleys near the E-mall and chances are you’ll get robbed or pick up lice. ¬†it makes saving $9 so not worth it.

    3. maybe because you are not looking hard to find a hotel less than $7 per night. but there must be something out there cheap for natives to use who dont have the rich money like people from the west.

    4. So you are saying you cant find any hotel for less than $7 a night. I will be looking for a room with Fan no AC and decent for Philippine style. Not American with AC and WiFi and top deluxe service. But rather a standard room just to lay the head over night. No scrimping is necessary because we are prepared to adjust to live like natives. 

  21. I lived right there, i used to use the atm machine you said not to, i would have my card in one hand and a very powerful stun gun in my other, if anyone came anywhere near me i would hit the button on the sg, never had a problem.

  22. colon’s the oldest street in the PH ,i remmber some of my body’s making money around downtown by robbing people drugs bussnss ,turf war ,foreigner’s are safe to walk around downtown unless if u walk in the middle of the night .tnx for the video . keep uploading

  23. can i ask one things,i have mastercard from europ bank,i ask bank they told me i can use this all over the world,you use from your country card or ph cars, how much we can take out money for one time, and atm is avaliable all over the cebu

  24. Let me ask you a question please ,. I met a beautiful Ph. Girl on line. I am going to Philippines to meet her in person . She is just beautiful in personality as well as looks.
    When I go to Philippines I need about $3000 for travel expenses with her, what is the best way to carry the money with me, cash or travel checks or what and where do I convert it to Pasos because I heard that hotels in Philippines do not accept dollars , thank you.

    1. @ROB NAVAEI set up an online account with western union, that is one way to send yourself money each week so that it’s not all with you in cash.¬† or, check your local banks to see if they have a BDO branch, open an account there and you can likely withdraw it in both countries.¬† but you will need to have your money in pesos for being here.¬† if needed, you can exchange it into pesos at any money exchanger in the malls in the ph.

  25. hi from fort Lauderdale florida
    I have seen many of your videos and agree with most of them
    when I was there I used the atms in the malls safe and better

    I spent a month there in 2013 and have no plans to live there I already live in a warm tropical paradise
    but I will say the woman are very pretty and friendly I love the place but its very far from my home
    Richard in the tropics

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Tocino is a spice,it is good on any meat,I can only find it at where i live at Filipino stores here in the USA .
      I can not find it at Hispanic or Latino store’s so it must be a Filipino spice only.

    2. @Jeff Gulbro even for just $4 usd you can eat breakfast anywhere. for $6, you can get breakfast for two at most places including a nice, sit-down place. the standard filipino breakfast in town is 2 eggs, rice, sausage or bacon and juice with some sliced mango on the side. many places offer pancakes, or corned beef. a really tasty one to try is the ‘tocino’ breakfast.. marinated pork in a sweet sauce, one of my favorites. (often it’s called a ‘tocilog’ breakfast.)

    1. +barry graham i’ve played with Numbeo several times. it’s good as a rule of thumb, but for Dumaguete there were a few things that weren’t quite accurate. even so, with so many expenses figured into their comparisons, it’s still a good tool to use to compare one city’s cost to another.

  26. I didnt really like Sogo in cebu, they gave me a freaking broken toilet… i mean i had to use bottle water to fill up the water tank. Its better just to pay extra $10 and get a decent hotel

    1. depends on your budget and whether you want a resort or hotel. on the higher end, i recommend the Marco Polo, Quest and Radisson. mid-range, the Red Planet or for budget The Mercedes Hotel. anything below 700P a night is going to be on the nasty side.

    1. the major metro areas are manila, cebu, cdo and davao. the rest of the ph is primarily smaller cities (by comparison) and/or province for the most part.

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