1. We all need support / help at some point, don’t ever feel bad asking for help. Wish you all the best, this is one of my favorite channel and will definitely support!

  2. We all hope you get through this although being a student I can’t help with money but I will share it on social media ……All the Best Asian Boss Team ….. Love from India

  3. Just donated. Content quality, informative and yet casual feeling video, professional/respectful/friendly hosts (especially Stephen, Kei, Hiroko and some others) – I’ll gladly help. Hope it works out well for you guys. Cheers.

  4. Definitely donating !! We can’t let you go, you are a part of my daily routine I enjoy your content so much it’s the best informative media of Asia out there !!
    Keep the good work 💪🏽💪🏽 We support you!!
    We will not let you go 👏🏻🙏🏼💖

  5. Just donated 🙂 This is the kind of content that we need right now. Thank you for putting your time, sweat, and tears into such an amazing project.

  6. *Asian Boss:* Makes content to bridge cultural gaps and bring news to people across the world.

  7. Your channel always give us quality insights and I really learnt a lot from Asian Boss. I love your content and I’m sad to see you struggling. It must has been so hard for you to tell us all this because it’s not easy to come out and plead. I donated and hope this little money can do something for you from someone insignificant like me.

  8. YALLL SHOULD SELL MERCHHHH ( but i think you need some investment capital for it ) Very Risky Again! But i have been following you guys since 2016 and i loved every part of it. Stay Strong may GBU

  9. I have always followed Asian Boss and really thankful for the quality content you guys bring in. I don’t follow personal bloggers or anyone , rather find meaning in following channels like Asian Boss. Sorry that Covid was hard on you guys too. Would love to help you in small way I can. Loads of love and support from India

  10. Good luck in your future endeavors. Please don’t ever regret your decision of leaving your lawyer job for starting this YouTube Channel. Everyone is badly impacted by Corona. Even huge Corporations go bust during Corona. Even if somehow you can’t keep this channel alive, please don’t be so hard on yourself. I am more worried about your mental conditions than the survival of this Channel. I hope you get what you wish for, but even if you don’t, you can mourn as long as you want to,but there will come the time to stand up again and have a fresh start. Cia you! Ganbatte! 화이팅!

  11. Many Cambodian love your video, I hope there is some sort of donation so we could help you pushing what you are doing to help Asian getting their voices heard.
    Edited: I just watched an entire video, there is a link which we can click on to go the donate sites.

  12. It’s extremely sad that Asian Boss had to let go so many but I’m glad I can finally support Asian Boss more directly. I always believed in your vision for what you are doing and have done over the years. I loved watching your interview with one of the last living comfort women because it’s such a powerful event and one that needs a spotlight shined on it and you did it so amazingly.

  13. I love you guys and what do sharing a global perspective and helping others along the way. I hope you’ll be around for a long time to come 💕

  14. Hi, I’m new here… Does he mean at almost 2.8M subs, their content is not monetized on YouTube? Or that YouTube income is not enough for a channel like theirs?

  15. As an Australian who has never travelled overseas, “Asian Boss” to me has brought a small personal insight into people from our neighbouring countries.
    I’ve enjoyed watching all your videos over the years, and also discussing some of the topics you’ve touched on with friends and family.
    Donated to your gofundme, hope you get back on your feet and find a sustainable revenue stream again.

  16. I’m an old lady living on a small fixed income, but I sure can make a small donation every month for a year..Good luck! Keep up what your doing!

  17. Hey, Logan here. I am a 24 y/o African American male watching you from Ohio, US. I have gained so much insight about Indian and Korea culture through your channel. I enjoy your content so much, it’s always so genuine, and the people asking the questions have such an interesting way of relating to the person being interviewed. I am more than happy to support your channel now, when I am in a position to do so. I hope you can continue to make content, you are making a difference!

  18. I just subscribed … been watching your videos and appreciate the effort to share important matter to the whole world. We got you … we’ll get trough this💪💪💪

  19. I hope you find the way to monetize your content even if it means adding adds. It is what it is, if it’s a business it has to bring profits to operate.

  20. Your work is so valuable that I really hope you’ll survive, and that you’ll become greater and greater after all this covid-19 mess will eventually end. You’ve got my support ❤

  21. some things u can do to support if u can’t donate:

    1. comment on this video
    2. share this video
    3. share this in any of ur social media platform (instagram, tiktok, twitter, facebook .etc)
    4. put it on reddit (so pewds will prolly help 🙁 )
    5. upvote on reddit
    6. don’t forget to like
    7. support asian boss by watching other videos that has already been made in this channel
    8. pray for the best
    9. hope this goes well 🙂

    spread love everybody 🥰🥰 WE CAN DO THIS

  22. This is devastating news but something I wasn’t surprised to hear. Covid caused a wreck in so many people’s lives all over the world. I only recently started watching Asian Boss videos and liked them. I will try my best to help out in any way I can. I will pray for the best for Asian Boss. 👍🙏

  23. Just commenting for the algorithm

    But anyways, Asian Boss really opened up my boundaries about several Asian countries: their views and culture. I hope they will rise up from the odds because this channel is so worth it.

  24. Commenting for the algorithm as well! I appreciate your videos so so much, and it definitely helped me to learn and to be more open-minded about the experiences of other cultures huhu. I hope that you guys can pull through with this obstacle!!

  25. Asian boss is underrated, that vision of building cultural bridges and representing the voice of many is what we require in the world. It takes a different breed of man to put down a high salary job and work on helping the world. Your efforts have built a community of like minded people like ourselves whom believes in making the world a better place.

    Like yourself and Kei, I am a no one from Singapore but I support your cause, your determination and most importantly your vision. I hope with our efforts, Asian boss can remain as our voice and hero to the many people out there.

  26. Steve I love asian boss have been binge watching your videos since November 2020, can’t donate right now as I’m still a minor with no bank account but here’s a comment for algorithm. Please continue the great work. Love you and all the Asian boss team ❤️

  27. for the algorithm, but this channel really brings awareness to norms/culture/issues/etc all around Asia to people all around the world, which is so important. Sending love ❤️

  28. We need to spread this among pewds subscribers. Blue shirt kid is a legend, the guys who brought him to light can’t go down.

    Stay strong Asian Boss!

    Upd: posted on pewdiepiesubmissions. Let’s keep our fingers crossed maybe Felix himself sees this and makes a donation

  29. I can’t donate, so I hope a comment could help a bit.
    I learned a lot through Asian Boss, and I’m really grateful for that. Hope you’ll get through this. 🙏🙏Sending prayers and love from the Philippines❤️🇵🇭

  30. Please sell AB merchandise and open a patreon account. That could bring little help. As a broke student, I can only pray that you survive. I learnt so much from AB, I wouldn’t want it to close. Fighting!!!

  31. I’m so sorry for this. Praying for a breakthrough for you. May many people reach out to you and rescue your company.
    Unfortunately I am not in a position to help financially, but I have subscribed.

  32. Stay strong you always been able to provide amazing content. Never forget where you came from. The journey may have ended but it’s just a start of a new beginning.

  33. I rarely do donations because I also hate asking people for money, but this is a worthy cause. Your contents are inspiring and they keep me curious of the cultural similarities and differences we have in Asia. So, done, done and done! 🙂

  34. See please dont close the channel just upload small small video ok, then when the economy will increase you start uploading you real videos ok, from mownjust ask your members in other country just normal video and edit it normally, like other youtube channel.
    PLEASE PLEASE, dont close this channel ok.
    I will try my best you donate your and just now I will share you video in all my social media account and also ask them to do the same thing.

  35. Youtube keeps recommending useless fashion and makeup gurus and drama channels talking nonstop about who when a how someone broke a make up brush of some other make up artist lmao.

    … instead of showing channels like this, that LITERALLY changed people’s lives! ❤️❤️

    In real life , you helped people who stuggled financially and gave them hope for new home, new life, education, fresh start and you changed US as well, your watchers. After watching each video every one of us picked up new information, knowledge about how there is so much more to the world than we think and than what we see in our countries.

    *Asian boss is binding machine for cultural ,racial, age and status differences*
    We WONT let this end! 💪🔥❤️❤️❤️

  36. Just few thoughts:
    – structure donnors in groups, like ” basic donor” $5, enthussiatic $25- 30, kings and queens $500…
    This can guide poeple, motivating to donating even if it’s just few $. If not structured more poor feel uslesd.
    2Why only one time, encourage people donating, again don’t underestimate small donors. People usually think that only big $ matters…

  37. I donated. Hope it helps. I don’t want to see Asian boss to go. It’s always interesting to see what other real people thinks on different issues. Not the propaganda or what the media trying to sell us.

  38. Of course when Asian Boss ask for help the least we can do is donate and/or spread the word. They’ve helped alot of ppl it’s time to give them a hand in return

  39. I’m sorry to hear this! This channel has definitely helped to broaden my perspective on issues and to teach me about other cultures! I hope we can help them out❤️

  40. Awww really! Corona really hit everybody hard on losing business! I love asian boss! Esp like he said It gives asians the right to be heard in media, bc in america things are not like that! STAY STRONG AND DON’T GIVE UP HOPE.

  41. Hmmm You tube ( Google ) is doing battle in courts in Australia at the moment re monetising ….. If Google don’t get what they want, they will pull out completely from Australia. It’s happening right now…

  42. stay positive and don’t give up, as long as you don’t gave up on the channel, there will be ways to turn it around, you have 2M subscriber so i think using the youtube membership system is a good start

  43. Thank you for everything you did, all the effort and time you have put into this! Im sure i can say this, everyone whom watches your channel is appearicated what you have done and will support you in all ways possible.

  44. The videos from Asian Boss have been a part of my feed for years, and have opened up many more stories from Asia that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, especially as an immigrant Asian living in the West. Thank you for your content and hard work; we really appreciate it!

  45. dam I feel like a huge global depression will soon come in the coming months with businesses closing down all over the world. Hope you guys make it through tho.

  46. Omg. Pls don’t stop making videos. This channel is one my faves and this deserves the world. I remembered how amazed I was learning things about Thailand and Korea during the pandemic and binge watching your contents.

    To those who can help, plsssss. save this channel.

  47. You guys got my support always. I found your channel around 2 years ago and I have been so inspired by your content. I will help as much a I can. Lots of love from London

  48. I hope and pray for a miracle. Your YouTube channel brings truth to your eyes and ears and education. Please continue to fight… you have a lot of loyal YouTube followers around the world. Lots of “Aloha” from Big Island, Hawaii.

  49. Wow. This is so sad. Hopefully you guys will be able to stay on YouTube. If you can help please do, I love Asian Boss so much. 💗💓💕 fighting!

  50. I’ll be happy to donate now that China Uncensored has became a political hack network due to America Uncovered I’ll be happy to redirect my money I used to donate them to Asian Boss.

  51. Please please consider making a patron as well!!! I will gladly subscribe to one if you guys do and like others have said it’s a much more constant stream of income since the YouTube algorithm is so picky the stream of income won’t be as consistent , best of luck reaching your goal

  52. This is one of the best channels on YouTube. Better days are ahead for you. Stay strong and bring out new interesting content as you always have. We’ll all help in whatever ways we can. All the best!

  53. Keep this channel alive 🙏 This is very informative and an eye opening to a lot of people. Your channel makes me aware on other culture not just mine so keep it up Asian Boss!

  54. One of the most genuine channels out here having to shut down but influencers who cause drama 24/7 are still up and running this just sucks man. I hope they will never ever shut down… :’(

  55. I have always loved the content you guys make. YouTube…damn….fix your algorithm. If you can’t save this channel, you are not helping the world to grow. Do something @pewdiepie @mrbeast.

  56. Himnae steve, omg i wish i could really help you guys with something except the money 😥 i would like to donate a very little amount from what i have. I really inspired with this channel so much, i hope you guys ca find a way. Really hoping the best for you guys, stay safe and God bless ❤

  57. I love Asian Boss a lot better then other media companies that just talk about nonsense and celebrities. I hope Asian Boss can continue in the future.

  58. Found your video on YouTube’s suggested page! The algorithm is working! I’m so sorry that this happened. I’m new to your channel but hope you guys can survive

  59. Oh its clear why the channel got demonetized the content!!! But how YouTube works is if 20 videos not what they like or agree with the block the whole channel not those videos. So nothing makes money on the channel. The issue is YouTube

    Sue them!!!
    They censor the gays
    The blacks
    The alternative
    The asians
    Only one culture makes it. And there channels look like James Charles jefree star and hmmm you know.

  60. Him: I don’t ask for help.

    Me: Virgo

    But seriously, I love Asian Boss. When I discovered it I was so amazed because of all the interesting stories and people being helped. This is so sad. I hope you get back to your feet soon.

  61. In my country, the Philippines, content creators who spread misinformation, malinformation, and disinformation; and those that put up useless videos in the name of (toxic) possitivity and “entertainment”, continue to thrive. They don’t deserve it. And I hate that such situation reflects the kind of citizens their share of audience are.

    Creators, who strive to shake up the cultural, economic, and socio-political awareness of citizens, such as Asian Boss deserve much more support and wider viewership.

  62. This makes me sad… Asian Boss always gave us great content that no one else in the YT community does. Seeing the lives you changed was incredible. I hope that somehow you and the team find a way to get back on your feet 🤍

  63. As a child of immigrant parents I’ve felt disconnected at times from my asian heritage. Your channel has brought so much insight about so many cultures and are one of the few media outlets that reports on such important issues during a time where internet misinformation is dividing so many. Best of luck on the funding!

  64. Make your videos Premium, allow to run ads, join patron, and the most important, I’m an Indian, and I can work for free from here. I would be proud to work for Asian Boss for free! Whoever agrees with me will stand by Asian Boss!

  65. Why don’t you get a Patreon account where your subscribers can pay for your content and even promote some brands so that you can get some funds from those companies too
    I seriously dont want this channel to shut down just because of financial crisis

  66. I never realized YouTube demonetized your channel. That’s really unfortunate. Thank you so much exposing issues in Asia to me. I’ll donate what I can.

  67. Stephen and Team, I am very sorry that Asian Boss is going through tough times. No, you haven’t failed by starting this channel. Words cannot suffice how thankful I am to you and your team for showing and making us understand that we all face same issues and injustice, we are more alike than we are different. You are one of the very few channels I trust and respect, I hope that alone says a lot about the value you bring in this world. Thank you very much for everything Asian Boss is doing.

  68. You guys should consider streaming on Twitch and getting donations + subs. It’s very profitable once you have a dedicated base of subscribers and production time is shorter than edited YouTube videos. You’d monopolise a niche too, which is good, as most of the content is gaming content. Good luck!

  69. You got my $50 support my friend. This is the least I can do for all the hard work and dedication you all put in day and night. Thank you Asian boss long live this channel!

  70. So because as a CEO of a business… you didn’t run and monetize your business properly I am supposed to pay for your mistakes?
    Nah dude. If you can’t even take the basic steps to ensure that your business was profitable and had alternate sources of revenue, you deserve to fail.
    Internet based companies are mostly flourishing in times of lockdowns because they have more viewership than ever. You have to be a gigantic fool to run this ship into the ground.

  71. Mr. Park we might not in same boat but we are in same wave. Please hang on as all of us try to get through this. All i can do is share your message.

  72. This channel makes me love youtube, there are a lot of contens iut there but your contents guys are just so meaningful, informative and truely a platform to spread awareness and educate peole.Goodluck to you guys and God bless. I know you can get the help and support you deserve. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  73. That bit at the end about failure… Even IF Asian Boss were to go under, it still wouldn’t be a failure. You all have brought joy and information to so many people, and you yourself talked about all the people you have helped in this video. So this cannot be seen as failure. I just hope you remember that

  74. What about that collab with Pewdiepie? 🙁

    Still, well done with the past years of content; subscribed since 2019 aka the T-Series v PewDiePie war. The content Asian Boss produced has been clear, reliable and informative that fits into my daily routine on YouTube, especially In the world filled in a mixture of just and corrupt journalism. While it is sad to hear the financial situation Asian Boss is in, I hope you and your team are staying safe and hope you all the best in your future endeavors.

  75. YouTube’s algorithm already sucks, because I get short clips of what I don’t want. Because I’m curious, I do click on them from time to time, but channels like Asian Boss hold actual great content and it’s not just short raw videos with no editing whatsoever. This is a type of channel that not only has a lot of content, but quality as well.

  76. I’ve always come an gone on this channel but every time I’ve seen something it hit me. It really connected to me. It’d truly be sad if you guys had to stop. Donating now. I love what you guys do!

  77. I really appreciate everything this channel has done for the Asian community by bringing specific topics to a larger English speaking audience. I truly hope you will be able to continue to put out this content.

  78. I can’t donate but I hope my comment will somehow help.
    It’s been few years since I discovered Asian Boss and I enjoyed and learnt a lot. ❤❤

  79. I love it when shitty businesses go under. These guys are always focused on social justice … well turns out social justice doesn’t pay the bills

  80. I’ve been watching your videos for many years now; I’ve been subscribed and hit the bell notifications for just as long as well. This is saddening because watching and seeing the stories of others is truly eye opening for many, and I pray that this gets up and running in the future.
    Here is my comment to help with the algorithm ❤💛❤

  81. I’ve always appreciated the information that you have provided. I will be donating, and I hope that you are able to make your goal. I agree with other commenters about considering something like a Patreon.

  82. I really love this channel. The content was so special and tackled series that would have never been heard without your hard work. I hope your channel continues and you get to keep telling these stories.

  83. Asian Boss has always been such a unique source of information around Asia. I’ve enjoyed every single video I’ve watched from you guys, and yes I am going to donate. I just can’t picture my life without you guys. I hope we can make the goal and keep you guys going for even just a little bit longer. But if not, thank you for all these years of stories that I never would have heard about without you. I wish every single one of the staff (and former staff) the best of luck in the future. I hope something will work out.

  84. I love Asian Boss and the content you create. It has always been amazing to see different perspectives on topics that are sometimes overlooked or unseen. I will always support your reporting because I believe your messages have a purpose. Thank you for all that you do!

  85. Thank you so Much of noting us of this dilemma Before you go/fall/things go all the way south! Thank you for “swallowing” your pride and instinct to try alone (with the team) to solve this dilemma, but reach out instead, that’s a big thing to do, and now we/your viewers can actually help, not only be shocked and then feel a loss when there is now, still a slight chance that we can turn this tide around.

  86. Asian Boss is one of the best youtube channel to ever exist. Period. You will not and should not shut down. We will pull through this together. ❤️🇳🇵

  87. I would definitely become a member of a monthly subscription to your channel! Let’s go, we’ve got this! Fighting!😇🌈🌈🌈💜💜💜

  88. I hope Asian Boss survives. YouTube, please recommend this channel more. And Asian Boss, please create a Patreon. I can even volunteer my free time to help with your social media. Reach out to me if you’d like my assistance.

  89. It would be better to open it up for public investors. It would be better for many investors to invest in a company and to also have a stake in the business.

  90. This channel has been incredibly important in showing Asia by Asians, without the western filter. We’ll do our best because your work is too important to loose.

  91. I donated! I love Asian Boss. Thanks for all you’re doing. I’d like to give more. When I get a steady job again, I’d be a regular donor. Also your journey is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it. I too want to pursue something meaningful with all my heart. God bless ~

  92. Please tell me how I can donate to your cause? Email address so I can e-transfer or an account number I can deposit money? Not much maybe around 50 dollars

  93. Your fault is working with Bill Gates and buying into the whole pandemic bs. Why don’t u ask billionaire Gates for help? I’m sure if you help them with their propaganda they will fund you infinitely. Get on the reset bandwagon.

  94. Living as an expat abroad I have appreciated what this channel has given me to learning about the East, culture, and other opinions. Thank you and hoping to see you do more in the future.

  95. Commenting for algorithm boost! You guys are great journalists – it’s so hard to find hard facts and honest news about what the general public in other countries think about things if you don’t know the language so you’re doing a really amazing job with building bridges and understanding! Thank you for all you’ve done until now and I hope you can continue ;;

  96. Even though it’s 2021 people have to deal with the damage 2020 left behind
    Hopefully this is not the end for AsianBoss your supporters will not let you down

  97. Reaching out to everyone asking for help takes a lot of courage and for that you and you’re team gained more respect from all of us. This video wouldn’t be the one of the few left that we would be able to watch from your channel but only the beginning of something bigger. What you did only proves that in times of difficulties there’s no harm in asking someone for help and I hope everyone or someone would get inspired from this. Though I don’t have a lot of money, in order to help out I would just binge watch your videos (like NETFLIX or K-drama XD) without skipping ads. It’s not much but I hope that’ll help. 🙂

  98. Layoffs happening all over. Reinvent yourself and trim the production to long form content. Stop the back music and audio. Just Interview. Be honest. The meat of you will survive.

  99. I just donated. It honestly doesn’t have that much to do with _Asian Boss._ It’s just that I think you and Kei are really good people with a positive vision and good people deserve a break when their dreams threaten to go up in smoke. Looking at numbers and amounts of donations—it seems like you’re getting averaging ~$2 per three views of the video so that’s great—I think you’ll make it, but I hope, whatever happens, people’s support (and love) buoy you up in the future.

  100. You guys really changed the course of my life. I had just graduated high school and was looking for a path in life. Your videos on North Korea really got me interested in learning Korean, so I started learning and started making Korean friends and I eventually met my now girlfriend who I love very much. I’ve been learning Korean for 2 1/2 years now and I visited Korea last year. I plan to teach English there after I graduate from university. You guys caused that to happen, you guys changed my life. I can’t donate much, as I am a broke college kid, but I’ll do what I can. Thank you AsianBoss!

    Also, idk how profitable merch is, but I’d definitely rock an AsianBoss shirt!

  101. You have done a terrific job.Your kindness to help anyone in struggle triggers me to be more headful for the others. Wish the best and luck for you. Keep it up!!

  102. Please never ever hesitate to ask your fans for help 💗 We will always be here to help. I am a Chinese-Canadian student living in Toronto right now and I always love hearing about different stories from all across the world. Especially growing up in Canada, I don’t know about China but seeing your videos in China were super insightful! I don’t want to see Asian Boss go and will help in every way I can! You are truly bridging these cultural gaps and this is something the world cannot lose.

  103. Probably one of the most objective news channels on Youtube, I don’t own much, and I know 10 dollars is a small amount, but I wish you and your team can recover from this.

  104. YouTube doesn’t care about the journalists who make the world a better place, they just care about what’s most marketable. Keep up the good work, your viewers will fight for you!

  105. Definitely start a Patreon! If a fraction of your subs become patrons at $2 or more a month you can have thousands of dollars coming in a month just by posting videos early or having behind the scenes updates.

  106. You guys should definitely start a pattern or memberships, I’m sure it would help! Best of luck, I hope the algorithm changes for the better

  107. I had never thought one day Asian boss will need our help who helped everyone so much.
    Asian boss is the only genuine news media i have watch, please find a way Steve don’t give up, we are with you every possible way. You’re a source of inspiration for us, thank you ❤️🙏

  108. I’m shocked that a channel with millions of subscribers and tens if not hundreds of thousands of views can go under like this so easily. I’m really sad to hear it.
    I hope that asian boss can keep afloat.

  109. Wish I could help by donating to you! I, unfortunately, don’t have money to spare and my parents won’t allow me. Please don’t give up! Your videos really give us an insight into the commoners’ minds. The least I can do is let this comment affect the algorithm. YouTube needs to sort out its priorities.

  110. Donated already.. Thank you for bringing us such interesting contents.. I suggest you to make a Patreon account (if you haven’t had one) for a more continuous support.. Greetings from Australia..

  111. commenting for algorithm!!! i really really love the content u guys produce and ive learned so much from it over the past few years. I hope the donations will work out for you guys!!

  112. Hey YouTube Asian Boss is big and influential af! You most help put some culture on ur app. People are just realizing faster that you guys only support alienation. There’s no point of censoring even the comments bad language if u keep supporting ignorance and don’t offer such people actual challenges.

  113. Done. Following you for years now. Keep on building bridge between comunities. It’s the only way to bring people to understand each other and bring peace to this world.

  114. Commenting for the algorithm. Have you considered making a patreon page? That can help,maybe. Please continue making your unbiased content. It’s truly respectful and inspiring of you to do this. I wish to work with you, someday. Hope you guys can survive.

  115. No!! :(( Asian Boss is the only media/news company that is non-bias, doesn’t discriminate and actually provide true and hard fact news. Even though I can’t donate, I’ll make sure to do my part and spread the word, so this company (and channel) can continue giving us news that local media does not.

  116. I truly hope this channel won’t shut down and pray that people can share this video and spread the message!! Asian Boss has been giving voice to the voiceless for so long, it’s about time we give back as well for their great contents..

  117. can’t donate as I am also out of job currently, but I’ll comment for the algorithm. this is a great channel honestly, I will be sad if it’s gone.

  118. I just donated. Your professionalism and drive are definitely exemplary. You’ve taught so many people so much about Asia you can’t even imagine. Your videos helped me with understanding Japanese people so my trip to Japan last year was even a bigger experience. I can’t thank you enough guys ❤️❤️❤️

  119. I love this channel for giving cultural knowledge, perspectives and unbiased content especially when the video about SK and Japan giving opinion about each other released. Sadly I can’t donate but I truly support this channel.

  120. I donated because of the excellent content you guys provided, you guys strived to really cover asian cultural issues and provide a unique perspective. i would strongly recommend getting a pateron for sustainable income.

  121. # comment for the algorithm. You are amazing asian boss ❤ 🙌. We will definitely support you and donate . This is not the end of asian boss 🙅‍♀️

  122. I can’t believe this, Asian boss is popular here in india. Asian boss is a unique channel with good content videos, we will help u guys because, Asian boss cannot end like that 💯💤

  123. Asian Boss has brought up so many topics that were unknown to the public.. A true example of dedication and hardwork …. you will get through this! We all are with you!