Asian Americans On Facing Racism During COVID-19 | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. 8:40 No one is saying the corona virus is your fault. Literally not one soul is saying that.
    10:00 “the slow racial divide that he (Trump) has caused.” >> Trump is not causing a racial divide. It is all the baseless accusations exactly like this that cause racial divide. Obama spent 8 years dividing the country racially. Trump is working to improve the economy which helps ALL races.

  2. That’s not true, America created this Virus, but they are hiding this situation by telling the entire world that the East is the Cause of the problem, What piece of 💩 is Trump… 😔

  3. At present, the earliest virus was found in Spain sewage sample in March 2019, and the virus tracing still on-going, people still saying “Chinese virus “, The lethality of propaganda😬

  4. 5:40 I feel for anyone who experiences real racism however our president is not racist; that’s absurd. The corona virus originated from China. There is *nothing* racist about stating that fact. Trying to hide historic reality is foolish and a disservice to all Americans including Asian Americans. It is *NOT* racist to state the origin of a virus.

    To hide historic facts fro the sake of political correctness is to say the right thing to do is to make the population literally ignorant. It’s like acting as though a sovereign nation shouldn’t have borders or a police department. That kind of thinking fails any test of logic.

  5. It’s started in China but the virus mutated into a more mortal form in Europe, and that European mutation is the one that got to all of America (the continent), NOT the Chinese version.
    From what I’ve heard not only in this interview but in the USA news in general, people are incredibly misinformed and ignorant to the facts about COVID-19. From not understanding that unlike other viruses that are spread through touch, Covid is spread through the air which is why we have to wear masks. To the fact that it mutated and the mutated form is the one affecting most countries.

  6. Reminds of a book a read, Jewish immigrants being targeted by locals in 1800’s because the press suggested foreign descriptions last seen for the killings of Jack the Ripper case

  7. Try being non asian in asia and see how you’re treated. You will always be an outsider. Even if you’ve lived there 30 years, you will always be a foreigner.

  8. Good topic. Sometimes I think your channel needs to cover Asian Americans or wherever they live instead of their home country. I don’t know if you covered Asian Americans knowing their own heritage/culture especially if they lived in the US all their life or adopted by a white family. That can be a fun light hearted topic.

  9. For all these uneducated weaklings, president Trump has helped minorities more than any other president… The mainstream news doesnt tell u about it cuz they want him to be hated by the gullible masses… Trump has never been called racist before his announcement for presidency… Let that sink in…

  10. You should also make a video on racism among asians towards the chinese. Because asians are racist to each other too. Asian americans are probably more united because they’re in the same boat in a nonasian country.

  11. Great interview series, too bad you couldn’t capture New York which has a very high Chinese population, where the grandma was lit on fire, and another lady got acid thrown on her face.

  12. Yah, the middle of US crap is generally true, the rasist People do that generally in the middle US because they generally know there’s more people like them or put up with it because people who are from minority groups don’t have much power or can stand up for themselves because they are the minority…..I am someone who likes in the middle USA…..

    Is it me or dose the one girl the interviewer stands with look very uncomfortable with him standing so close…..
    This is just my observation and opinion

  13. Why don’t Asian American come back to Asia? We know that Asia is becoming a great powerhouse for world, and all the countries need their people to progressively develop.

  14. That’s nothing compared to what Northeast Indian faced or is facing due to the pandemic. We were called as “Corona”, spat on the face, denied to buy grocery, got kicked out by landlords (forcing us to live on the street because every means of transportation were cut off and one could not go home), locked inside by landlords for months by cutting off water supply and electricity, asking sex favor by landlords, called as Chinky/Chini/Momo/Chinese and so on. These are faced by almost all the northeasterns at the hand of mainland Indian. The mentality of mainland Indian are just so sick that a business centric animal activist from Mumbai ( the place where all interviews by Asian Boss are held) started attacking our food habits, threatened to slice our throat and inciting other Indians to harm us wherever they see us. And oh, she got arrested by Nagaland Police. She even attempted to escape by jumping off a two storied building, injuring herself while in custody. You can help us by raising your voice, we are badly outnumbered out here, we need international support. Many countries got freed even in the 21st century. Unthinkable atrocities were committed in the past, now its racism. I am Indian just in paper but Naga by blood. We are zillion times better than Indians emotionally and morally, their heart beat different wth and they smell real bad shssh. We share no common traits whatsoever, be it in physical look, culture, language, history and so on. INDIA, the rape capital of the world, the scam/fraud capital of the world, a place where people value cows more than woman/human, a place where people will kill you to steal your phone, a place known for dowry, sati and infanticide, the most unsafe place for women on earth, a place where people openly masturbate on the street on seeing a foreigners, a place where you can be killed or get beaten for cooking what you like, such satanic place should be exposed.

  15. This is Horrible. I’m honestly so so sorry for these people who’ve faced obviously historical / institutional racism but the new and continued racism and bigotry towards the Asian community.

    *Shame on us (white people) or not being better*

  16. I am not Asian, I am Caucasian living in Japan right now. I can understand the frustration, people Walking beside other Asians With no regards for social distances and suddenly moving 4 meters aside or even crossing the streets putting trying to fix the mask on the face as good as possible. The few times I can’t avoid the train is convinient because I end up being the only one with both seats beside me free, less risk to catch the virus and bring it home to my Japanese wife.
    At least Japanese people doesn’t do this with anger and verbal violence. “sometimes Respectfully discriminated” 😂

  17. Racism is there everywhere in the world, country to another country, state to another state , within districts , within localities and even families . So this is an inevitable truth, but migrations are there everywhere according to needs. We cant stop our needs in life . So just give a damn about all these difficulties and move on😆😆💪👌

  18. When everything has been said and done, it’s human irrationality at its best. Point me a race that is not racist, and I will call you naive and blind. It really is all a matter of degree; some people just can’t control their irrationality that they have to provoke someone. Until Jesus comes, the human race will simply have to put up with this.

  19. Here in Phoenix AZ I’m basically OK throughout the entire pandemic so far. Only a few cases in March-April some people walk intentionally away from me in grocery stores when I was wearing a masks while most people didn’t. I appreciate them paying extra attention on social distance with me and I did feel safer. Btw I think the girl with long blue hair in the interview looks pretty, though masked.

  20. I’m still under the firm belief that we should forgive and let go. F*ck the haters, let them say what they want. But at the end of the day it’s all talk

  21. China’s mistake there it’s not mean we have to discriminate them . We have to respect everyone most of Chinese or good and there people are very good and polite in behaviour ,the mistake is only Chinese government. In July they got 1st Carona cases just they hided there because of Hong Kong which is not china part that time Sayed information outside. But actually china wants to make vaccine and release in world but it’s out of control this way also they thought to earn via selling masks they just all planed.

  22. This article is not factual I have plenty of Asian friends and we all treat them like we are all the same and Trump calls it the China flu and he isn’t really referring to the people but rather the CCCP

  23. It pained me to hear of the many cases of racist treatment to Asians by these ignorant cowards. Bullies tend to attack in groups and usually those who are least able to defend themselves, hence the attacks on Asian seniors. I loved hearing Asians speaking up so elegantly and powerfully about this critical issue. Please vote and help us pluck that incompetent racist from the Oval Office.

  24. And were are they finding the most so called racism? In the Democratic states. Sorry but this is why we as Americans need to fight Antifa. The mainstream media is promoting BLM and Antifa. If this was really not an isolated incident then BTS would not be so popular in America or the world.

  25. Racism will not go away in the near future, it will stay with all of us generation to come, We Asians need to speak up, make asian racism matters. Vote more asian in your community for offices. vote off those politicians who don’t help Asians. We must Speak up! We can’t hide. Asian lives matter!!

  26. racism is stupid and lazy. people associate without learning more about the person. they look at the color of their skin, and project their rage towards a stranger that doesn’t even deserve it and they have no business doing that towards. i really hope this generation can continue to its trend of change but steer it towards positivity and understanding.
    my parents are from a generation of war… I’ve tried, but their animosity towards certain countries can only fade so much but they have a little bitterness for their country that had been invaded in the past (not mentioning which country that’s not the point here). my point is that we’re not a wartime generation, we should be a generation of peace.
    this is just my wishful thinking but i really wanna see the light at the end of the tunnel. not “waiting out” this pandemic, but changing things now.

  27. This country needs more Asian leadership. The asian-centric approach and sensibilities will be of great benefit to the world populous. I sense that there will be a time and an opportunity for this concept to be conceived and made a reality. And it will be sooner that you think. The global environment has become more complex, there are more variables than ever. Those have been particularly racist to Asians, those racists are blind to the truth of what is going on.

    As an Asian, I actually see this as opportunity. Whether you are, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, all colors of the giant continent, let this strengthen our bonds. A great human being would think, this is the time to truly appreciate each other and appreciate human life. We must no forget that that regardless of racism and classism, there are good human beings. Real life heroes do exist. We can be that.

    We must be realistic. Here in the US, the clock is ticking, and politicians are playing too many games. They only care for their reelection and continuously flaunt an illusion of usefulness to the American populous. On the grand spectrum, the power and control structure that exists is showing signs crumbling into irrelevance. As it should. There has been a drastic increase in protests, riots, and cyber-attacks. More and more people are realizing that the government is a kleptocracy and two-party system is trickery to get the people to fight among each other instead of targeting the corrupt criminals that make up the senate, the house of representatives, agencies, and the white house. Of course the people are becoming more angry.

    A virus that is nano-scale in size, is causing so much chaos, displacing careers, permanently closed many small business, socially isolating people from human to human contact, and have made some countries reduce intercontinental collaborations. Scientist, virologists, and medical specialist are providing more throughput than police forces and militaries in this current state of the world.

    Major conglomerates have profited from the situation and in some cases have been laundered large sums of by the government. Most working class Americans people are left wondering if any aid will ever come to them.

    It is because of the circumstances and the reality of the situation, the realization comes into fruition. The true solution for everyday people. The alluring sensation of a greater level autonomy, transitioning away from outdated governance. To no longer consolidate decision making to a bunch of strangers in suits, that lie you on TV everyday. Instead for the global populace to awaken and truly stand up for themselves. To believe in ourselves. To believe that we are ready to direct our country, our world as we see fit. The next step is to start building the tools that will enable people to be empowered.

  28. I hate racism as an asian but I also do not like China after the pandemic. They are just causing a lot of harms everywhere. Why should I be blamed just because I look Chinese!?? And they are using this as a trick wearing the tshirt written “I’m Korean not Chinese” and pretending that they are Koreans while speaking Chinese.

  29. I’m a black American male and I stand up for my Asian friends all the time threw this pandemic, and these people are using this pandemic to be more racist towards Asians and it makes me sad and hurt in side because as a black man living in America I know it to go threw racism.

  30. Listen, I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being targeted nor do I want anyone to feel uncomfortable for things they have zero control over. However I don’t want anyone hyper sensitive to these cultural slights and racism either as that can be just as debilitating. Go about your life and grow a thicker skin and give people that deserve your attention your time. At the end of the day racism (especially how it’s now being defined) is very low ony list of concerns in life.

  31. The media has done a number on the American populace. It’s sick.

    Hearing the idea “Racism has been here it’s just with the virus it came out even more.” is a pretty false analysis. People naturally panic and become fearful toward any minority in a crisis or conflict. When we go to war with Germany and Japan we become hostile to Japanese and German Americans, but obviously Germans blend in to the American phenotype better than Japanese Americans. That’s how you get Japanese interment camps. Ebola is a perfect example of African people being discriminated and ostracized despite America having one case and it being a minuscule threat. China also heavily discriminated against it’s minority populace during the Pandemic.

    Trump calling the Corona Virus, Chinese related nick names like “China Virus” , “Kung Flu” “Wuhan Virus” is a direct hit at the CCP who was blaming the US for the virus at the time, botching the handling of the virus by silencing doctors, lying to the WHO about the nature of the Virus AND much more corrupt handling that has yet to come out. Yet the Media spun it toward Asian Americans despite the most irrepressible and egregious attacks being committed in the most “diverse” and “liberal” city in America, New York and unfortunately by Black Americans. So this idea that trump embolden the attacks is 1. really difficult to prove and 2. Is more about attacking Trump on the backs of Asian Americans then a concern for their safety.

  32. How come East Asian and other immigrants don’t appreciate the fact that they’re only successful in America because of the hard fought civil rights act, that helped open this county to people of color? Instead they cry about Ivy League schools and affirmative action that protects minority groups (like SouthEast Asians), yet they never discuss the legacy system that are in place that take up way more seats and are actually unfair practice.?? Why is that?

  33. my friend (korean) was more scared of racist attacks than the virus earlier in the pandemic so she stayed home. ridiculous. people think every asian looking person has the virus? literally ANYONE could get the virus. more americans have the virus now than chinese people 🙄

  34. The answer is love. This a people thing not just race. I don’t care if it was called kung flu. Don’t be so easily trolled by words. Change starts with yourself.

  35. So now there talking about racism against Asian Americans but did u do a street interview about the racism against black people in asin countries look at the black man the Korean people destroy just because he said black face is not ok a few weeks ago…… what goes around comeback around i use to feel bad for them when this all started but after see what they did to that black guy i dont anymore 💯 and im white by the way

  36. I am asian american, And I want to move back to korea. UHHHHHHHHH I hate living in america. Of course korea’s got its problems but I can handle them way better than america’s

  37. It’s sad that many people of all races are racist against each other. White against black against asian against brown. And if you go deep, korean against chinese. And again go deeper, the hong kongers against mainland Chinese. So basically instead just seeing others as racist maybe its time we all look at ourselves and stop categorizing yourself as somebody based on your skin color, religion or other traits. See yourself as a human being first. Change your mentality. Stop calling yourself Asian American. You are an American. Period.

  38. for a youtube channel focusing on asia, i find your actual content from China is quite limited. living here in China since more than 10 years, i’m 100% sure plenty of subject could be covered.
    Anyways, thanks for your videos 😁

  39. I felt like asians are treated like non humans but some different creatures or herbivore that you can ignore. Like, you don’t even realize they exist and stressed from racism while you guys are fighting for antiracism toward black people. That’s what i felt from world wide news at least.

  40. Did she just call “where are you from?” A micro aggression? I mean i get it but come on bruh….its not that serious of a question.

    Also “relatively clean record of racism?” So what racism would be allowed??? How about “no record of racism?”

    Its simple, there is a group of white people that will never change and they need to be muted and marginalized for the rest of the majority of common sense multicultural america can move forward. That way we can have things like nice infrastructure and public transport, amenities, etc and stay focused on living healthy, happy, knowledge seeking lives.

  41. As a 3rd generation Japanese-American living in NYC, I’ve never faced racism in 38 yrs of my life. Since the start of COVID, just walking on the streets or going to the supermarket, taking the subway, I’m hearing racist slurs every other day, “Stay away from me, you brought coronavirus!” and just hours ago on the subway platform, “Go back to China! Trump says y’all brought the disease!” Honesty, these are trying times and everyone’s been in survival mode. Every time I try to ignore the blatant and blind ignorance, it’s still just as disheartening.

  42. Why did you only interview people under 30 yrs old???? This was extremely poorly executed. I’m an AA over 50, and would have been able to give you my permission to be on screen for this video.

  43. Racism is an awful thing before and during covid, but to be honest there is racism towards whites in Chine. There are many places where are notes “White people are not allowed to enter”. There was racism towards black people before covid as well. All is afraid of covid, so that’s bad but understandable.

  44. In India, Northeast Indians were so much affected by this. People spitting on them and run away, not allowing them to go inside the malls, calling them names, neighbors calling the police on them, landlords throwing them out of the house. The thing they don’t realised is that Northeast States has the lowest number of people affected by this virus like very low number and they had the audacity to call the Northeast folks “corona” 🤣
    Just look at the numbers. 💩

  45. I used to live in America and they make a big deal about racism and diversity. But to be honest, Americans are mostly nice. But to be honest, if you go to countries like China or Japan. They’re kind of racist to non-white people

  46. Haha okay so I’m from Northeast India (we share similar features with the Chinese and other parts of asians) and I study in Mumbai. This year on March we were harassed and called “corona” “chinese” and people literally moved away from us in our OWN COUNTRY! I can feel what these people are saying.

  47. Asian Americans are extremely racist towards black Americans. So pot meet kettle. Stating that I do feel empathy for Asians, but I have to point out facts. Y’all need to look in the mirror and deal with your own bias and bs towards other minorities as well.

  48. racism against Asians is very similar to antisemitism. so, I know how it feels. all I can say is you aren’t alone and don’t let the bigots get to you. we support you totally.

  49. I have not been bothered by racism either Pre Covid and during Covid.
    Just how bad is it? I would share from my personal experience that it has had zero affect on me.

  50. This isn’t new my best friend is Thai and I’m black we have always had to overcome different kinds of racism but now I’m scared for her because people are getting more aggressive with Asian Americans

  51. Yeah, I definitely would have gone to Florida, or Midwest to find a ton of Asian Americans facing racism for this video. I lived in DC for some years, most of my friends are Asian, but it’s a much more diverse area where many people are more open minded compared to the southern places and Midwest.

  52. If we just stop labelling ourselves and others with color, or looks, rascism would stop, I do still value the backgrounds and origin of every individual, but we should never used to judge others

  53. I do agree but asian be racist to all minority group but they don’t do that to white people and treat minority different than white people atleast in the east coast and also you got china treating foreigners bad and kicking them out of their store and apartments

  54. This is sad.. Since then racism is a global issue. That’s why we shall not forget the slogan “AllLivesMatter”. Respect doesn’t have to come naturally it is something you learn.

  55. But how about chinese people who are raciste and get out African on the street durant covid Say they smell. It’s not a anti asian racism it’s because you Always choose silent for me you dont speak to loud it’s my opinion. Without covid why no one talk about this racism ?

  56. The superior and vain attitude by Chinese citizens over Internet contributes to the Adian phobia. What china fails to understand that with such vain attitude, it has risked not only Chinese lives outside china, but also the other south east Asians who live out of their countries

  57. People that think like that against Asians, in fact against all minorities, don’t consider anyone that isn’t white American. While in reality it doesn’t matter what you look like or what your heritage is, if you live in America, you’re an American.

  58. The woman who was talking about the racism in the Midwest has rather obviously never lived here; she visited briefly, only. If you live in the Midwest, you quickly find out that it doesn’t matter what your skin looks like, it only matters how recently you arrived from out of town. A white person who grew up in Alabama is going to get the same funny look, when they first show up in the Midwest. It’s the “Who the heck are you? I don’t recognize you, you must be from out of town” look. (There’s also a worse version, which means all of that, plus “I hope you’re not from New York City here to start a crime spree, because we frown on that sort of thing.”) After a while, people start to recognize you, and then you get the “Oh, you’re that new person” look, which is a little better. This lasts until someone even newer blows in from out of town, or for three generations, whichever is shorter.

    I won’t say this attitude is good, but it isn’t racism as such. Is applied to everyone who shows up from out of town, equally, regardless of ethnicity.

  59. It doesn’t take this video to wake me up. My daughter-in-law came from China as a student. Although she has done well in her education and career, I am concerned how racism will affect my grandsons as they grow older.

  60. Bear with it or do something about it, same method for almost everything; You just cannot be too optimistic about other people’s thinking cuz you can’t do anything about it, there will always be subtle racism going on anywhere…

  61. China is worst country.
    Firstly coronavirus
    Secondly border disputes with more then 10 countries, illegally capturing land of other country.
    Thirdly made in China fake products cheating customers

  62. I knew for a fact that this was gonna happen. I was prepared for It. I work in food retail people would open stare at me or If some of them are jerks they would often ask If I’m from China or I put something in their food. It’s tough being an Asian right now.

  63. I like the conversations in smaller bubbles idea but with a slight modification. Instead of you telling someone who made a racist remark that what they said was offensive and/or inappropriate, ask them to clarify what they said. Then ask them why they said it. How the conversation starts is important. If you enter a conversation with the mindset that they were already wrong then that’s not a conversation. That’s you telling someone they were wrong and sure you did the right thing probably but if your goal is to change minds then you’ve failed spectacularly. A conversation happens when one talks and the other listens. Be the one who listens first so when its your time to talk you have a listener. Great content as always AB! Lead with kindness everyone 🙂

  64. To all my asian broskis there, be safe and happy while i’m chilling here in busan with my newly found girlfriend rosie! Korean girls are the best hehehe!

  65. I live in conservative Utah, and I’ve heard of zero cases of this, including by my Japanese wife. But I’ve lived many places. I’ve seen some racism, very little but it was basically anti-Jewish or anti-black. I think you’ve only kept the interviews that supported the narrative you wanted to tell.

  66. I resonate most with the girl wearing the mask with floral design – we have a racist president who empowers and emboldens racism. This truly is the catalyst for exacerbating the racism problem that has always existed in the US.

  67. As an Asian American my personal experience is this: alot of poor white people are maliciously racist because they feel like AAs owe them or took something from them, and alot of poor black people are racist, but it’s casually racist like you’re basically white but without the privilege and the system doesn’t back you up, so now they get to take it out on you. Hispanics for whatever reason I find are rarely racist toward Asians, maybe it’s that immigrant connection and similar familial values.

    But nothing draws out the racists like when you’re a man that date outside your race. And the amount of hate you get is generally directly proportional with how attractive your partner is. If you a girl dating outside your race though that seems to be acceptable.

    Finally, biracial kids that are half white half Asian seem to have the most racial baggage, particularly products of white dad + Asian immigrant mom. Half black half Asian kids on the other hand seems much more accepted by the black community, but less accepted by the Asian community. All that being said, if you’re rich you can pretty much be accepted anywhere if you throw out enough money, although the cost varies. That’s pretty much America from my point of view.

  68. IMO Trump’s rhetoric is directed towards the CCP and NOT The Chinese people nor asian Americans,
    asian animosity and racism has had a foothold in this country since the 1800’s and the building of the railroad infrastructure in USA, But know this “racism is a two way street and prevalent on both sides, Racism Changes when you sit down and talk with someone and you come to realize that every race has Assholes and not everyone acts like an idiot.
    You are not born with racism it is a learned caustic bad habit.

  69. It’s sad when people are looked at as outsiders in their own country. I wish people could be more compassionate and treat others like how they would want to be treated themselves.

  70. Racism is very abysmal that we must all speak against it. If I may say, Asians are very racist towards Africans especially black person. These things must be stopped because it doesn’t show maturity.

  71. I hate the mainstream / tabloid media. They will never report on Asian issues. The mainstream media only focuses on shock factor news. Screw them

  72. As an Asian I was discriminatet a lot by Latin American people in the US and by Hindu people when I traveled to India once. This is crazy like what makes some people think that they are better than others?

  73. Japanese American born in US and would say that there is racism. Have as deep of love for this country as anybody. My father was career army so I grew up on army bases and instilled a sense of patriotism. Its very difficult to see racism on social media and trump inciting it with his comments. Be safe during these trying times and take care.

  74. I think since asians are seen as docile and obedient. There are double standards. It’s ok for us to lash out and be aggressive sometimes. Just being realistic

  75. There is also racism against Chinese in Asian countries( Korea). Many people here are also called the China(wuhan) virus. It’s true that the covid originated in China, like the Spanish flu we know.

  76. I’m a foreigner living in Beijing. An elder woman ran away when she saw me in the beginning of the outbreak, plus I wasn’t allowed to enter the gym for months, I got weird looks allll the time, people taking distance, children being scared, many guards would check me way more thoroughly than other people, and actually plenty of other foreigners here had much worse experiences, haha, whatever, I don’t even care, I don’t really feel that it’s racism, more just a temporary fear or something, anyways, I’m still here, didn’t leave Beijing for more than a year, it’s really safe and well organized here. And tbh I’ve been safe from any harm here, whereas in the Netherlands (where I’m from) a Chinese girl got stabbed by some dudes because of this virus situation (she didn’t die though luckily), in the USA a guy stabbed an Asian family because of this situation, in the UK an Asian man got beat up and had to go to the hospital, these type of things didn’t happen to foreigners in China. Also, in the beginning of the outbreak I read about there being some restaurants in Korea and Japan saying Chinese are not allowed. It’s all over the world 😁👍

  77. I grew up in the SF Bay Rea where I thought people were pretty open minded and that we have a rich diverse community. With all the division our current president has caused all the nasty comes out of the woodwork and the there is blame and backlash against certain ethnic communities. Most POC’s meaning not white Anglo Saxon have felt it at one time or another. I’m sorry this time it’s the Asian community that is being targeted on this issue. There are many people that just aren’t as aware. I was avoiding using the word ignorant. I know what it feels like to hear go back where you came from or where are you from? I answer San Francisco. But your family? From California. And your grandparents? From California. Our history goes back before statehood but they still believe I came from somewhere else. We all have different histories and they are valid and need to be told. We need to have a better understanding of each other and come together to fight racism in America. I’m 5th generation Hispanic American. I’m still treated as a second or third class citizen in my own county and no I can’t go back to my country because this is all I know. Just like those interviewed that said they were born in the US, we belong here just as much as anyone else.

  78. i was in times square last week with my friend who is hispanic and there were two instances where some strangers brought up my race while my friend was not approached/confronted at all. it’s not racism per say but i felt a little uncomfortable 💀

  79. If you make someone:
    – Watch 2 anime series
    – Listen to 5 kpop songs
    That immediately ends any racism agains asian peope. It’s scientifically proven.

  80. There has always been racism towards Asians, but we do not look physically imposing so we were just frowned upon or simply ignored.

    Because Covid19 affects everybody, now we are consider dangerous.

    But that’s not to say all caucasians see us as bad. I have made a lot of great friends of the same respective race; its just the racists are now more open to be verbal or physical towards us.

  81. The guy with that big tattoo and the girl blaming racism on the President is very unfair and slanderous. As an American, I have never heard anything racist out of his mouth. I do not like that he verbally attacked Muslims, but Muslim is a not a race, it’s a religion. I believe that people need to quit watching mainstream news and all the race baiting that goes with it. They’re just trying to stir up business.

  82. Here’s a summary of the main points I got from this video:

    Racism against Asian-Americans has always existed. It just didn’t appear to as blatantly as now. All that this pandemic has done is expose the underlying racism that has always been there. In the 1900s, in a similar health crisis, only the Chinatown region of San Francisco was subject to quarantine while the surrounding white businesses were preserved.

    The current U.S. president is only empowering and emboldening racist people to voice their thoughts with his phrasing of COVID as the “Chinese-flu” or “Kung-flu”. It justifies the beliefs of racist people and they believe they are doing a good deed by speaking up for everyone when they voice their animosity towards Asians.

    Due to this pandemic, it’s as though Asian-Americans are not longer integrated/assimilated into American society. The double-standard is exposed because as per what’s historically been done, it’s easier to make a minority group into a scape-goat rather than acknowledge the inherent structural problems with this country and its healthcare system. And once again, this only strengthens the “them” vs. “us” dichotomy between Asians and other minority groups. It bolsters the stereotypes of Asians as “dirty” or “disease-ridden” and emphasizes racial differences.

    One great way to help stop racism is continuing to have these difficult conversations about racism with the people around you.

  83. We started this clothing brand a few days ago due to these issues called APAC Apparel. We’re all about celebrating Asian and Asian American culture in light of the racism and discrimination that we’ve seen. We’re promoting positivism and community within the Asian and Asian American community. If awesome apparel and being proud of Asian and Asian American cultures is something you’d be interested in, please check us out on IG and our site with the same name. We can’t post links on this video, but you can find us there!

  84. what about blacks, brown and dark skinned individuals are discriminated and humiliated in southeast asian countries such as china, korea and japan this channel is a pure hypocrite.

  85. Definitely helps to shut down anti-asian american comments, not in an aggressive way but saying something using a different perspective when they do say those types of nasty words. I’ve had to do this at my job with my co-workers at the beginning of the WHO announcing the pandemic.

  86. I do think China made the virus to control the world economy.

    This is nothing against the people, it’s their GOVERNMENT that is messed up, anybody saw the Hong Kong protests? That proves my point.

  87. It’s a shame that these days that racism is still a thing.
    I mean specifically speaking as a Korean-American (born & raised in the US) living in the east coast, I never really experienced any specific attacks about this COVID situation.
    But, I have been asked the typical ‘Where are you from?’ question and people assuming that I was Chinese.

    But this COVID situation really does make racism worse.
    For some that internalize their racism, I think some people feel it’s somehow okay to overtly make statements and assumptions that all Asians are Chinese.

  88. On last video . I posted a comment about asking Asian Boss to cover Covid 19 racism to Asian communities in Western societies . looks like they listened and nade the video !

    Thank you Asian boss for listening to my idea!

  89. Some of their answers felt cringy. I have to say I faced racism but I would not say as much as others or non-asian races. Sounds like only a few who where interviewed personally experienced racism during the pandemic. I think racism stems from classism, ie education, where you live, poor, rich middle class. I think if society fixes classism then racism will follow suit.

  90. It really irks me when it’s called “China virus” or “Kung Flu” or whatever.
    Yes, it came from China. But 1. by not calling it “Covid-19” “covid” or “Coronavirus” you’re inviting violence against Asians. Similar to how AIDS invited violence against gay men. and 2. It’s not China’s fault for how other countries have responded to stopping the spread of it.
    Just plain and simple, there needs to be more unity.

  91. They all explained themselves so well and just like that girl said they always go for the elderly because they can’t defend themselves it’s disgusting and these people aren’t getting arrested for it .

  92. ALM! Asain lives matter!! Dont discriminate them and dont punish them for being smart too! Colleges wanted to put more “mix” group of people in colleges but shouldn’t be that way! It should be who has the best grades.

  93. Asian boss why is it that you don’t cover racism of “Foreigners,” who live in the PRC?

    I have 2 friends who lived in the PRC under the CCP, together they collectively lived there 24 years nd they nd their families are now being threatened by Nationalist Chinese members of the CCP, so called “WuMao’s” who continue to threaten their lives.

    Or how about the CCP nd the Uygers, those living in the PRC thrown out of their homes simply becayse they’re black, care to discuss Mongolia, or in Beijing in 1989 nd Tinneman square?

  94. Hope you guys realize it came from China. Also chinese people are the most racist, black people are discriminated the most in China, that can’t go certain places.

  95. i dont blame any one person for anything, i only blame policies that show that they are not appropriate and can cause harm, like how the wet food markets were handled in china, the system was flawed and cause an out break of a bad virus. its not the peoples fault, but instead the policies that were in place

  96. It’s quite obvious, that the issue is how the CCP covered up the pandemic; not the Asian Americans or any Asian people people who had nothing to do with the spread or cover-up. Don’t make an issue out of a non-issue.

  97. Let’s be honest, it has really only affected “asians”. By this I mean what people usually think of when they think Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) people that look “asian”. Indian people are asian but I don’t think they are facing the same discrimination as Chinese Americans or Japanese Americans.

  98. I love all races all people I have nothing against no one on this whole entire Earth but when China is accused of making a disease that is where all this criticism comes from does it really come from China was the disease made there that’s what us Americans have been told cuz I don’t know the truth does anyone out there know the truth about it or where it came from

  99. It definitely does not help that the president is racist to begin with. Racist toward Asians, African Americans, Latinos. Have Caucasians never done anything to harm others?

  100. Back around February or early March, before the whole CoViD 19 thing was a big issue in the U.S, I was at school and I was doing a project. There was a colored marker that I needed that was at another table. So I went over to the other table to ask for the marker. When I went over to the table to ask for the marker, some of the kids at that table began to loudly whisper “Ooo CoViD” loud enough so I could hear. (I’m korean american for reference). I am very much aware that there is way worse discrimination against Asian Americans going on and it truly breaks my heart. But as I experienced this whole marker situation, I wondered, how many small, unnoticed remarks like that are happening around the world? Honestly, I wasn’t all that bothered by the remark because I was kind of used to it. But I know something like that could heart a lot of other kids especially if it happened constantly which in many cases it does. Anyway, just wanted to share.

  101. It’s coming to a head it seems. It should be a surprise given the news that has come up for the past 12years or so. Certain people have gotten jealous of the average Asian family outdoing the Caucasian family. They have started to withdraw sponsorship in both scholarships and school visas aimed toward Asians in General.

    I hope this is a wake up call that maybe you shouldn’t turn a blind eye just because racism isn’t aimed at you for the moment. Like it was precious to the outbreak.

  102. None of these people are actually speaking with passion on the subject, they just keep searching for the next thing to say off the top of their head with no actual thought to the narrative they are pushing. Sure there is always a little racism her and there all over America because there’s always going to be a group of lowbrow hate pushers somewhere, but everything these kids keep bringing up is based solely around the same BS every other mainstream media outlet has been spewing for months/years now simply to stoke the fires that they’ve created by influencing the minds of the ignorant and poorly educated. It will always be difficult for some people to survive America, but to make baseless claims with no proof, as well as basing such claims around your opinions is never going to help us as a whole.

  103. Wuhan Chinese Scientists tactically used one of its own community cluster[s] – which is “Wuhan” – to spread the Covid-19 worldwide. Strategically, its long term plan was to hacked into the world’s well being of all humans. And it worked. How: “Spread via exhale, breathe via inhale. Resultant: suffer and die.” The repercussions: Nuclear warheads aimed at China pending…

  104. Divisive politics is the most toxic to our planet. But the current self serving, delusional and arrogant American style leadership is the source of it all.

  105. Idk why they got a guy from Nepal like what ? I understand he is technically asian but like c’mon lmao This is about East asians Chinese/Korea/Japanese/Viet/Filipino etc.
    Like that is the same thing as getting a Egyptian’s opinion on African racism

  106. its not only America, in India people from northeast were being hurled racially for Covid19, i remember in February people panicked passive aggressively when a girl from northeast farted by accident in our yoga class.

  107. Beware! the first place spread this discrimination and bias is called Taiwan, even if they are ethnically Chinese. We should deflect the blame and shift our focus from Donald trump to Taiwanese so as to keep our president safe.

  108. I wish you guys went to the mid-west or east coast because the Asians interviewed here live in large Asian communities so they don’t experience it as much as the mid-west or east coast. I have to disagree with that guy who said he worked abroad…. There are many places in Asia that is better to live than the US.

  109. I’m an Asian living in a relatively conservative, predominantly White area in southern California. I haven’t experienced any racism due to Covid and neither has my family and friends. Not trying to dismiss the anecdotes presented in this video but I thought I’d offer another point of view.

  110. Lol I got racism too in my own country lol I’m chinese and I got discrinimate in ASIAN even before COVID. Its all the same ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THATS JUST SUCK.
    And I think we will never be accepted unless we go back to china xD

  111. I’m so sorry that asian-americans are receiving this type of treatment… ignorance looms in every society. I’m Hispanic and for many years we have been blamed for many problems in the U.S. and have received hate from many races and ethnicities. As minorities we need to ban together and fight racism. Don’t leave this country fight for our country… we are American.

  112. I’m Korean American in NJ. I have not seen any racist behavior from my neighbors. I like many that were interviewed only witnessed it from online media. My conclusion is it does happen but not the level of any real concern. America is full of assholes and you will encounter a few in your life but majority of Americans are morally good and will rise to the occasion on the side of good if things get too nuts. Remember to vote out the King of the assholes in November.

  113. Good interview. Thank you, Asian Boss.

    3:53 This is the truth. COVID didn’t heighten racism towards Asians. Asians were always the punching bag of America.

    11:45 She summarized it.

    Born in the states, and having spent decades, I left 4 years ago. I am very grateful I reside in Korea.

  114. As an asian-american person living in México i have to say that some asian people here too are being murdered and discriminated constantly and the news and police don’t do anything for that.
    When i go out for groceries people see us as something dangerous or disgusting, sometimes we get despective coments from others.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  115. These are some of the most ignorant Asian-Americans I have ever met. Do notice that these Asian Americans are living in Democratic cities. If you faced racism in California, New York, and other Democratic states, then that should tell you something. I’m Asian-American and only felt racism while living in California, specifically Arcadia, Irvine, etc. However, I WAS NOT discriminated against in Republican cities or states.

    Lets not talk about Covid19. This countries top universities have discriminated against Asians for decades because of Affirmative Action. Harvard lost the lawsuit and the Supreme court ruled that they did discriminate against Asians during their admissions process. Yeah, I went to the top 15 university and hated every minute of it. Wake up, fellow Asian Americans, the racism you’re feeling is from the Democratic left.

  116. that’s the racist chinese exclusion act legacy, which saw asian people as yellow peril and grabbing americans’ jobs, which is ridiculous. they only see how other people are outsiders, they never consider how much they have contributed to making america america today.

  117. haahaa of course every bad thing is the asian guy’s fault. Anti-asian sentiments is across the board for centuries. That is why asians are more hardworking cos they dont giveafcuk what the western white racists think of them.

  118. I mean it’s not just racism towards the asian Americans, but… Like black ppl, all ppl that’s not white. So can white ppl stop the racism So the world can be a better place?

  119. really feel bad for asians. I’ve never witnessed the ignorant behavior but there was this Asian man sitting on the side of the street cuz something happened to his car. I’m sure no one would even think twice of helping him cuz of covid…so I made my aunt turn around to see if he needed help😂
    fortunately he already had someone coming but tbh I was scared FOR him

  120. im asian never not even once experienced racism because of the virus. i just hope this channel doesnt become too liberal ala CNN, VICE news . we have too much of them ultra liberal media outlets forcing a narrative already..

  121. I’m not Asian, my girlfriend is a US citizen from Guangzhou, China, here in L.A. she says she hasnf experienced any bigotry, last weekend we protested at the Chinese Consulate here in L.A..

  122. I think coronavirus from hispanic people not chinese virus at all since the beginning. Just lirk Spanish Flu for an example. That is my beliefs.

  123. Im from the netherlands, during the crisis i have been traveling in a routined fashion in the central right part of Holland and what i found out was very interesting… no racism at all.

  124. I still cant believe how asian people still support black lives matter when they only care about black people side not ours. All Lives Matter(Asian, White, Black and Hispanic). But after eatching this video make me change my mind now. Asian Lives Matter. Asian Pride Fighting.

  125. It’s so dumb. Why are all other Asians being blamed for what a small group of Chinese people (unknowingly prolly) did? Stereotyping is aight as long as it’s used for fun as long as the person in context is okay with it but it’s disgusting when people use it to make racist remarks.

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